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Quarter finals: Philippines vs. Jordan

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  • well... this is basketball everybody are contributing and suggesting what is best.. everybody has its own game plan..and coach YG and the rest of the team are also have a game plan.. and both are willing to win this competition its either you are the fans of RP team or team PILIPINAS itself the coaching staff and the players... but it comes short...well, as I can see the RP NT doing everything...

    To team PILIPINAS, CONGRATULATIONS.. your efforts and time and the well to win, count me in to accept whatever you have achieve to this competition... I think you guys are also willing to win the game because you been there in the battle ground.. we the fans hurt but you guys more.. move on.. plan again...we support you TEAM PILIPINAS!

    Moreover, this is a get a win and one get a loss..


    • people people just accept the loss, they were the better team this time. A consolation would be our rankings would be higher this time and BAP will have no excuse for their mediocrity regarding our cellar dwelling world rankings.
      you know why I am happy


      • 2009-08-24 RP Loses to Jordan, 81-70

        * The final stats says it all: They shot better than us overall, while we shot miserably off the floor. They were 55% from the two-point area, to our 38%, and they were 32% from the three-point area, to our 26%. This reflects our problems on offense, and on defense against this team. They also had 11 more rebounds at 49 to 38.

        * The game was close in the first quarter, they only led by five, 22-17, with us with our three-point shots, and them with their offensive rebounding. The first quarter stats, though, showed the danger: They were shooting 69% from the two-point area, since they were shooting nearer the basket, and they had 7 more rebounds at 14, double that of ours. We only shot 38% from the two-point area, having trouble scoring on the inside because of their defense.

        * They started to pull away when their three-point shots started falling late in the second quarter, while ours turned sour, which was eventually going to happen. From a five point lead in the second quarter, this ballooned to twelve at the half,45-33. The Jordanians were still shooting very well at the two-point area at the half, 60% to our 33%. They also hit 35% of their three-point shots to our 29%, and had 11 more rebounds, 26 to 15.

        * They further increased their lead in the third quarter to 15 points, 67-52. They sort of relaxed, and we were able to cut the lead down to five midway thru the last quarter, before exerting back their strenght on the offensive boards, and making a couple of good penetrations to bring back the lead to double digits.

        'The Jordanian National Team'
        * Their big man Idais had a very quiet 18 points in the first half, six of them from the three-point area, the rest inside for high percentage shots. The other big man, Abbas had 9 rebounds at the half, also wrecking havoc inside. Idais eventually ended up with 20 points, while Abbas with 16 rebounds.

        * In the second half, Wright took over on offense, and scored most of his 21 points in that period.

        * For most of the game, the Jordanian's offensive rebounding was quite evident. They just seemed quicker to get to the ball. They were rotating very well on defense, we couldn't beat our man off the dribble, and even if we did, help defense was there. And when we kick the ball out, somebody was there back again. In terms of penetrations, I felt that was where Alapag or Barroca would've been able to help out. They were small, but nobody could keep up with them off the dribble, thus creating better situations for our team.

        'The RP National Team'

        * Again, just like in the Iran game, no other option for this team except to take potshots from the outside in the first half. Some drives, but nobody finishing. No post plays, or fastbreak opportunities. The situation improved in the third where we were able to get a couple of layups and fastbreak points in, but even then we still were relying mostly on the outside shot.

        * About the only player in the RP team with a notable performance in this game was Gabe Norwood, who hit a majority of is points in the fourth quarter, helping to cut down the Jordanian lead to five points. He also had a critical block shot, and two offensive boards in the last minutes of play for the team, but it all went for naught.

        * Again, just like the game against Iran, we never led except for the very first couple of minutes of the game. Once they got the lead, they never relinquished it, and the best we could come up with was to cut the lead down to five points.

        * But again, I am proud of what this team had done in this game. The never let the Jordanians out of arm's reach, and tried to make a run in the fourth quarter to cut down the lead. I think that was the best they could do, and then went for it.
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        • this game give me goosebumps. we had our chances but Jordan is too strong for RP to beat. better luck next time!!
          Team Pilipinas.... ASTIG!!!


          • closed this thread pls..



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