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  • Montenegrin NT 2017

    Montenegro is looking for a new US point guard instead of injured Taylor Rochestie and Tyreese Rice.

    Darius Adams was Tanjevic's first target, but Adams choose to play for Bulgaria and its EU citizenship.

    In my opinion the youngest son of Dream Teamer John Stockton, 5'11" PG David (1991) is a possible option.

    His great grandfather on his maternal side, Marko "Wise Mike" Stijepovic (Americanized as Stepovich) was born in 1874 in Risan (Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time, nowadays Montenegro) and emigrated to USA in 1892 to avoid conscription into the Austrian Army.

    The Stijepovic family is known as one of oldest in Risan and is directly related to count Vujo Stijepov from Risan who was mentionned in a document from 1619, as a participant of a meeting with Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Jovan in order to plan a general uprising against the Turks (at the time Risan was part of Ottoman Empire).

    However, David Stockton is also said to be on Croatia radar given that his great grandfather Marko "Wise Mike" Stijepovic (Stepovich) married first to a woman from Portland Oregon's Croatian community Olga Barta in 1918. One year later, their son Michael "Mike II" was born in Fairbanks Alaska but Olga took the baby boy back to Oregon and never returned. Olga divorced "Wise Mike" and latter remarried in Portland to Croatian immigrant Mark Fabianich from Pag Island in Dalmatia.

    Mike Stepovich II was raised by his mother and stepfather within the Croatian community and raised in Roman Catholic faith. In 1947, Mike Stepovich married Matilda Baricevic (born in Portland to Croatian immigrants Lawrence and Katherine). Their marriage produced thirteen children including Nada through whom Stepovich became the father-in-law of former NBA player John Stockton.

    Mike Stepovich II was known for his political career (he won three terms in the Alaska Territorial legislature) and was a leading advocate in the effort to gain statehood for Alaska during his time as Territorial Governor.
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    5'11" Fairfield University alumnus PG Derek Needham ('90) is said to be the frontrunner to get Montenegro citizenship and play in 2017 Eurobasket qualifiers.


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      As Derek Needham was picked by Montenegro, and as he signed with Cedevita Zagreb and is waiting for a Croatian passport, David Stockton is now the clear favorite to become the next Croatian naturalized point guard.

      On the opposite side of the Adriatic Sea, the situation is more complicated since the signing of Ryan Arcidiacono with San Antonio to a two-year contract.


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        Montenegro is overrated their guards suck , they are solid in the paint , that's their only strength.


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          Montenegrin NT 2017

          Bogdan Tanjevic announced Montenegro's preliminary 32-player squad for FIBA EuroBasket 2017:
          PODGORICA (FIBA EuroBasket 2017) - Montenegro playcaller Bogdan Tanjevic revealed his preliminary squad for FIBA EuroBasket 2017, with Orlando Magic center Nikola Vucevic headlining the squad.



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