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2023 SEA Games (Cambodia)

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  • Cstand doesnt want the 3 month training ..too bad..
    To becomes Asia's Best, we need to compete against the World's Best..
    1 Big 4 small > 5 out offense.


    • Originally posted by DAdmiral View Post
      Whether there still is a chance for others or there were exceptional cases of older players who got approval is beside the point .

      The point is what has already been clearly communicated by FIBA in their drafted guidelines and SeC general letters of decision for exceptions? That’s all.

      And clearly and repeatedly been communicated by FiBA to all national federations they are.

      1. number of years residency
      2. Number of years domestic league play

      1b and 2b, AGE as a minor (Before 21) for 1 (residency years ) and 2. (Domestic competition, normally school competition for minors)

      How clear is that?

      Now if A federation doesn't want to consider the explicit guidelines with the hope for an exceptional case contrary to stated guidelines, that's up to them. . The SBP listening from FIBA communicated decisions has decided otherwise to no longer pursue exceptions for players who established residency as an adult pro . Taking into consideration the advise of the sec general on cases submitted thst have been rejected.

      FIBA's viiew Residency as a none adult student is quite different from adult residency for the purpose of professional income ..
      If we look those players who getting exemption, the least amount of residency years was 5 (Brandon jawato started his pro career in Indonesia at 2015 and get his exemption case 5 years after that)… yes, I agree with this… the only thing that other countries, including the Philippines have hard time to secure exemptions is that how is their profession leagues strong especially in terms of economics… in Europe, there are already many players getting exemption cases there since they can convince the player to stay and reside there because their professional leagues are strong especially in economic part (I mean salaries getting there in Europeans leagues)… if your country has weak professional league especially in economic part… it’s hard to convince them to do residency… Look at Thailand and Vietnam… if their pro league can pay multi million bucks to pay their players, most of them will convince to stay and reside there… imagine the line up Thailand bring last seagames are all fiba eligibles, especially the Thai-foreign guys such as holder, bruenig and lamb? They can go toe to toe against mid tier Asian squads in fiba Asia… that is also why Indonesia can’t bring Kane and diagne to nba academy in Australia for now because they are still under residency… it will affect their residency years if they bring overseas to be better players… that is also why perbasi create Indonesia patriots for developmental program and have those two Senegalese players to have their careers in Indonesia while they doing residency before getting exemption in near future as local players…


      • Discuss this thread in Philippine Seniors thread.. thank you..
        Philippine Malditas to FIFA Womens World Cup 2023




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