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MKD Basketball NT; what wos really going on ?

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  • MKD Basketball NT; what wos really going on ?

    So much shit did happen before prepretaion started and during preperations that even conspiracy theory come up in public.

    Macedonia did miss a super chance to qualify for Olympic qualifiers. Could have been avioded, yes with out any dubiety.

    Last year Pero Antic told I will retire after the OG if we make it,I will only skip this EC Q matches. Cekovski told the same and Maccaleb did give green lights.

    Everything took a twist in april whhen former president in our federation wos fired illegally, Daniel Damevski who also wos Fiba president candidate not long ago runner up after the Turk. Daniel wos in a very close realtion with Antic, Gecevski and Cekovski. Fiba wos informed but did not take any actions like they did against Russia.

    Petr Naumoski took over the federation in april, he is also a former sport minister of MKD, in cloe relationship with biggest political party.

    During the EC Naumoski did give Antic critics, in public, told that Parker and Nowitzki play for NT, who are you not to play ????. Antic told on his facebook ou are a bad person even claiming that Naumoski is criminal and only reason he is not playing is cuz of him

    Vrbica Stefanov defended Naumoski and told that Pero is a lazy shit during EC in Slovenia did drink more alcohol than practise BBall. Sae thing happened in venzuela and only reason he with draw fro NT as assistent wos Antic.

    Nuamoski told cuz of you we could not call Maccaleb, needed to call Henrix.

    One thing that back up Antic wos the wired choice to fire Aleksadar Dzikic just two days preperation started. Dzikic did a good jobb during Q. Replace him with someone no one ever heard about.

    Players did love Dzikic, so bad atmosphere wos created. Many more streange things. Who did give Henrix green lights to jump over fyzik preps, and 4 first preperation matchec,last one against Latvia did not play. Of 9 ppossiable matchec he playd just 4, this is scandal.

    During the torney in LTU our sport director started to fight with the players

    Dring the EC our coach did eed this team in a very streange way. Trajkovski did shoot most of all players witch is a scandal, 59 shoots. Just 25% FG. Henrix just 31 shoots. Etc. This is a 3 point team thats wos looking for Trajkovski ?????????????.

    All this creats storys that some one destroyd our bball team, inside or ouside enemy and they did pay money.

    Just to much shit happened. Everthing from damevski president to antic,, preperations, dzikic, scandal in LTU and the way our teams ows leaded by Srbinoski Trajkovski 59 shoots. more than Predrag and Henrix together almost and all our good shooters.

    + you can add reff scandals against Macedonia in Sloenia 2013, against LTU annd MNE.

    Is not a question if only question is why and who destroy our basketball NT.
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    The level of self destruction just can not gett any bigger.

    Whats gives me the the creeps is that Fiba wos very well informed about the Daniel Damevski scandal and they way to replace him with out any reason and not in any legal way you need elections.


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      Originally posted by MZT Skopje View Post
      The level of self destruction just can not gett any bigger.
      It can get much bigger! Look up no further than Russia for a perfect example of rapid self-destruction. From Olympic and Eurobasket bronze medals to complete trash in just a couple of years. Reasons are mostly the same as in the Macedonian case yet the way down was certainly more lengthy and painful.
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        Did not know that situation in Russian BBall wos that bad. But Russia will comeback sooner than later. Only god knows when we will have a genaration like this again, will take many years since we do not invest to much in BBall. We did not even try to make most of it witch is crazy. I mean when you gett a draw like this (Latvia on 1/8) and you know that this is the last olimpic chance for players such as Antic, Maccaleb, Cekovski you should prepere.

        Insteed we fired president Daniel Damevski and in the very same moment we lost Antic, Cekovski ad Maccaleb. We lost Aleksandar Dzikic on the bench too.

        Petar Naumoski knows allready long ago that they all are great mates and that Antic reaction will be like this. So why did Naumoski choose the president role in front of NT succes.


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          Not sure we will even try to host 2017

          it wos former president Daniel damevski who made the bid. The new one who destroyd our NT of course wll not be interested.


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            Oktay Mahmudi wl ake over MKD NT. Born in Skopje but also has Turkish orgin. He had many good years with Efes Pilsen Andalu, Galatasaray and Benetton.

            Should have arrived 2 years ago maybe Cedi Osman would have plad for us today.



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