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EL2022/23 - The Final Four (Kaunas)

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  • Originally posted by Jazz View Post
    Plus, before Llull hit the winning shot I kept thinking of what someone on here posted (sorry can't remember who it was right now) about fate being on Real's side.
    I thought you were referring to me here, but no. When Llull hit that shot, I remembered saying after the Barca-Real game in the RS where they were about to win it but lost with Llull's missed shot that "Real shows too much respect for their legends and lose". And here they trust him for the most important shot of the season, and he makes it. I guess they know something.
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    • Originally posted by Killer Bob View Post

      F4 is special format, it's very difficult to win it, even when you have far the best team. You can look at last 10 years or from the beginning, result is the same, Real the best team. And like things are standing no one will come close soon, if ever.

      3 titles for Llull's Real is great achievement, Barca in the whole history has 2.

      It's not the fate, Real survived Partizan and players have suddenly begun to believe. They didn't panic ever, not in game 5 being 18 points down, not against Barca in first half, when Barca couldn't mss and not against Oly. They were double digits down in every game and always came back. Their opponents on the other side weren't nowhere near that conviction. All 3 teams have broken under pressure in the end. People are saying Real didn't deserve it, I see things totally different. They deserved the most, because of the difficult path they took.
      True about Barca. Feels like they could be waiting a while for title number 3.

      It was an interesting role reversal for Olympiacos after all those times they went into Final 4s as the underdogs and typically making comebacks late in games.


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