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Slovenian NT 2017

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  • Slovenian NT 2017

    Slovenia will be competing in Group A in Helsinki.

    draft roster:

    Matic Rebec (PG, 1.80m, 1995, Krka)
    Goran Dragić (PG, 1.91m, 1986, Miami Heat)
    Žan Mark Šiško (PG, 1.90m, 1997, Ilirija)
    Aleksej Nikolić (PG, 1.91m, 1995, Brose Bamberg)
    Jaka Blažič (SG, 1.96m, 1990, Andorra)
    Klemen Prepelič (SG, 1.91m, 1992, Paris-Levallois)
    Miha Lapornik (SG, 1.94m, 1993, Bilbao)
    Luka Dončić (PG/SG/SF, 2.01m, 1999, Real Madrid)
    Edo Murić (SF, 2.02m, 1991, Banvit)
    Vlatko Čančar (SF, 2.03m, 1997, Mega Leks, Denver Nuggets?)
    Jan Kosi (PF, 2.04m, 1996, Primorska)
    Saša Zagorac (PF, 2.06m, 1984, Sopron)
    Anthony Randolph (PF, 2.11m, 1989, Real Madrid)
    Gašper Vidmar (C, 2.11m, 1987, Banvit)
    Žiga Dimec (C, 2.11m, 1993, Krka)

    Coach: Igor Kokoškov
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    If Slovenia wins a medal, we should make a welcome party for Kokoskov at the terrace of the belgrades assembly
    Republic of CRVENA ZVEZDA


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      Does Slovenia's coach speak Slovenian? Or does he just speak to the players in Serbian or English?


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        10 years ago we had E. Lorbek, Smodiš, Marko Tušek, with Marko Milič and Nachbar potentialy also playing PF... even our 6-8th best PF's played some noticable minutes in euroleague Jurak, Golemac... Jagodnik as a tweener... hell, forgot about Miha Zupan
        At those times, even the biggest basketball fans in Slovenia probably thought Saša Zagorac already ended his career since he was nowhere to be found anymore.

        ...yet we get into a position when we have to naturalise Randolph, in order to avoid Zagorac being our only PF of the tournament ... and than we reach the finals?!?

        Life is strange when you look at it from 2007 perspective
        Originally posted by Jon_Koncak
        That's funny shit.I cant believe there are sports fans thinking like it.It's like Federer losing to random Japanese player in round 1 of French Open but tournament director stepping in and saying "hey it was a fluke win who wants to watch a random Japanese guy in next round,Federer qualifies"


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          What could be the Slovenian team that will play in the World Qualifications (from November '17) and in the next years in the World Championship (2019) and Olympics (2020) if Slovenia qualifies?

          I group players in
          RETIRED: G.Dragic
          NBA: Udrith?
          EUROLEAGUE: Doncic, Randolph, Nikolic, Blazic, Muric, Z.Dragic
          POSSIBLE QUALITY ADDITIONS: Vujacic, E.Lorbek, U.Slokar

          * Uppercase for players not in Eurobasket 20017
          Klobucar, Rebec, SISKO, Prepelic, LAPORNIK, VUJACIC, Cancar, Zagorac, KOSI, A.OMIC, Dimec, Vidmar

          Doncic, Nikolic, UDRITH, Klobucar, Rebec, SISKO, Z.DRAGIC, Prepelic, Blazic, LAPORNIK, VUJACIC, Cancar, Muric, Randolph, Zagorac, KOSI, A.OMIC, Dimec, Vidmar

          QUESTION n.1: in a couple of years what are the players who could make a leap of quality and became a star (considering Doncic- Randolph- Prepelic as actual leader)? Nikolic? Cancar? Others?

          QUESTION n.2: what are the most promising young players born afterwards 1997 (apart from Doncic and Cancar, they are already in Senior National Team) ?

          I start a list:
          Blaz Mesicek 6-6 '97 Brindisi, Italy
          Luka Krajlevic 6-10 '97 BC, NCAA
          Matic Vesel 6-9 '98 Illinois, NCAA
          Jurij Macura 6-9 '99 Baskonia, Spain
          Nik Dragan 6-7 '00 Olimpia Lubiana
          Rok Radovic 6-6 '01
          Gregor Glass 6-5 '01
          Luka Smodis 6-4 '01

          Thank you for your attention
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