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2021 Iran National Team

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  • 2021 Iran National Team

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    Hamed Haddadi, 34, whose game in Moscow will be remembered for a long time, almost single-handedly defeated the Russian team. Andrei Vorontsevich, with his height slightly over two meters, was respectfully cocking his head and looking up at the halftime of the game with the Iranians. Even European champion and Russian coach Sergey Bykov was impressed with the Iranian center: Haddadi is tough. He caused us a lot of problems today. There are no questions - he is a very smart player with a lot of experience. I remember him from the Olympics of 2008, we played against Iran then.
    For anyone who hasn't heard of Haddadi, or has any vague memories of him (hello Memphis fans), Haddadi is a legend in Iranian basketball. The Iranian is a notable if somewhat scandalous presence both in the game and in life. I am a writer who works for a writing company and I am very interested in the subject of sports. I like to write about sports and do research about sports and I must say that any of you who will ever need my services, can on the page of our site buy custom essays online. Just recently I had to do writing on the development of basketball in Iran and I was very surprised that in this country this sport is very popular and Iranian basketball players are in demand all over the world.


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            The goalkeeper, four defenders and three midfielders have been decided and now asks fans of Asian football to vote


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