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Lebanese FLB League-Season 2015-2016

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    Originally posted by Mika Hakinen View Post
    I saw last derby, it was very good 1st half for Sagesse.
    I heard that Varda's out. Tell me why?
    Any other news from Lebanon?
    Varda is 37 years old, and he is very slow. I actually think he is excellent player, just his best days are done.
    Plus Sagesse keep changing foreigners, more then changing underwear.

    Riyadi keep dominating the league, Homenetmen keep entertaining us.

    The regular season near ends, before group stages kick on.

    Riyadi - secured first spot
    Homenetmen - secured second spot
    moutahed/hoops/byblos/tadamon fighting for 3rd to 6th
    sagesse fighting for 7th/8th
    champville fighting for 7th/8th/9th
    louaize fighting for 8th/9th

    Yesterday homenetmen demolished hoops 80 - 49, game reached 39 point difference as well.They have top foreigners, which is not just scoring but also defending. Dewayne Jackson - Pelle might be MVP of this league.

    Mouttahed is the other team impressing, Mike Taylor is 3 point machine.


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      Playoffs started with some shockers

      Sagesse up 1 - 0 on Tadamon, Hoops up 1 - 0 on Homenetmen.

      While everything normal in the other sides. Riyadi up 1 - 0 on Louaize, Moutahed up 1 - 0 on byblos. let us see how homenetmen and tadamon will responsd to losing homecourt advantage.


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        this is extremly pathetic now. teams down 2 - 0 , and if they lose third game they go out.. what do they do? keep signing new foreigner, and changing your foreigners lol.

        Tadamon Sagese 1 - 1
        Hoops 2 - 0 homenetmen
        mouttahed 2 - 1 byblos
        riyadi 2 - 0 louaize


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          Homenetmen change justin tubbs with kevin galloway. hoops signed new foreigner too, since antoine barbour got injured.

          crazy stuff. we have witnedd like 100 foreigner changes this season.Some teams reached up to 15 changes. ridiculous.


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            We are in final four stage, sagesse are signing this guy

            Ibekwe averaged 16.9 PPG, 8.0 RPG, 1.8 APG in his first 15 games in VTB.

            This is how final 8th went:

            - Riyadi 3 - 1 Louaize . 2 blowout wins for riyadi, 2 close games were split. riyadi never got into their next gear, it was easy win for them.

            - Homenetmen 3 - 2 Hoops . The series started with surprise 2 - 0 lead to hoops, but their best foreigner ( antoine barbour) got injured and missed rest of series. While homenetmen changed Justin tubbs with kevin galloway, hoops got themselves another foreigner instead of barbour. Homenetmen turned things around to win 3 - 2. With the 5h game was very heated, and came down to last seconds.

            - Sagesse 3 - 1 Tadamon . This series containted the most amount of heated debates outside the court, Tadamon despite having home court advantage lost the series. Yet Again Terrell Stoglin by far best foreigner I seen come to this league, he was just unstoppable. He either scores, or gets fouled..or he gets triple teamed and someone open scores. you just cant defend him.

            - Mouttahed 3 - 2 byblos. lots of complaint on refereeing, the end better team made it to final four. byblos finished a disappointing season.

            now final four

            Sagesse - Mouttahed
            Homenetmen - Riyadi


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              Sagesse up 1 - 0 on Mouttahed . Mike Taylor getting injured changed the game competly, Terrell Devon Stoglin keeps carrying the sagesse team on his back. He is singlehandedly being difference maker.Top scorer of the league, I wonder why he doesnt get offers from china.Maybe due to his attitude, character and problems off court.

              Homenetmen - Riyadi will start today. Riyadi should swoop, or at most throw a game or two.


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                Massive shocker, Homenetmen totally outplay Riyadi and blew them out in Manara.

                86 - 72

                Homenetmen 1 - 0 Riyadi . It even reached up to 17 points.


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                  Sagesse 3 - 1 Mouttahed. Mike taylor went off angry game 4, and punched the glass. thus broke his hand and is out rest of series. sagesse shall win game 5 and make final.

                  Riyadi 2 - 2 Homenetmen . Massive shock, but not that much..because riyadi not relying much on their foreigners.



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