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    PFF gets ball rolling on national football league, starts accepting applicants
    From: Karlo Sacamos

    THE grand plan to form a national football league in the country has started rolling as the Philippine Football Federation has finally issued the requirements for applicants to be eligible to join.

    The PFF on Tuesday briefed prospective clubs and owners on the club licensing regulations that have been crafted, signaling the start of acceptance of applicants for the premier league, set to be known as the Philippines Football League that’s expected to kick off in the middle of March.

    The regulations, crafted with the help of Fifa (International Football Federation) and AFC (Asian Football Confederation), and approved by the PFF board of governors, enumerate the sporting, financial, legal, infrastructure, and the personnel and the administrative criteria required to take part in the league.

    “The most important thing is we should know the clubs that can comply with the club licensing regulations even if it’s just seventy percent of the licensing regulations that can form part of the league later on,” PFF president Nonong Araneta said in the press conference after the briefing.

    AFC regulations require a minimum of six clubs for a competition to run and be qualified as a national league.

    The PFF explained to potential club owners the Fifa, AFC, and PFF-commissioned Nielsen marketing study that identified 14 cities as home bases for teams, namely: Manila, Makati, Quezon City, Marikina, Pampanga, Sta. Maria, Bulacan, and Laguna from Luzon; Cebu, Bacolod, and Iloilo from Visayas, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Zamboanga in Mindanao.


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    PFF lays groundwork for national football league
    By Olmin Leyba (

    MANILA, Philippines –The Philippine Football Federation has set the wheels in motion for the setting up of the Philippines Football League by issuing the PFF Club Licensing Regulations to prospective clubs and owners.

    PFF president Nonong Araneta and general secretary Ed Gastanes said the Club Licensing Regulations contain the criteria by which a club will be licensed and be eligible for participation in the planned national professional league.

    “This is the first time in Philippine football history that Club Licensing Regulations have been crafted through the help of the Fifa and the AFC and approved by the PFF board of governors,” Gastanes said after conducting a briefing with officials and representatives of UFL clubs and other potential team owners at Marco Polo Ortigas.

    The PFF targets a March 2017 kickoff for the truly national, fully professional league. It envisions a minimum of six clubs from different regions playing a home-and-away double-round robin format.

    The Philippine Football Federation has set the wheels in motion for the setting up of the Philippines Football League by issuing the PFF Club Licensing Regulations to prospective clubs and owners.


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        More on the new Philippines Football League ...


        PFF One Step Closer to Launching Nationwide Pro Football League

        The Philippine Football Federation lays the groundwork for a new premier football league that will begin in March 2017

        Bob Guerrero
        Published 11:00 PM, September 06, 2016
        Updated 11:06 PM, September 06, 2016

        MANILA, Philippines – A nationwide professional football league is in the works.

        The Philippine Football Federation (PFF), led by general secretary Ed Gastanes and president Nonong Araneta, gave a comprehensive briefing on the planned league, Tuesday, September 6.

        United Football League (UFL) team representatives were present to learn about the club licensing requirements, which would be a prerequisite for joining the new league.

        "Community football is the future and this national league is a big step," said Loyola Meralco Sparks vice chairman Randy Roxas.

        Here are the basics of what Filipino football fans will need to know.

        The name. Gastanes said the league will be called the Philippines Football League (PFL). This was supposedly the most preferred name in a survey conducted by the Nielsen research firm last year.

        The PFL will replace the UFL as the country's top tier of football.

        The kickoff & the format. The league begins play in mid-March 2017 and must have at least 6 clubs who will represent communities.

        It will be double round robin with home and away matches, plus a playoff phase afterwards involving the top 4 teams. No details were given on the format of the playoffs.

        Gastanes added that there will be a knockout Cup competition with matches "interspersed" within the league schedule. Basically, it will follow the European model.

        Initially there will be only one division, but as the league expands, it is hoped that two tiers can form with promotion and relegation between them. There is talk that the UFL, sans teams that will go to the PFL, will carry on as a second-tier competition.

        The teams. Representatives from Loyola, Kaya, Ceres, Green Archers United, Agila-MSA, and Stallion were at the briefing. Global was not there but it's understood that they will take part.

        Each team was given a copy of the club licensing regulations. The requirements will likely include a home stadium, a licensed head coach, one or two youth teams, and a guarantee of continued financial support from sponsors. These are based on club licensing norms of FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

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          A view of the Binan Football Field with its new Artificial Turf. This will be the home of the Stallions FC. Binan will also probably be the home turf if the Stallions FC decides to join the new PFL ...

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            The PFL will replace the existing top-tier United Football League (UFL), a semi-professional competition started in 2009 that featured teams based only in the capital, Manila.

            Scheduled to kick off in April, the PFL will feature at least six teams, with each side representing a city or a region. Interested clubs that comply with the PFF’s Club Licensing Regulations will have until next month to apply to join the league.

            Importantly, though, the PFL will be privatised, which will allow investors to monetise the assets of the clubs.

            “The PFL will be privatised and out of the hands of the country’s football association,” explained Sasikumar, who was also involved in the privatisation of the Malaysia Super League (MSL) last year. “It will run as a commercial entity and rely on three main pillars of revenue: Sponsorship, sales of match tickets and hospitality packages, on top of funding from the central pool of the league. They can also go into other revenue streams — such as merchandising and monetising digital content.

            “The new league will also be spread out throughout the country and put in economic hubs where there’s commercial value, which will likely help to bring in more income.
            Sasikumar a key player in new Philippines pro football league

            “Essentially, the club owners will take a more proactive approach to ensuring their teams are doing well, on and off the pitch, because ultimately they’ve invested in the clubs.”

            While basketball, boxing and billiards are the more popular sports in the Philippines, the impending launch of the PFL is a sign that football is growing rapidly in stature.

            The standard of Philippines football has also been improving over the past few years. The national team is now the top-ranked South-east Asian nation and stands at an all-time high of 124th in the Fifa world rankings.

            And Sasikumar believes the PFL will help the Philippines grow into a regional footballing powerhouse.

            “As it is, they already have a good team and football is a rapidly growing sport in the country,” he said. “They’ve also got a lot of players with mixed heritage who are currently playing football outside of the country, and I expect that many of them will want to come back to play in the PFL.

            “The clubs will now have more money to spend, and so they’ll be able to sign better players, which will make the league more competitive. This, in turn, will lead to an overall improvement in the country’s footballing standards.”


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              UFL Teams Disperse to Provinces to Form PH Football League

              Thursday, November 24, 2016
              By JACK BIANTAN

              THE much awaited Philippines Football League (PFL) is now starting to form as teams from the United Football League (UFL) have started to adopt cities where they could be based.

              Although the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) has not confirmed anything yet, my sources have confirmed that top teams, Global FC, Loyola Meralco Sparks, Ceres FC and Stallions FC have already found cities to host them.

              Global FC is reportedly going to make Cebu as its home city. Global FC owner Dan Palami, and Cebu Football Association president and construction magnate Ricky Dakay are joining forces to form a super team for Cebu. Newly appointed coach John Burridge has even gone to Cebu to check their official home field, the University of San Carlos stadium in Talamban and the Cebu City Sports Center.

              The Loyola Meralco Sparks FC is reportedly making Taguig City as their home city and the Emperador Stadium in Mckinley Hill, at the The Fort as their home field. The LMSFC is the glamour club in the UFL having the Younghusband brothers James and Phil in its line-up.

              The Bacolod based Ceres FC of the Yanson family is reportedly moving to Davao City but Bacolod City will not be left without a club as one of the Yanson brothers is building another club to represent Bacolod City or the Island of Negros.

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                Global FC to Sign Legend Terry Butcher

                Monday, December 05, 2016
                By JACK BIANTAN

                GLOBAL FC chairman Dan Stephen Palami announced that they are on the final stage of their negotiations to sign up high profile coach and legendary English defender Terry Butcher.

                This is the first step of Global’s move to go big time as they prepare to enter the Philippine Football League (PFL) which is slated to start next year.

                “My intention is to bring the attention of the football world by involving well known personalities at the club level,” Palami said.

                Palami also confirmed that negotiation is also underway to move Global FC to Cebu where they will represent the province in the PFL.

                “I am still in negotiations with Cebu Football Association president Ricky Dakay to make Cebu as our home city,” Palami added.

                The early reports which have come out about Global’s move to Cebu have received positive feedbacks from the Cebu football community.

                However, nothing has been signed yet but Palami, despite of the absence of a football stadium which could host the matches, has already started the formation of the club.

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                  If only Philippine basketball can do something like this...

                  Anyways, if football doesn't click in the capital, bring it to the provinces where it may click, plain and simple as that. Now, if any of these ball clubs can invest a small amount of their assets to build mini-football fields in cramped urban areas, especially in the Metro, just like the way they do it over in Thailand...

                  Originally posted by gideon
                  Not sure why all on here got salty when the Serbian coach said Gilas lacked any real quality. I mean isn't that glaringly obvious.


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                    Some big companies should look at this.. The sy's, the gokengwei's, alaska. They should capitalised at this opportunity.
                    Philippine Malditas to FIFA Womens World Cup 2023



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                      Araneta Says Preparation for PFL Almost Complete


                      The preparations for the launch of the Philippines Football League (PFL) in the first quarter of 2017 are 90 percent complete, according to Philippine Football Federation (PFF) President Mariano Araneta.

                      Two more teams have expressed interest to participate in the PFL according to Araneta. JP Voltes FC has an already confirmed membership while negotiations is ongoing for the addition of another squad.

                      Reigning champions Global FC leads the teams that will join the PFL together with Kaya FC, Loyola Meralco Sparks FC, Ceres La Salle FC and Stallion FC.

                      “They already confirmed with us. There are already six teams for the Philippine Football League. We are now working on the seventh team, which will be a team from Davao,” Araneta said in an interview.

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                        Meralco Sparks Sign Caslib as Coach

                        BY JAELLE NEVIN REYES ON DECEMBER 29, 2016 SPORTS

                        The Loyola Meralco Sparks FC signed former Philippine national team head mentor Aris Caslib as coach.

                        Caslib, the long time coach of San Beda College groomed the Red Lions into a formidable squad in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football tournament. He led San Beda, his alma matter, to numerous NCAA titles plus a championship in the 2008 Philippine University Games.

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                          Ceres Negros FC Starts Training in Talisay City

                          Friday, January 06, 2017 By HENRY G. DOBLE

                          VACATION is officially over for the Ceres Negros FC as the Busmen returned to training at the North Field in Talisay City.

                          This marked the start of the team's tough preparation ahead of the Philippines Football League and the 2017 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup Group Stage.

                          Ceres Negros FC is among the initial teams in the Philippine Football League tentatively kicking off this March. The provincial club will most likely face familiar opponents such as arch rival Global FC which is undergoing adoption procedure with Cebu Football Association.

                          Ceres has for the second straight year qualified to the AFC Cup and will join Tampines Rovers or Geylang International of Singapore, Malaysia's Felda United, and Ha Noi T&T or SHB Ðà N?ng of Vietnam in Group G.

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                            Ceres-Negros Fc just signed Jason De Jong, Josh Grommen,Oj Porteria,Junior Munoz, and Foreign Player - Fernando Rodriguez, Manuel Herrera,Kota Kawase. They will still sign two more local players.

                            While JP voltes got the service of David Basa (Stallion fc), Aaron Altiche(Laos fc) and Kouichi Belgira (Loyola Meralco Sparks FC)


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                              Kaya FC is now Kaya FC–Makati, makes UMak its home stadium.

                              Kaya Futbol Club (Kaya FC) is delighted to announce that we will be participating in the upcoming Philippines Football League (PFL) as Kaya FC–Makati. The PFL, the name of the national league, is expected to debut in March 2017 with participating teams from all over the Philippines. Each participating team in the upcoming national league will have a home stadium, and we will play our games at the University of Makati (UMak).

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