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CBA match-fixing scandal

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  • CBA match-fixing scandal

    About 10 years ago, CBA's Guangdong Dynasty was ended when Stephon Marbury led Beijing to win the championships... Guangdong's head coach Li Chunjiang, who complained about Marbury's dirty tricks all series, was fired after that.

    Fast forward to 2023

    In the last game of the CBA regular season, Li Chunjiang (now coaching Shanghai) faced Marbury (now coaching Beikong). The game was meaningless, but Li Chunjiang was still playing Eric Bledsoe in garbage time even though they were up 40... (Wang Zhelin had 61 in that game which was the highest output by a Chinese player in 20+ years)

    Bledsoe then had a scuffle with Ma Yong...

    CBA suspended both players; Ma received 4, Bledsoe received 3... But Shanghai still needed to play in the playoffs. Their first round opponent is Jiangsu.

    In order to utilize Eric Bledsoe in more games deeper in the playoffs, Shanghai initiated the worst match-fixing in CBA history....

    Shanghai rested Wang Zhelin in Game 2 and only played their import players for 9 minutes so that the first round would go to Game 3...

    And in Game 3, Jiangsu inexplicably rested two starters Wu Guanxi and Liu Zhixuan, claiming that they were injured...

    Shanghai tried to go all out but somehow they were still trailing by 4 with 1:45 left...

    That's when Jiangsu coach sent in Antonio Blakeney and his own son (Li Lutong) with 1:45 to go...

    Anyone who has dribbled a ball knows that Antonio Blakeney received money for this turnover (1:00 mark)

    Punishments have been meted out:
    Shanghai coach Li Chunjiang: 5 year ban
    Jiangsu coach Li Nan: 3 year ban
    Other personnels were banned and both teams fined. Shanghai is kicked out of the playoffs and Shenzhen won their series without playing.

    Stephon Marbury wrote:
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    aim low, score high

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          What routine do you follow during this challenging epidemic season?
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