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  • Israeli NT 2017

    Which players are left in Israel list?

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    eliahu and ohayon still in nat team? ahaha cant believe doesnt exist any better israeli in their position
    to il guys: do naimi and ivzouri will be in the il roster for euro?


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      edelstein, mekel,ohayon, elyahu....same old names, same old story. same old bball style. fiba shouldnt give licence for euro2017 for such a mediocrity.
      israeli federation killed il sport honor showing such a team.
      they also clearely has no bball plans and view


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        what is really incredible is the way bball federation is planning future
        they still consider edelstein a coach able for such a levels but mainly they arent organizing as they should, bball future times in erez. israelis love bblall. they have a not so tall population, so they should make contracts to ex yu teachers and coaches to built small guards and shooters from il school among all israel coaches and fed are all american bball obsessed. this way there no fuure for bball in israel


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          from 2017 to 2022 israel had great under 20 nt teams. where are all that players now ,considering mta is thinking tamir blatt (!!!!) to add israeli players??



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