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Fiba World Cup 2023 Philippines

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  • Originally posted by zuma169 View Post
    before talking easily about our kids having foreign exposure and all, and just disregarding local leagues high school, college and PBA professional, let us not take away basketball as a way of life and religion in the Philippines.. basketball is life here in the country.. yes you may say we too much pride for it.. but regardless, basketball is valuable and very dear to the Philippines.. a lot of you laugh and ridicule chot reyes, including me when he said "sa Pilipinas bawal matalo sa basketball eh"... but deep inside that is the truth... any loss whether it is from a basketball powerhouse or whatnot, pains us very much.. bawal talaga matalo sa basketball because if we lose in basketball, it is as if we lost in life.. that is why basketball is a way of life here..

    and having the PBA, one of the more established leagues in the world (i didn't say prestigious, i said established there is a difference) with more than 40 years of existence, plus the NCAA and UAAP having been here longer than the PBA, we cannot just put them aside like paper crumpled to be thrown in the trash can.. YES DEVELOPMENTS ARE NEEDED IN ALL OUR LEAGUES ASAP!!! but solving our problem of having a successful NT program by escaping and shunning away our own leagues is like avoiding problems rather than facing them..

    no matter how hard we try clamping on our basketball stakeholders PBA, UAAP, NCAA, etc.. even falling on deaf ears.. we shouldn't stop and even try harder.. buhay natin yan.. we just need to be extra patient.. we need to find a way to combine commercialism and development.. there is a way.. might not be now, but eventually we will find a way..

    BUT there is no harm, in fact it is a requirement for us to have players with foreign exposure and development, even reaching the NBA, Euro leagues, even NBL to have a more successful NT and program.. but not as if the whole composition of the program consists of foreign based players..
    Then if we don't intend to send our players overseas, then bring a higher level of competition here. Elevate the level of competition in Philippine leagues. However, policies are too restrictive and protective it stiffles the competition.


    • Doable sana yun Dominica's pipeline was Memphis this summer why we cant have alliances with Big West (Hawaii, California universities like UC Riverside) and have a tour there.. even sacrificing Asai cup or jones cup to have these a possibility..or we do a shrt cut have a training camp with new zealand national team..

      If youre ambitious enough I will make Alab Pilipinas (masking Gilas) as a expansion team in Australa NBL ala New Zealand Breakers

      Imagine this core team compose of Alab plus Bleague, PBA teams handle their business in easl if they win good if they dont they try to improve.. make Alab a guest pba team as nbl season ends early..
      To becomes Asia's Best, we need to compete against the World's Best..
      1 Big 4 small > 5 out offense.


      • No one is suggesting scraping UAAP college, ( they are a valuable piece to the basketball eco system).

        What I am suggesting that similar to all successful NT programs, the mindset target of training high school players domestically is to secure a div 1 college or overseas club academy offer . This totally changes the focus of domestic High school exposure , from winning for HS and future college program, to developing appropriate skilled tall players who can play perimeter positions to make Div1 or Euro club academy. (E.g all 6'5 below players train exclusively as guards , plus they play vs PBA pros not their HS uhdersize colleagues).

        Obviously those who don't make it (Div1) etc , settle with the UAAP. if onky say 5 per year make it overseas, then you have a steady pipeline every yrsr year for FIBA appropriate players .
        this is essentially what Japan is doing now, and it's working


        • Originally posted by BJ_Reloaded View Post

          Sir Dave,

          I totally agreed with your plan proposal.

          I hope your good group may somehow provide an accredited personnel(certainly the national federation must pitch in something) to the family of those prospects as far as legworks are concern, this is to avoid previous reaction/impression from several families that working to obtain PH passport is very tedious/time consuming as per Ron Sr. during his several interviews why his sons hasn’t obtain the document during those very important time(high school years), I think same issue(s) raised by the QMB’s and Holt’s at that time.

          It’s all about covering all possible bases here.

          Thank you.
          This is essentially what Jeffrey Cheng Filipinas did , he fast track processing of passport, (getting support of government), of course for FIBA we would target U16 to process passport. Yes it's a gamble as 16 year olds are not yet proven, but if just 1 out of 3 pan out , that's well worth the gamble investment


          • Originally posted by zuma169 View Post
            iba din ang dinadalang nerves and pressure in the UAAP/NCAA... in my opinion nga, there is more pressure in the UAAP/NCAA than in the PBA.. to be able to perform well in a jampacked Araneta Coliseum/MOA at a very young age? with all eyes on you to win it all?

            skill development is nothing if you can't translate it in the big spotlight.. ung iba dinadaga talaga..

            but I do recognize skill development for FIBA level, malayo pa talaga tayo.. so foreign exposure is still a must, but we also must do our house cleaning at wag pabayaan na lang..
            My idea is how about allowing FSAs in HS, particularly in Senior High teams? We already have some young prospect FSAs who studied or are studying part of HS here in preparation for being an FSA in college. Why not allow them to play in Senior High?

            My idea is this. We are already seeing the effects of FSAs in UAAP in terms of producing internationally attractive players. These athletes learn how to play with and against height and length because of the influence of 6'9 to 6'11 FSAs. Why not do this for senior high? We have Pablo and Gagate adjusting to FSAs in college. What if there was an FSA in their HS team? Then Pablo and Gagate could have been full fledged modern 4s with probably outside shooting and some lateral speed?

            In U18 comps they would not struggle against superior height/length. More importantly, they are able to adjust to their international size appropriate position earlier. This will make them more attractive to US schools. In this way we might replicate the US NCAA pipeline of JP or SK.


            • Originally posted by JOI2dWorld View Post

              another dumb assumption , Slovenia has qualified in 3 world cups even before Luka while Portugal and Estonia has not even qualified yet in any fiba world cup. you should change your name to trust me bro
              They have prime goran dragic in pre doncic era… so it make sense they are good before… but today is different, can you name other Slovenian player after Luka, Toby and Zoran? You can’t name them for sure unless you Google them? By the way, Estonia beat w/o Luka, tobey and dragic bros Slovenian team in their qualifiers back in February…


              • Originally posted by JOI2dWorld View Post

                we'll see though he already have a good national team career by winning a major tournament with Slovenia
                Luka needs rest… he’s already represent 3 straight fiba tournaments… unless you are fanboying him… hahahahhahaha… Slovenia needs to build their team w/o Luka… they are always relying to Luka’s star power…


                • Originally posted by The Firm View Post

                  The thing is, they really don't need to as long as they keep winning it all (even if they have a few close games or even lose some here and there).
                  Yeah… that’s why they don’t need yet a long term program, unless they will lose this year and next year’s Olympics…


                  • Originally posted by ja.he View Post

                    His screws are loose again. Hehe

                    The 2016 Olympic team, where he was included, showed some cracks already. Had a hard time against Australia, Serbia, France and Spain. Too bad, the likes of Gobert and Jokic were not yet reaching their peak that time.
                    He needs a break… he’s coming from finals loss and he’s 0-2 now all time… luckily he’s not as popular as lebron… if it is lebron, he will be bashed… jimmy buckets forever a loser…


                    • Originally posted by CoJ View Post

                      yes battle for 5th place, was able to buy tix for slovenia’s game tom (relatively cheaper compared to semis games)

                      but as greenarcher said,. they have nothing to fight for since the euro olympic slots are already taken by germany and serbia. So why risk the injury for fiba ranking points
                      Luka might play little minutes… just for a treat to his fans there and nothing else… let him enjoy staying here… atleast he was committed in this event unlike other stars such as Jokic, Giannis (thou he’s injured) and Murray…


                      • Originally posted by CoJ View Post

                        i thibk dotch is implying that Luka might retire from FIBA competition and focus on winning a nba ring moving forward
                        Luka’s approach is like the Gasol’s, Ginobili’s, Scola’s of the world that he loves playing in his national team… he might beg off next year but for sure he will likely play in 2025 Eurobasket and 2027 FIBA WC… but it depends on his health… Giannis wants to play this year too but he was not allowed by his team because he’s not 100%… most of Europeans valuing their national teams (same as football counterparts) rather than Americans… look at KP, he was supposed to play and he was not allowed, but he’s with his team and shows how he loves his national team…


                        • Who will create for OQT thread? 24 team field is already set…

                          from Europe:


                          From Americas:

                          Dominican Republic
                          Puerto Rico

                          from Africa:

                          ivory coast

                          From asia/pacific:

                          New Zealand


                          • early prediction: greece, slovenia, lithuania and spain gets the 4 OQT slots, provided that giannis, sabonis and luka plays for their respective countries


                            • Originally posted by DAdmiral View Post

                              This is essentially what Jeffrey Cheng Filipinas did , he fast track processing of passport, (getting support of government), of course for FIBA we would target U16 to process passport. Yes it's a gamble as 16 year olds are not yet proven, but if just 1 out of 3 pan out , that's well worth the gamble investment
                              This is one vital requirement path for improving pinoy basketball. There are too many fans addicted to the sport, but have a very poor idea of what it takes to bring down the top ten world teams. Another related requirement is to allow fsas in high school balling: basketball, volleyball and other team sports.

                              Rabid fans of pinoy midget balling often fatally mistake their narrow ethnicism-based nationalism with the completely different patriotism. Patriots cannot afford to lose, unlike those diehard barangay nationalists. Even the deeply nationalistic japanese realized this. As did the chinese and sokors in a more restrained way.

                              The really bad thing is our teams still play 1960s and 1970s styles. Watching complete fiba games of top ten countries, now fortunately available in youtube, are probably not interesting to most pinoys. Otherwise, they would have booted out the incompetent, and midgetball loving father and son coaches a long time ago.

                              Why, the better fiba players today -- clarkson, edu, sotto, abando and ramos -- are not pba players. Obiena and yulo would both crash land if they relied on pinoy coaches.
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                              • Latvia is a treat to watch



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