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  • IBN forum guidelines

    Eurobasket is on the way and as it always happens, new members that aren't yet as aware of the forum policy will join, discussion will get heatened up and moderators team will waste hours here trying to keep the forum up to it's ussual level.
    To avoid any future misunderstandings, here are some general IBN forum guidelines we would all apreciate if you would stick to as much as possible:

    1. is a site meant for a civilised exchange of opinions. We respect everyone's opinion as long as that opinion isn't clearly meant as an offense to an individual poster or a group of posters. You might disagree with someone, but express that disagreement in a civilised way.

    2. Even if some poster is openly trying to provoke you, the best way to deal with it would be to take a breath or 30, step away from the computer and when you return either beat him with a civilised response or ignore him entirely. If some poster is continuosly trying out your nerves, use the ignore list. That can be extremely usefull.

    3. is based on english language, as posters here understand it. Noone ever deleted a message here due to someone's english not being 100% perfect, however posting in other languages than english isn't welcomed.
    Since some things do get lost in a translation from a native language, you can post those (and those only), but as long as you keep an adequate translation into english. For example, posting an extremely long post in Slovenian, translating it with a mere sentence, will of course be deleted, if you have something in particular to say to individual poster in his language, use private messages.

    4. Avoid posting one short post after another in the same thread. If you remembered you have something to add to your post, use the edit button and help making the forum readable.

    5. Whenever you feel someone has gotten out of the line, use the report button you can find at the bottom left of his post. This way the moderating team can process that post much faster and that particular post doesn't accidentaly get overlooked this way.

    6. No matter how strong the urge of discussing politics and non-basketball related topics might be, this is still a basketball forum, majority of posters obviously aren't reading a certain basketball related thread with an intention to find politics discussions in it and we prefer you would avoid it. We've got a special section called "United Nations" sub-forum, where discussion of those issues is possible.

    7. With the repeated violations, the mod team can use their discretion to evaluate weather those violations are likely to re-occur. And to avoid spending even more time on the same people that choose to stirr up trouble, temporary bans actualy save us a lot of time and trouble, don't take those personaly.

    8. Discussion of the moderator decisions in public thread isn't welcomed and will be deleted no matter how strong your case might be to your belief. Use the report button and your concerns will be processed, without the particular mod's involvement in it, as always - even if we don't respond to the person reporting it.

    Have as much fun discussing the eurobasket during the next month, as possible.
    IBN Mod team
    Originally posted by Jon_Koncak
    That's funny shit.I cant believe there are sports fans thinking like it.It's like Federer losing to random Japanese player in round 1 of French Open but tournament director stepping in and saying "hey it was a fluke win who wants to watch a random Japanese guy in next round,Federer qualifies"

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