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  • Originally posted by Sikatrix View Post
    Coach Cj and Gideon, both of you have warnings. Keep things clean.
    Okay. Thank you po admin for reminding me.


    • The only set up overseas for development are :
      1. G League
      2. NbL next star contract
      3 Euro league teenage player , team looking to invest for buyout
      4. NBA rookie 3 to 4 year contract

      The NBL Asian import focus is not development, but litterarally to produce ASAP to win. In short term (1 or 2 years) means they can't focus on development, cause player can leave after season (like Kai)

      So really if Kai is looking for a different team anywhere, there is not setup that will focus on his development, as now he is litterarally a mercenary to produce for the season to win.
      Not unless a team hires an import and signs him over 3 years (which is almost none existing for a none teenager)

      TBH 36ers may still be the place for Kai.
      BTW he was offered to the Breakers as an import previously, but didn't make mark as someone who could produce ASAP.


      • Pinoys are too obsessed with hype and shortcuts instead of going through all the pain, patience and hardwork.


        • It is really a waste of time to reply to Cocoys take. You will just waste precious brain cells. No wonder Caffaro is so high on his list. Just stick to non-bball side of Kai Cocoy and leave bball criteria behind.haha Kai cant keep step with landale daw.haha Landale only scored one field goal against Kai and it was a contested hook shot. Do you expect a 20yr old to completely shutdown NBA players? Really?! Also, Poku in his lay-up was not Kai's assignment and Kai didn't help D in that instance. Kai tends to just focus on defending his man to avoid issues of his man scoring. There was another instance that Kai was defending Poku one-on-one and Poku was not able to create a shot and was almost blocked. Poku even almost had a turnover because he opted to pass while trying to shoot from three. Stick to non-bball takes cocoy and please don't argue and be toxic if you cant defend your Bball takes. Your group resorts to name-calling and other non-sense once your lame takes would be clearly trashed.

          Just check how many missed shots did Poku make against Kai. The layup was made because Franks was blown by Poku and Kai was 3steps away. Kai opted not to help D and it was understandable. Timestamp 2:43 di tao ni Kai si Poku. Ang nablitz dito utak ni Cocoy!haha 5:12 tinauhan ni Kai si Poku erased ang tira nochance makatira. So alin dito yung Blitz at slow si Kai sa NBA? mata niyu lang ang slow at data processing ng info.

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          • how can a 17yr old Kai be the highest scorer in BG when the ball is dominated by guards and ildefonso? Kai was among the top bigs. Magdala nalang ng sariling bola si Kai para siya magcontrol ng possession.haha What a take by Caffaro lover.haha stick to non-bball takes baka tumama kapa. Tinatamad ako magreply dito kay Cocoy kasi wala naman kwenta.haha pero sometimes he generates too much BS in this thread that I would be compelled to reply.

            NBL is not the best league for Kai. It is too physical for bigs and ADL isn't a place for young players. In the NBL, guard tend to double Kai and the refs were too bias toward him. The majority of Kai's TO were offensive fouls. They will allow too much contact and physicality to Kai but always whistle immediately once Kai commits slight contact on the other end. Unless Kai will transfer to NZ, then there is no reason to stay. I expect Wass to transfer Kai to the Gleague and NBA court/rules would be way better for Kai.
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            • Originally posted by Cocoy Martin
              LOL the chutzpah of Cris to call Randall a “crocodile” in the 36ers FB page when he is actually 3rd in team in assists at 3.5 APG and shoots 44% from 3 PG, meanwhile Kai is averaging 0 assists and shoots 20% from the field
              Am I calling Randall crocodile?lol I dont do that. That is your level of targeting players. I usually call ADL's scheme of things and CJ's trash coaching.haha


              • was CJ the coach of ADL when Giddey played with them? CJ and the previous coach were world apart in handling young players. CJ is all about self-preservation and saving his coaching career. All his young players were destroyed by CJ. Mojave and Olbrich were proving these days that they were not trash. Kai will have his time after this NBL season.


                • Kai was ranked late first round after TSF and is a pioneer LEGIT NBA IGNITE player. He was offered the 3rd highest salary in the first ignite team as confirmed by his father. Kai is way LEGIT than your insistence.


                  • It was a case of covid and bad decisions.haha Legit lang sainyu yung 100% flawed takes.haha


                    • okay cocoy just put your ignorant takes in one basket!haha non-sense naman reply nalang ako kalaunan.haha Analyze' secret informants were more legit than media companies regarding Kai's salary.hahaha I wonder if Bell would sign pennies for Kai when Kai was his only cash cow.haha The Givony who was insisting that Chet would be the savior of the NBA and that Chet can't save himself from a lame half-hearted Lebron drive.haha It was a good thing for Chet because he would be annihilated by Zion and the tall-ball-playing teams this season.haha Iponin mu muna yang takes mu Cocoy brainstorm muna kayu baka tumama ka naman.hahaha

                      Kitakits pagumabot na si Kai sa NBA.haha Marc Gasol played his first NBA game at the age of 23.75 yrs.haha meron pang 3 full yrs si Kai.haha

                      Wala pa naman kwenta at nagkakainterest kay Kai. Tsaka phony at di legit ang WASSERMAN pang KBL and BLeague lang na agents.haha


                      • ayan pwede ka pa mag-argue sa management ni Kai Cocoy stick to that.haha Stick to trolling Kai's management team Cocoy.haha Wala akong pake sa EWP.haha trash niyu na din Wass KBL agents if mali2x.haha


                        • I hope everyone hopes and wishes Kai to make it to the NBA and have a good basketball career.

                          He is a generational talent for us on Philippine level and maybe in Asian level.

                          Because we may never have a chance to see a Filipino playing in the NBA in our lifetime.

                          Look at Yao Ming. For how many years or decades now, no one even comes close to what Yao had achieve for chinese basketball in the NBA and in FIBA.


                          • Originally posted by Cocoy Martin
                            so now Jordan Clarkson and Jalen Green are no longer Filipinos?
                            Sorry I do not share the same thoughts and enthusiasm calling them Filipino NBA players haha.

                            Respect my point of view and I will respect yours. And to everyone here who are half Filipinos that maybe living abroad yes you guys are Filipinos.

                            Everyone who knows a lot of our culture, live and breath it should be called Filipino not just by blood. Especially Jalen Green, I find him opportunist haha.

                            While Jordan Clarkson parang may kulang pa.

                            They don't speak Filipino, so yes not Filipino lol.

                            They are Filipino on papers and some of you would believe.

                            But I am not buying it haha.

                            Kai is our only hope for that "Filipino" player in the NBA.


                            • I guess what I'm trying to say is "true Filipino" versus "Filipino in papers or de facto".

                              I am not sure if I am making sense haha.

                              But if you go to the provinces especially poor places. The Filipinos or the masa could easily relate to Kai Sotto.

                              While Jalen Green and Jordan Clarkson as foreigners haha.

                              Unless these Filipinos are told and taught to call them Filipinos lol. Got my point mate? haha


                              • @coach cj

                                Sorry for the OT. Are you related to Math? You sound pretty similar.



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