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Japan National Team preparation of WBC

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  • Japan National Team preparation of WBC

    Japan opens national team camp without star power
    John E. Gibson / Daily Yomiuri Sportswriter

    Yuta Tabuse and a number of notable players were missing as practice officially opened for Japan as it prepares to try to open a few eyes in the FIBA 2006 World Championship, which takes place here this summer.

    In fact, Japan's fourth-year Croatian coach Zeljko Pavlicevic had only 13 players from the roster announced in March attend a workout on Wednesday at Tokyo's Yoyogi No. 2 Gym.

    Earlier in the day a number of players--for reasons ranging from injuries and contract-related matters to scheduling conflicts--were taken off the roster that was originally announced in March.

    The list includes Tabuse, the first Japanese player to appear in the NBA and a member of the Albuquerque Thunderbirds of the NBADL, and JBL veterans Kenichi Sako and Takuma Watanabe. Also out are Eric McArthur and Michael Takahashi, two longtime members of the JBL's top league, and Walter Brown Matsushima.

    Officials added that additions to the roster should be expected.

    Takehiko Orimo--a former MVP who helped Toyota win the JBL title in March--is expected to play the team.

    Japan also also announced plans to take on Puerto Rico--which features Carlos Arroyo of the Orlando Magic--in the Kirin Cup as a warm-up for the Aug. 19-Sept. 3 tournament.

    The teams will play three games in a July warm-up series to be held in Nagano (July 18), Saitama (July 20) and in Tokyo (July 22).

    Puerto Rico, ranked 11th by FIBA, is in Group D with Italy, Senegal, Slovenia and the United States, while Japan is Group B with Germany, Angola, New Zealand, Panama and Spain.

    Pavlicevic said Japan faces a tough road no matter which teams it plays.

    "There are no easy groups out there," said Pavlicevic, who guided Spain for four years. "Our aim is to get through our group.

    "Spain and Germany are the favorites in our group. We are looking for a chance against Angola, Panama and perhaps New Zealand."

    Without a game-changing player, the coach said teamwork would be a key for Japan.

    "As coach, what I want to do in this tournament is first have all the players perform as a unit in every facet. We don't have a player who can take over and win games on his own. Team spirit and team play is the way we'll win.

    "We're shorter than other teams, but not weaker. We should be able to play and rebound with the other teams. Our biggest weapon will be superior preparation and aggressive defense."

    The team is built around 21-year-old, 2.05-meter twins Kosuke and Joji Takeuchi, but the squad lacks veterans with international experience.

    One of its base players is veteran Satoru Furuta, also a member of JBL-winning Toyota and a player with more than 10 years of international experience for No 25-ranked Japan.

    Furuta, 34, said the team is young, but focused. "We have to get through group play," said the 1.99-meter center. "At least that's the goal. It's not like it'll be impossible. We have a chance.

    "There are going to be tough games, but it's not as if we have to win all our games to make it through."

    (Apr. 20, 2006)
    Attending the 1st training camp are these 13 players:
    Kei Igarashi (180-PG-80)
    Takuya Kawamura (191-SG-86)
    Naoto Nakamura (192-SG-76)
    Ryota Sakurai (194-SG-83)
    Tomoo Amino (196-SF-80)
    Satoru Furuta (199-PF-71)
    Daiji Yamada (200-PF-81)
    Shunsuke Ito (203-CF-79)
    Joji Takeuchi (205-SF-85)
    Kosuke Takeuchi (205-PF-85)
    Takashi Shinohara (210-C-77)
    Hiroyuki Tominaga (211-C-73)
    Toru Sugatani (216-C-84)

    (Other than Sugatani, everyone had been with the NT for years. Japan desperately need a big man and I wonder how good Sugatani is.)

    Undecided (1):
    Takehiko Orimo (190-SG-70)

    As mentioned in the article, additions to the roster are expected.
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    Puerto Rico GM denied that Japan and Puerto Rico will play each other

    it was reported in Puerto Rico, like 2 weeks ago, that both teams were going to face each other 3 times as practice for the WBC


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      i guess representing their country aint that high on their list of priorities...i wonder if yuta understands that his stint with the japan nt can be his "audition" to the nba.....or maybe that's just it, yuta probably knows it will be a total waste of time because japan will crash and burn anyway with or without him...
      <--- science always wins over bullshit --->


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        Yuta should definitely play with the Japan team, he will get to play against talent much better than the summer league teams in the nba


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          After training in Croatia, the Japanese team landed in Spain for 4 warm-up games. Their European trip roster:
          HC: Zeljko Pavlicevic (SCG)
          4 Takuya Kawamura (191-SG-86)
          5 Daiji Yamada (200-PF-81)
          6 Ryota Sakurai (194-SG-83)
          7 Kei Igarashi (180-PG-80)
          8 Shinsuke Kashiwagi (183-PG-81)
          9 Takehiko Orimo (190-SG-70)
          10 Kosuke Takeuchi (205-PF-85)
          11 Tomoo Amino (196-SF-80)
          12 Takahiro Setsumasa (180-PG-72)
          13 Satoru Furuta (199-C-71)
          14 Shunsuke Ito (203-CF-79)
          15 Joji Takeuchi (205-PF-85)
          16 Takanori Onishi (195-SF-83)
          17 Takuya Sato (197-PF-83)
          19 Yukata Saito (194-F-80)
          21 Shogo Asayama (192-SG-81)
          Notice that Takehiko Orimo is still in the NT despite his age. And it appears that 7'1'' Toru Sugatani, probably the only 7 footer Japan has, is already cut.

          The team will take on "Seleccion Castilla Leon" team today, whose players come from the Spanish ACB, LEB and LEB2:
          Mario García (212-C-73) Plasencia (LEB)
          Dani López Alcañiz (185-PG-82) Cantabria (LEB)
          Julio González Sánchez (192-SG-81)
          Asier García (206-C-76) Leche Rio (ACB)
          Óscar del Pozo (200-F-75) Palencia (LEB2)
          Fernando San Emeterio (198-F-84) Forum (ACB)
          Pepe Llorente (185-PG-82) Ourense (LEB2)
          Nacho Martín (202-F-83) Bruesa (LEB)
          Roberto Morentín (206-C-81) Gijon (LEB)
          Pedro Rivero (186-G-79) Tenerife (LEB)
          Coego Díez (205-C-78) Hospitalet (LEB)
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            What happened to Aono? He was a promising big guy too. Played against USA prior to Sydney Olympics.


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              Originally posted by Nemesis 11 (aka Sabas 11)
              What happened to Aono? He was a promising big guy too. Played against USA prior to Sydney Olympics.
              Fumihiko Aono (210-C-78) declined to join the Japan NT.

              Japan beat the "Castilla Leon" selection 79-76. (22-20, 17-14, 18-21, 22-21). Kosuke Takeuchi had 18p 13r and Tomoo Amino added 18. 36-year-old Takehiko Orimo added 14, including the game-winner. Ryota Sakuraia had 12. Kosuke's twin brother Joji had 6p 8r.

              Box score:
              Alla hotell i Puerto Rico (Gran Canaria). Bästa urvalet av premium hotell i Puerto Rico (Gran Canaria) med recensioner och kartor. Boka i förväg och spara.
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                Japan team looks doomed for failure.


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                  Originally posted by sime0n
                  Japan team looks doomed for failure.
                  Their height is very unqualified......
                  Go~Air YI,Aaia is not enough space for you!~


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                    Actually Japan will have a mini-battle of their own with Angola and Panama to take the 4th place in Group B.

                    Angola is the strongest of the thee, but they just were the best-organised team in Africa. They have a 6-7 guy at center and all. They should thank Mario Palma for their success, and the coach has recently resigned. So it's wide open now, and the battle will boil down to who's better prepared. Japan's got its chance.


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                      dont fall asleep on Panama...


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                        Japaneese NT Roster 2006

                        Final roster for world cup 2006:

                        4 Takuya Kawamura (191-G-86) of OSG Phoenix
                        5 Daiji Yamada (200-C-81) of Toyota Alvark
                        6 Ryota Sakurai (194-F-83) of Toyota Alvark
                        7 Kei Igarashi (180-G-80) of Hitachi Sunrockers
                        8 Shinsuke Kashiwagi (183-G-81) of Aishin Sea Horses
                        9 Takehiko Orimo (190-G-70) of Toyota Alvark
                        10 Kosuke Takeuchi (203-C/F-85) of Keio University
                        11 Tomoo Amino (195-F/G-80) of Aishin Sea Horses
                        12 Takahiro Setsumasa (180-G-72) of Toshiba Brave Thunders
                        13 Satoru Furuta (199-C/F-71) of Toyota Alvark
                        14 Shunsuke Ito (203-C/F-79) of Toshiba Brave Thunders
                        15 Joji Takeuchi (204-C-85) of Tokai University


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                          Who is the best of them? Tomoo Amino?


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                            Originally posted by ARMIS
                            Who is the best of them? Tomoo Amino?
                            Yeah Amino good player and also NO.9 Orimo and NO.15 Joji.Japan not good enough.