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      Roster should be almost complete:

      Nedovic-Bertans-Della Valle

      Probably they would try to add an athletic 3-4 or 4-5 if pianigiani considers Kuz as a 3


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        I don't think we will reach top 8 with this roster but probably we are going to fight until the end. 9th or 10th place will be also a great improvement. Last year roster was not ready for high positions, starting with M'Baye and Jefferson in PF was a mistake, Pg and C of the starting five were rookies (Theodore and Tarczewski) while the go to guy was Goudelock who failed in the previous year in Maccabi and has been too weak in D.
        This year we have improvements in these aspects. Pg is not a rookie (James) and is one of the best in Europe. In PF we have Kuzminskas and Brooks who are much better than M'baye and Jefferson. While the two centers Gudaitis and Tarczewski have a year of expereince. Also Nedovic is more complete and less selfish than Goudelck. I see improvements but probably not enough to enter the top 8.
        For me the 8 teams will be Cska, Real, Fener, Barcelona, Pana, Oly, Baskonia + one of Maccabi/Khimki/Efes/Milan/Zalgiris. The only teams that for me won’t compete for a place will be Bayern, Darussafaka, Buducnost and GranCa


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          The complete picture of the 1st round (October 7th):
          A | X Armani Exchange Milan-Happy Casa Brindisi;
          Dolomites Energy Trentino-Vanoli Cremona;
          Umana Reyer Venezia-Fiat Torino;
          Sidigas Avellino-Red October Cantù;
          Openjobmetis Varese-Germani Basket Brescia;
          Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia-Banco di Sardegna Sassari;
          Victoria Libertas Pesaro-Pistoia Basket 2000;
          Alma Pallacanestro Trieste-Segafredo Virtus Bologna.

          The complete picture of the Christmas round (25-26 December):
          A | X Armani Exchange Milan-Germani Basket Brescia; (25/12)
          Openjobmetis Varese-Red October Cantù (25/12)
          Segafredo Virtus Bologna-Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia (25/12)
          Umana Reyer Venezia-Alma Pallacanestro Trieste;
          Banco di Sardegna Sassari-Victoria Libertas Pesaro;
          Fiat Torino-Sidigas Avellino;
          Pistoia Basket 2000-Dolomites Energy Trentino;
          Happy House Brindisi-Vanoli Cremona


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            Mike James ● Olimpia Milano ● 2018/19 Best Plays & Highlights ● MVP Season!

            Is He Deserved To be The MVP?



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              Originally posted by arelg View Post
              Is He Deserved To be The MVP?

              He definitely lost more games for Armni, than won. So, to answer your question, no.



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