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Žalgiris Kaunas 2021-2022

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  • Nemanja95
    I cannot remember when Zalgiris was in situation like this, departures all important players except Lauvergne. Signings are correct, but not enough to cover extreme void after departures. Last season they miss a little for quarter-final, I think this season they will miss much, but placement maybe will be similar.

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  • bakas
    About the current roster: Personally, I'm pretty concerned about our bigs. It's obvious that either Giffey or Ulanovas will have to play PF once in a while. Cavanaugh does not seem like a reliable option for a starting PF. Both main centers are pretty similar on offense, with Lauvergne having a bigger potential (in OKC he shot 3PT at 35%, which is not that bad), and Nebo with a bigger defensive potential.

    About the potential signings:

    E. Mudiay: On one hand, a someone who drives a Bentley, was a 7th NBA pick and a starter in NBA for quite some time could really disrupt the atmosphere in Žalgiris locker and can lack motivation and become someone who fucks up the season.

    On the other hand, if he's motivated to return to NBA level, Žalgiris seems like a perfect place for that. You have a coach that has proven himself in NBA as someone who is good at player development, you have one of the best (if not the best) training facilities in Europe with a gym in the locker room, sauna and that will soon have a SPA treatment center and pool area in the arena. You will be a no1 option on a Euroleague team. It's a perfect place for him to revive his career.

    So at the end, it all depends only on him. I think that talent-wise, he will be the most talented player to put on a Žalgiris' jersey in a decade and he can turn into a Euroleague star quick. But he can also become someone who messes the entire season.

    J. Blažič: Seems like a legit signing. A player coming off his career season, has already matured, but has a lot to offer. Can both stretch the floor and penetrate the paint and make decisions from there. So, we know what we get, but we will not get more than expected.

    Overall, as E. Ulanovas said in the Žalgiris podcast, the best solution for the last two signings would be a one player who is knows European basketball very well, and one player who is a gamble. So it seems like it will turn out that way. And Mudiay is a gamble that can turn out anywhere from extremely bad to one of the best players to ever play for Žalgiris.

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  • bakas
    started a topic Žalgiris Kaunas 2021-2022

    Žalgiris Kaunas 2021-2022

    Current Roster:

    PG: E. Mudiay, M. Kalnietis, L. Lekavičius
    SG: J. Strelnieks A. Milaknis, K. Lukošiūnas
    SF: E. Ulanovas, N. Giffey, M. Rubštavičius
    PF: T. Cavanaugh, P. Jankūnas (C)
    C: J. Lauvergne, J. Nebo, M. Blaževič

    HC: Martin Schiller

    Team finalized
    Last edited by bakas; 08-17-2021, 01:38 PM.

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