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Spain and Fyrom doping cases in Eurobasket 2011

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    Originally posted by pohani komarac View Post
    they create rule that Spain is alowed to have 2 doped players per competition
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    Originally posted by Fedfan
    Most ppl get childish when they lose.
    Originally posted by GuTO
    refs in games of Spain walks with literally poop in his pants afraid of the Spanish players


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      If I may give my 2 cents, I think I remember Bourousis from Greece being suspected of using some illegal products after his phone was tapped. What happen to him? Pratically nothing if I'm not mistaken. I'm nobody and I know nothing about what really happens but I strongly believe that most of the guys who play use products which enhance their performances, the quality and legality of these products can always be discuted. However, as I believe all of them do the same, this is a fair game and in the end, the best teams won their games.
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        Originally posted by Robimkd View Post
        Ye man, remember that we beat Greece, after all, that is a weet dream.
        This is all logic to me.
        from all excitement cekovski forget to "spank the monkey"
        Jordi Bertomeu sucks!


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          Originally posted by Gonzaka View Post
          Everytime Robimkd posts there's a conspiracy against Macedonia, God kills a poor kitty.

          P.s. I see some people being afraid of Lithuania.
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