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IBN 2013 Eurobasket Prediction Game

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  • Big thanks to Chris for organizing this again, and congratulations to all medalists
    Also the biggest congratulations for the winner Wingzar
    Grabbing two trophies at once


    • Thank you all for the congratulations!

      Especialy big thanks to the Christodoulu76, you runned the game really realy well, also with those highlights!
      Moreover I'm enjoining you've selected this game model (I remember inventing it for the first time )

      Congratulations to Wingzar! It was really symbolic that just before the final we stayed one-on-one for the title; going together with our teams on the cort
      Allways knew I will win and die with my team

      See you all next year!

      P.S. well, at least I grabbed one MVP - Most correct W-L predictions: re5pectas (59)
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        1. Lithuania (505)
        2. Greece (472)
        3. Slovenia (403)
        4. USA (399)
        5. France (377)
        6. Portugal (372)
        7. Turkey (342)
        8. Macedonia (341)
        9. Bosnia and Herzegovina (331)
        10. Serbia (313)
        11. Russia (305)
        12. Poland (303)
        13. Italy (286)
        14. Spain (246)
        15. Israel (246)
        16. Latvia (246)
        17. Croatia (246)
        18. Denmark (246)

        In case you're wondering, here's how I did it:
        For each country, I took the top 4 contestants' scores and added a value to their score using this scale:

        50 pts - 1st place
        30 pts - 2nd place
        25 pts - 3rd place
        20 pts - 4th-10th place
        10 pts - 11th-20th place
        5 pts - 21st-30th place
        0 pts - 31st-60th place

        If some country did not have 4 contestants, then I added the average score for the game (which was 66) for each missing contestant. If allI of the country's contestants did not score at least the average number of points (66), I looked at the individuals that placed the highest to determine which countries should be ranked higher. So I did that for all of the countries that scored 246 points.

        I'll give an example here: Wingzar, who represents France, scored 129 points. He also placed first in the competition. Thus, his score is boosted by 50 points (according to the scale above). So now France has 179 points. Sadly, no one else from France participated in this tournament, so I add the average score for the tournament (66) for each contestant missed. Since I looked at the four best contestants' scores, I add 66 three times to France's score. Thus, France gets a total score of 377.


        • Thanks everyone, and a big up to Christodolou and macleopard for running and providing stats on the game.
          It was fun, even more as France won in the end and quite frankly, I didn't expect it.
          Now, I can go back to watching french teams getting their ass kicked in the next season of Euroleague



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