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  • Olympiacos 22-23

    So the roaster seems to be ready for the following year and is going to be like this:

    P.G Sloukas, Walkup, Loutzis
    S.G. Canaan, Laretzakis,
    S.F Papanikolaou, Mckissic,
    P.F. Vezenkov, Peters,
    C Mustafa Fall, John Bolomboy, Tarik Black.

    I think Bartzokas made a good job with the available budget of course.

    Ηe basically replaced Dorsey since he couldn't keep him, with Canaan who is at least almost in same numbers as Dorsey and generally there are a lot in common between them as a players style (iso game, shoot after dribbling, create his own shoot, etc). The only thing that worries me is his size (1.83cm) compared to Dorsey and how much opposing teams will mark him on defense.

    He replaced Hassan with Bolomboy......Hassan I consider offensively an irreplaceable weapon but he was a hole in defense and rebounds. Bolomboy is stronger in those areas, stronger, taller and experienced at the highest level even with limited playing time.
    I think Bartzokas is relies a lot on the fact that the player is motivated to prove he belongs at this level if you give him more time and he will.
    Τhis will also make Fall better since he will have a reinforcement in the position and he will not need to play more than 20 minutes, as last year due to Hassan injury. So he will be more rested and his minutes will be quality minutes. So overall this move seems upgrade to me.

    He replaced retired Printezis with Peters.......George is teams living history but his role was limited as his ability's last also I think this is an upgrade.

    And Finally replaced Livio with T. Black.
    If Black is in 60%-70% of Maccabi's years is an upgrade. If is in 80% is super. Is a low risk move i think (contract under 400k)but if he succeeds it can lift you up.

    As i told in previous post I think that we have a really tough front line with Vezenkov, Peters in PF and Fall, Bolomboy, Black in C position.
    Personally I see a missing guard (I do not have any trust to Laretzakis, even if I know that he has worked a lot on the three-pointer. It has to do with low iq)
    And my last concern is if Canaan can fit in last year's Dorsey's shoes. Bartzokas we trust.

    Finally I believe that the strong point of Oly this year would be the team consistency since it will be the third year with the same basic core and the same coach.
    Αlready in the last two years it shows continuous improvement......I see no reason why the improvement should not continue.

    P.S Maybe in Bartzokas mind is that Dorsey will be back till December after registering the pension of NBA and that the reason that he didn't add one more guard. But above that I am looking forward for the next season (as always)
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    A great and detailed post Zubitos. Very good point about the team consistency.



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