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Chen Kai: From basketball star to staunch anti-CCP activist

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  • Chen Kai: From basketball star to staunch anti-CCP activist

    First of all, I am creating this topic for purely informative purpose. I don't agree with most of his viewpoints (in fact, I believe his hatred of the CCP made some of his opinions ludicrous.) And I'm not saying this because I'm afraid the "almighty scary" CCP is watching me (otherwise I wouldn't have opened the thread). But I believe the videos are worth a look.

    For all of you communist-haters you may enjoy these videos as Chen Kai, formerly of the Chinese NT (but only briefly), talks extensively how he was abused and oppressed by the regime in the 1970s. He talked about the sports system, but his oppression was mainly a reason of his family background and that specific era. (Personally I have similar family stories -- I have "Taiwanese" relatives from my mother's side and a "leftist" paternal grandfather, and I know a lot of sad stories in that unfortunate era). However, be aware that as a dissident, he hasn't visited China in over 2 decades, and has very limited idea (or wouldn't admit) about how much CCP has changed.

    Here's his personal website. In all honesty I find his opinions WAY too biased and not to be taken too seriously. Even among oversea dissidents banned from returning to China, his ideology is a little too skewed to the right. When he talks about Yao Ming still being oppressed by a Fascist regime I almost LOLed. (including photos contained in his book)

    But, from a basketball standpoint, he provides invaluable materials (old photos and recollections). His eldest daughter played college basketball at Yale.
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    Thank you very much for posting this, Sino. I was not aware of who Kai Chen until you posted this. I have not watched all the videos, but I will. I also might try to find his book. I believe you when you say some of his claims are ludicrous, which is typical for people in positions to criticize or debate. (Of course, everyone knows the CCP and the government have admitted to many horrible disasters).

    There are some wonderful photographs on his forum. I appreciate that he shares them!
    "I really like the attitudes of eagles. They never give up. When they grab a fish or something else, they never let it go. It doesn't matter. In a book, they write they find a skeleton of [an] eagle and there is no fish. It means that the fish beat him and killed him, but he didn't let go." -- Donatas Motiejunas


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      His story is very interesting and at times inspiring. All I'm saying is, since he has chosen politics to be his profession, you cannot expect him to be very neutral and objective in his narration.

      As a people, we Chinese want democracy, just like everyone else. However, to be frank, "Chinese democracy movement" like Chen Kai's is totally a joke and is more of a means for some people to get residency in America, than actually for the Chinese people. I think I understand Chen. But stuff like "freedom torch relay" is nothing but public stunt for foreign media. Maybe they have succeeded in raising awareness of China's "human rights abuses" in WESTERN media. But does it change China? If anything, it just makes Chinese people more loyal to the CCP.

      Like I said, I think I understand him. But at the same time I also feel a little pity. He'll die in America without ever being able to return.

      If you are interested
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        “爱国”篮球网站全节转播“我的路”Pro-China Website Posts "My Way"

        Thursday, April 8, 2010

        “爱国”篮球网站全节转播“我的路”Pro-China Website Posts "My Way"

        Pro-China Website Posts "My Way" (English Subtitles)

        陈凯一语: Kai Chen's words:

        [B]It is truly amazing to see that a Pro-China website post "My Way" in its entirety. From the website comments you can easily see the inner/moral conflict of the website poster - the "human devil" split of personality and the "zombie" complex exhibited by most Chinese-speaking people. Nonetheless, the essential message in "My Way" has struck a core in even the most Pro-China "angry youths" -- the message of individual freedom, human dignity and the meaning of true happiness. The tortured mindset of the most Chinese, in their unsolvable conflict between their individual identity and their collective facade is revealed thoroughly here in these comments. Even they cannot deny they are human first after all. The power of "My Way" and the eternity of its message cannot be denied.

        Here I want to again thank the producer of "My Way", Ms. Fiona Zhao, who fought all kinds of obstacles with determination/tenacity to have made this remarkable documentary a reality. She truly captures the essence of my life - individual freedom, human dignity and yearning and pursuit of true happiness.

        (To clarify and correct the claims from the commentators: 1. I have absolutely no political aspiration and I am against the idea of having professional politicians. 2. As long as the communist party is in charge, I have absolutely no intention to go back to China, not even for a visit. I am and will remain an American citizen for the rest of my life. I am very proud to be American - my chosen identity. 3. China is and will be a slave state as long as the communist party remains in power. Yao Ming, being a tool for the state, will also remain a slave athlete for the evil regime.)

        --- Kai Chen
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          Who Are You? A poem by Kai Chen 你是谁?(诗/中英文)

          Friday, April 16, 2010

          Who Are You? A poem by Kai Chen 你是谁?(诗/英文)

          Who Are You?


          陈凯 作

          A poem by Kai Chen 4/16/2010

          Most say humans are just creatures of their environment.
          Most say humans have no choices.
          Most say humans should only accept, not create.
          Most say human lives have no meaning like an eternal void.

          Most say we are only maggots
          Worming in the waste of our ancestors in a chamber pot,
          With a full belly enjoying a life of no eyes, no mind and no bones.
          Most say we are only swine
          Waiting to be fed in a cage,
          With their fattened bodies to be slaughtered by men.
          Most say we are only slaves bond by chains,
          Toiling under the orders of the masters
          With a certain fate forever in servitude.

          Most yearn to paint a prettier chamber pot,
          Saying that will brighten the lot of the maggots.
          Most plot to weave a warmer cage,
          Saying that will improve the swine’s lives.
          Most strive to forge a sturdier chain,
          Saying that will secure the future of the slaves.

          Forbid it, Almighty God:

          I want to smash the chamber pot
          With its noxious content from others.
          I want to swim in the blue water of the ocean
          Extend my fins to explore the unknown,
          For I am not a maggot but a dolphin.

          I want to tear apart the cage
          No matter how warm and how comfy it is.
          I want to roam the immense plain
          Trotting through endless possibilities,
          For I am not a swine but a lion.

          I want to break the chains from the masters
          To unleash the power of my body, my mind and my spirit,
          I want to soar above the blue sky
          With my wings sailing through the air.
          Everything is so clear under my eyes
          The entire world is within my embrace,
          For I am never a slave,
          I am an eagle, I am a free being.

          In the directions of human endeavors,
          May God give me only two choices with nothing in between:
          Liberty and Death.
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            LOL. How did I know something like this was going to happen.... This may be the first time in history that I as a person am being analyzed... except that I'm no celebrity so I don't know what to think of this.

            Two things to say first, Mr. Chen, with respect

            #1. Interbasket is, as you can see, an International forum. It is not a "pro-China" site. You may be referring to me, that's another story, but don't give things false labels.
            #2. This is an International forum, and this being the OT section, politics can be discussed. But, using Chinese here is not considered very polite. I hope you see that and delete all the huge Chinese fonts.

            Now let's see what you wrote:
            ...the "human devil" split of personality and the "zombie" complex exhibited by most Chinese-speaking people.
            I am no representative of "most Chinese-speaking people" and never claimed to be. In fact I think my viewpoints are shared by very few.
            Nonetheless, the essential message in "My Way" has struck a core in... The power of "My Way" and the eternity of its message cannot be denied.
            Unfortunately judging from the view counts in your videos there are almost no viewers. Any random basketball clip about two teenagers shooting hoops can generate more viewership in 2 days. Without my post your videos will probably be seen by even less people. So much for POWER. Stop exaggerating things.

            I know you wrote this paragraph for me
            (To clarify and correct the claims from the commentators: 1. I have absolutely no political aspiration and I am against the idea of having professional politicians. 2. As long as the communist party is in charge, I have absolutely no intention to go back to China, not even for a visit. I am and will remain an American citizen for the rest of my life. I am very proud to be American - my chosen identity. 3. China is and will be a slave state as long as the communist party remains in power. Yao Ming, being a tool for the state, will also remain a slave athlete for the evil regime.)
            #1. I don't doubt it. But there is something called "political activity" that you constantly engage in. I was referring to that if I didn't make myself clear.
            #2. It's your personal choice. America is a great country no doubt, I live here too. But China as a country is always in my heart. No matter what you say you know this as well as I do. It may have generated painful memories, but you can't deny it shaped you as a person.
            #3. I hate to break it for you, but how many supporters do you have? How many does Yao have? Please don't paint everything black and white. CCP may be evil, but is Falun Gong, the group that you cooperate with, any better? (You know what I'm talking about, and no I'm not repeating CCP propaganda... FLG uses the same propaganda techniques the CCP used)

            Like I said, I posted your videos because I'm a basketball junkie and I like everything related to basketball, good or bad. If you want to join the discussion you are welcome to. If you just want to come here and shout slogans like "Yao Ming is a slave" I recommend you go post somewhere else.
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              Hope you will pursue truth, freedom and happiness.

              Dear Sinoball:

              From your message I sense so much pain, conflict and denial, also a willingness to evade the truth in your own life. I now try to address a few of the contradictions. Hope this will become a fruitful conversation instead of a power struggle or popularity contest. Both disgust me.

              When I discovered your posting of "My Way", I was indeed surprised. But when I read your message regarding your posting, I felt obligated to clarify a few things you said about me. Following my first post here, you added this message that shows me even more clearly how confused and scared you are about the truth and about yourself.

              Respecting your wish of "no Chinese", I have deleted all the Chinese messages following my English messages. They are only the translation of my English messages.

              To confuse what is evil and what is different is the most common fallacy among those without moral clarity. To equate FLG who kills no one (Its members are being severely persecuted and killed off in China) but minds its own business as a faith-based group with CCP's murder and mayhem on the mainland puts you in a position as a condoner or an accomplice with/of evil.

              The moment you judge "My Way" by belittling me with some views that were entirely false and ignorant, and by judging what is right or wrong with popularity, you allow yourself to embark on a path filled with only pain, suffering and silent desperations. If popularity or power could determine what is right or wrong, true of false, good or evil, mankind would be still in the dark ages, believing the sun was revolving around the earth. If you base your judgment on majority, on power or on passivity by confusion, you are setting yourself for a miserable life. Maybe when you suffer from your own twisted mindset later on in your life, you may remember what I said here.

              You know nothing about Yao Ming while I was a long time friend with his parents even before they got married. You know nothing about being an athlete in China's slave state, I played ten years pro-ball in China. You know nothing about me, yet you base your opinion about me on nothing but your illusion and your false collective identity as a Chinese (Your name by a Chinese flag shows me you are indeed Pro-China).

              You are saying that you post "My Way" because you are a basketball junkie. Check your first messages when you post it. It is a lie. You lied to yourself. "My Way" is never about basketball. "My Way" is about life, freedom, truth, justice and happiness. "My Way" is about my journey from despair toward hope, from a slave to a free being. "My Way" is about an integrated individual's tireless searching for meaning of his life - true happiness with dignity.

              China denies that Kai Chen has ever existed, as it denies that Tiananmen Square massacre has ever happened, as it denies it has killed 80 million innocent lives, as it denies that the persecution and murder are still continuing today. If the Chinese would be willingly forget that their families and parents/grandparents have been tortured and murdered, in order to make a deal with the devil for some material gains, they will suffer grave consequences - consequences unmeasurable later on, for God indeed exists and he is watching. Justice will be done, sooner or later, in China, for God made everyone of us have a conscience/soul. I can see that conscience/soul flashing in in you as well, in your inner conflict as well. You do indeed have a conscience/soul. You are not yet a zombie as many already have become, by their own fear and confusion. That is why you posted "My Way".

              I can see that you do not read Chinese or speak Chinese. That is OK. Nothing to be ashamed of. My daughters don't either. It is not a requirement though many Chinese parents force their children to learn Chinese after they came to America. I only want my children to be happy, to find their own way for fulfillment in life. Here I offer my sincere wish for your rediscovery of your own conscience/soul, of your own "self", of your own way toward freedom and happiness, as "My Way" intends to convey the same message.

              Best. Sincerely Kai Chen


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                Dear Mr. Chen:

                First of I appreciate your words and the fact that you got rid of the Chinese texts. But may I just say it's silly to boldface the entire text, but it's your choice.

                Of course I don't personally know you. We all base our opinions on what is presented to us. I may have judged you incorrectly, just like you have me. To start, I do speak and read Chinese. If you can't even get this part right, how can you try to be my psychiatrist?

                If popularity contest disgusts you, then why are you here in the US? Unless you can't face reality you should know that all democratic voting processes in this country are "popularity contests". But one thing I do agree with you is one should not let the majority opinion fool his conscience.

                I know you know Yao's parents from a long time ago. But what is unclear to me is what they think of you now? What do they think of your assessment that their son is a "slave athlete"? You are right I don't know them. If you can invite them to the discussion that would be fabulous.

                I was never an athlete in China. But you are not the only one either. There are hundreds of thousands. I know a few. I found your story interesting, but not all stories are like yours. In fact, I don't know of anyone else like you. Fill me in.

                I posted "My Way" because it's indeed related to basketball. If you checked the forum I also posted a lot more random stuff about basketball, from WWII general to TV series/manga. You think I would have posted it if you played volleyball rather than basketball?

                About FLG: Just because they haven't killed anyone, doesn't mean they are like what they claim, a faith-based group. There are FLG practitioners who do so for health benefits -- I had one family member who was a FLG. But as a group, I think it's very obvious -- and you know very well -- what they are about. They are exactly like the CCP 70+ years ago. If you disagree I suggest you go read CCP propaganda in Yan'an and compare with "Epoch Times".

                And while you criticize me for not facing reality, I think it precisely defines you. You DO NOT want to go back to China or you CAN NOT? Stop fooling yourself. How can you talk about China and Chinese people without ever getting in touch with them?

                And finally I think you have succeeded in achieving the American dream and your story is remarkable. But I just plain out disagree with you on most accounts. TBH, most people here don't care about politics. It's nice to have some sort of discussion, but we both know it's unlikely to go anywhere.
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                  Do you know what Chinese flag means?

                  Dear Sinoball:

                  You have not made it clear why you oppose Chinese text in this blog. That is why I thought you could not speak or read Chinese. It is not without reason. It is you who mislead your readers with your message. I still don't understand why the Chinese text offends you. What harm does it do?

                  This is important: Why do you identify yourself with the Chinese flag you so proudly put your name by? Do you know what Chinese flag symbolizes? Bloodshed, violence, tyranny with unconditional submission and subjection of the individuals to the state's will. If that is not a party-slave-state, I don't what is. China is Not a nation. China is a Party-slave-state. China's government has not one iota of legitimacy and it is a criminal enterprise. China's government has not governmental function but a tool in the hands of a few despots called communists. Tell me China's police, army, court have normal government functions like that of a Western country, then I know you truly live in a fantasy and illusion. China's anti-humantiy crimes need to be exposed and judged in the court of human conscience.

                  America is first and foremost a Constitutional Republic that respects and protects individual liberty and rights. Democracy can produce tyranny as Hitler himself was elected. Please do not confuse a true democracy with popularity contest.

                  Why do you consider Yao Ming's parents' opinion about me so important? Because now they have become your standard to judge what is right and wrong, due to their son's popularity? Please examine your premises in acting and behaving for nothing but attention and recognition from the famous, the powerful, the popular.... This is indeed the vice the Chinese must overcome if China is to become a great country. As I said in "My Way": "One can never become great unless one is Good."

                  With respect. Kai Chen


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                    Originally posted by Fountainhead07 View Post
                    You have not made it clear why you oppose Chinese text in this blog. That is why I thought you could not speak or read Chinese. It is not without reason. It is you who mislead your readers with your message. I still don't understand why the Chinese text offends you. What harm does it do?
                    Unless we are looking at different things, this is a global forum not a personal blog. Chinese texts don't offend ME, but it may offend others. I personally get offended when I come here and people posts chunks of foreign language that I don't understand, and I delete them. In short: forum rules.
                    Originally posted by Fountainhead07 View Post
                    Tell me China's police, army, court have normal government functions like that of a Western country
                    I tell you. Tell me of a Western country that does NOT have normal diplomatic relationships with China's government.

                    I know you hate CCP and prays for their demise every day, but there is something called reality. "China is Not a nation." And for what "National Team" did you play basketball for? And you think I "live in a fantasy and illusion". I think any objective person knows who between us is the more delusional.

                    Let me tell you the Chinese flag represents the nation of China, my nation. The party has its own flag. I don't need YOU to tell ME what nationality I am, just like I don't you. Thank you.

                    I don't care about what Yao or his parents think. Yao is a good role model, but I don't agree with him on everything. It is you who dragged them into the conversation to diss me, let me remind you.

                    About "TRUE democracy" vs. "democracy". Who decides the "true" part? You? Or does GOD tell you in your dream?

                    Look I don't wish to drag this any further. If you have interesting stories to share that are not in videos, such as basketball-related, please. But if all you want to say are "Down with CCP" slogans, it's definitely a lot more useful to post them elsewhere, since after all this is not a political forum. I think we've exchanged enough viewpoints already. But if I may I would like to add a few words:

                    #1. Not everything is either black or white. There are things in between, just like there are other colors. And it's not right to call people like me "confused" just because we don't side with any of the extremes like you.

                    #2. Every person has a good side and a bad side, so is every organization. This is called critical thinking. I know you are not in a position to say good things done by the CCP (you are not anonymous like me), but I hope you recognize them.

                    #3. "One cannot be great until one is good". This is true. I also want to give you one saying "One cannot be good if all one harbors is hate."
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                      Dear Sinoball:

                      It seems that so much confusion is going on in your life that I don't know where to start to address it.

                      You put a Chinese flag by your chosen name "Sinoball", then you deny you are "Pro-China". You are doing the communist bidding in belittling who I am and manufacturing lies about me, yet you seems not aware of this fact. You posted this video which is clearly anti-communist and for individual freedom for the Chinese, especially the Chinese athletes, yet you have to dilute the water with your moral confusion, equating the victims and villain. You seem to have some conscience left in your soul, yet you use every ounce of brain and energy to evade, escape and deny it. Your initial comments about me was to appease your viewers from China and appease your own unsolvable conflict inside. You are posting a video about my life story, yet you want to play a big boss by threatening me with exclusion of my views on your nonsensical opinions about me. How sick a mindset is it?! How nihilistic is it?!

                      Indeed I don't have any intention to continue this conversation with someone whose whole purpose in life is to evade reality, truth, freedom, happiness and his own individual identity. To attach yourself with Yao Ming, with China, with something powerful or famous regardless whether it is evil or good, shows me that you have very little "self" and a very weak individual identity. Your vanity, face, cultural background and skin color seem to be all you have and can identify with. Recognition, not legitimacy, face, not soul, where you come from, not where you are going, power, not liberty, confusion by passivity, not moral clarity by choice...., characterize who you are. Who are you really inside?

                      Yao Ming is like me, being used for his basketball skills by an evil regime for its own legitimacy. Unless and until he realizes that fact and reality, he, like me when I was in China before my own awakening, will remain a slave in a slave-state. His pain and suffering has only started. You claim to love basketball. But as far as I can see, you are only using basketball to escape something else, something essential and important to your own life, something you are so afraid of losing yet so scared of recognizing and embracing.

                      In "My Way", I stated that I left basketball because I love it truly. Basketball should be loved and played the way it should be - to express one's own creativity, individuality, integrity, passion and dignity, to express who one truly is. To use basketball, as some kind virgin-whore, for fame, material gains, vanity, self-deception and escaping reality and truth is to betray this game. I will post four articles I wrote from past about four people in China's basketball: my coach Qian Chenghai, my teammate Mu, and Wang Zhizhi and Yao Ming (since you post their images in this blog). I have written quite a few pieces about China's sports system and its athletes in my forum . If you are interested you can always go on there to read them. But please do not "use" basketball to escape and evade yourself, the truth, freedom, choices and your own self/individual identity.

                      You think that you know a few stats, a few athletes' names and images, watch a few games and talk about winning and losing, you know something about basketball. Wake up and find your own "self". Before you do that, you will never know anything true about this game. Basketball is a game about self-discovery and self-knowledge. Anything less is an insult to this game. And using basketball to escape your own "self" is the opposite of what this game is intended and thus a thorough betrayal of the truth.

                      If you think that my life is about hatred, watch "My Way" again. My life is about passion, freedom, true happiness and searching for meaning of life. My life is about to unchain oneself and one's spirit to realize one's full potential. "If I can be free, can have dignity, can achieve true happiness, you can as well." Remember?

                      To live in a gray area with passivity and a silent desperation is to allow oneself to be torn apart constantly, is to allow oneself to drift into an eternal void of darkness - a blackhole in which only nothingness can come out. As my poem (Who are you?) states in the end: In the direction of human endeavors, there are only two choices in direction - Freedom and Death. To say that you can straddle two boats sailing in different directions is to embark on a journey of self-deception and self-destruction. Sadly many Chinese believe they can be a virgin and a whore at the same time. That is the main reason why today evil still reigns supreme in that ancient land.

                      I am grateful for you to post this video in this website, for I hope the Chinese authority will not discover this posting and block it from your readers and viewers. When "My Way" was first posted on Youtube in 2008 (with Chinese subtitles), within three months, nearly 300,000 viewers viewed the program. Then to protect Beijing Olympics, the Chinese authority abruptly blocked Youtube all together. One year later, I, with the producer, dubbed English subtitles into the program and re-posted on Youtube. That is probably why and when you discovered it. I hope this posting will be here for many basketball fans and freedom-lovers to enjoy and to learn about life, without being blocked by the Chinese internet police. This is because you are still "Pro-China", not just by the authority's standard, but also by your own conduct. Face the truth why you post this video, you may start your first step, on your own journey, toward freedom and true happiness.

                      All the best wishes to you. Kai Chen


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                        Girl basketball, family, life 女子篮球,家庭,与生命的价值

                        GIRL BASKETBALL, FAMILY, LIFE 女子篮球,家庭,与生命的价值


                        By Kai Chen, 1-07-2003

                        DEDICATED TO MY DAUGHTER ALEX

                        “The way one approaches the game is the way one approaches life”


                        I had always thought of her as just another player, with ordinary talent and a big heart and the love of basketball. I remembered that when she just started to get into this game, I even tried to discourage her. “It’s a brutal game.” stating my own experience as a former basketball player for the Chinese National Team. “Are you sure you really want to get into this?” The only answer I got was the sound of dribbling the ball. Sure I got a basketball stand in the backyard the moment she started running. But how did I know she had flat feet, no speed and jumping ability and an awkward swing of arms when she runs? I know she is going to be tall since I am 6’7” and my wife Susan is 5’11”. But being tall does not mean she can play the game. Everybody knows that.

                        I arrived the gym a little early, as usual. But this day I was unusually distressed. I was concerned about the pain she had complained in her left knee. She had an ACL reconstructive surgery last year on that knee. So far she had felt fine. And she had performed quite well in the last three tournaments this season. Not only she did not show signs of rustiness. She had some of her best games ever. I was excited and even ecstatic about her recovery, till two days ago she told me about the pain. A teammate inadvertently ran into her during a routine practice. Her left knee had swollen and there was some fluid in it. She was just about to put things together when she first had the injury in her sophomore year. Now just when she was about to blossom into herself in her junior season, now just when she was about to taste her own fruit of hard work, she had to…. I did not even want to spell out the fear, the uncertainty, the helplessness.

                        She was working on a stationary bicycle when I walked in. After she was done, she picked up a ball to shoot at one end of the court while the school varsity was practicing at the other end. I walked over to rebound and feed her the ball as I had done for thousands of times.

                        “How do you feel?” I felt compelled by my own urge to know. “Shaky.” She answered without looking at me. “When I tighten my muscles, there is a pain inside.” Her voice became a little unsteady. I approached her, squatted and examined her knee. I reached and touched her leg. The surgical scars were still red and shiny. I stood up. I could see a little moist sparkled in her eyes. There was a little helplessness. Yet she was quiet with that typical determined look on her face. I suddenly realized that this couple of days I was preparing something to say to her in my head, a speech I never thought I would come up with this early.

                        “Alex,” I reached out my hands to hold her shoulder. “I know that I am your harshest critic. Yet there is something that needs to be said….”

                        Suddenly I was choked with emotions. I could not continue. I found that one of my hands was still holding her, but the other hand was covering my own mouth. Tears started to trickle down my cheeks. Then both of my hands held her tightly in my arms. Time stood still.

                        Here in the Marlborough School gym, under the glaring lights, I was holding my daughter in my arms, I was embracing her fully in my heart, as I murmured words into her ears: “I love you so much, so much , Alex…. You make me feel so proud to be your father. So proud….” I could taste my own tears with my feverish kisses on her forehead. “I love you, too, Dad.” is all I heard through her sobs. I realized at that moment that my tears were not tears of sadness and disappointment, but tears of happiness and deliverance. I realized that not only she knows how much she had achieved since she started playing this game, she knows what lay ahead and she is ready to face the challenge. I realized that she had such a flare of confidence that no matter what happens in her future, she will be OK. And I realized that no matter what happens in the future in our family, we will be OK. For a few moments, I was immersed in her grace and dignity. I felt a serenity coming back to me after some unspeakable distress. I realized words can not express what I felt: Life is being lived.

                        As I stood there watching her 6’1” beautiful frame, I whispered her name to myself as I thought. “ You have shown me who you are. You have proven to yourself that you are worthy of this game. You are a winner in life.” I smiled and felt like joking as I extracted myself from the moment: “After all, you got my genes.” She laughed and her face radiated like a Summer morning glory. What a beautiful sight!


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                          A slave, an eunuch, a prostitute

                          奴才,精神卖淫与自我阉割--王治郅的自我形象与独白 A Eunuslawhore

                          作者:陈凯 By Kai Chen
                          2006-10-24 19:59:14


                          A SLAVE, AN EUNUCH, A PROSTITUTE

                          Wang Zhizhi: a twisted combination of images

                          一个自由人与一个奴宦娼的自白: (Contrast a free man to a slave, a whore and an eunuch)

                          我宁可去做一个饥饿的苍蝇,冒着生命危险满天飞,去寻找食物与快乐;也不愿做一个蠕动在他人粪便里的蛆虫, 饱食终日,苟且偷生。 --- 一个自由人的自白

                          I'd rather be a hungry housefly, risking my life, flying around looking for food and joy, than be a worming maggot inside others' feces, never having to worry about where and who I am and where my next meal comes from. --- The self-confession of a Free Man.

                          我明白了没有祖国的支持做后盾,没有组织,领导的关心和爱护,个人将一事无成;我明白了个人的价值,只有在 为国争光的奋斗中,才能得到真正的体现。 --- 王治郅的检讨

                          I now understand that without our Motherland's support, without the Communist Party organization, without our leaders' care and love, an individual is nothing and will achieve nothing. I now understand my personal worth and values will only be realized in our struggle for Motherland. --- Wang Zhizhi.


                          Now you understand what I mean by "Slavery is a insidious codependency of the slave owners and the slaves themselves, not just slave owners oppressing the slaves". To rid off evil slavery, one must deal with this evil from both ends, from both supply and demand, from oppression and fear, from nihilistic institutions and meaningless individuals....

                          I don't usually call a person names, though I am very good at it and often did it when I played basketball. But today I permit myself to give a few derogatory names to one of my fellow sportsmen and his likes. The old habit dies hard.

                          Wang's self confession has raised the specter of the Chinese slave mentality. In his statement, he repeatedly claims that it is the nation, the party, the leaders that raised, supported, and reared him, and without these entities, he as an individual is nothing. Shamelessness is only too mild to describe this evil twist of truth: Who has raised whom?

                          In a Chinese mind, with its most poisonous aspect, somehow it always is the nation, the motherland, the emperor, the collective that raise and protect individuals, giving them their livelihood and meaning of their lives. But a clear-thinking mind would easily reach the opposite conclusion: It is the individuals who create and produce, not the collective. It is the individuals who support and raise the government and emperors, not the opposite. It is the individuals who give meaning to the collective, to the nation, to the motherland, not the opposite.

                          But why does the upside-down falsehood dominate the Chinese mindset? Addressing these two entirely opposite orientation of human values/anti-values are the purpose of forming my forum. To clear up/clean up the Chinese mindset from thousands of years of force-fed narcotic addiction takes a long time and great deal of effort. But one must start now and must start from each and every Chinese individual. Only this bottom-up reformation of mindset can allow the antidote to take effect toward the first step of moral and spiritual rebirth/health, toward a Cultural Renaissance, toward intellectual honesty, toward getting rid of codependency between a slave collective and the slaves themselves.

                          In Wang's vulgar and shameless self-confession, moral and spiritual degradation oozes from every pore of his being. To shield himself from humiliation, insult, self-loathing and the ultimate defeat as a professional athlete, he has no qualm in using his parents, his wife, his infant child to hide his own ugly self, his own fear. To protect his decaying self, he is willing to use any others, to use America, to use China, to use the Party, to use the Army, to use his own family, regardless of the destruction of his own soul and conscience, as long as using these will somehow alleviate the pain and suffering from the very deep recess of his mind and heart. Wang is without doubt, like many Chinese, a USER. Using other human beings, using his own profession, using his own dignity, using anything in sight for his nihilistic, ugly and meaningless end is the only concern of his life.

                          Wang's only self-worth, as the Confucian ethics dictates, is in others' eyes. He is entirely void of self-awareness, self reflection, self respect and self-judging. For there has been no such thing in Chinese moral teachings as God and Conscience deep inside oneself. Being judged by others and especially by the power elite is the only criterion for one's own meaning of existence. Humans are simply not humans in Chinese tradition, they are only masses composed of flesh and blood. Each individual by himself has no meaning and no inner voices and values. All the voices of moral judgement are coming from above never from within, from motherland, from emperors, from fathers, from elders, from the collective, from everything but the person himself.

                          Wang as you can see, is a pathetic creature, created not by God, but by the Chinese party-state, Chinese tradition, Chinese cultural environment and the omnipotent/omnipresent collective. This is a stark contrast to the American value in which each individual is created by his creator and has inalienable rights and ability to understand his own conscience, his own meaning of life, his own actions and their consequences. Thus humans are born free and meaningful themselves, regardless others and the collective, no matter how old/ancient they are, how strong they are or how many they are.

                          If by now you still don't get my drift about the contrast in Chinese anti-values and American values, you are in deep voodoo.

                          Do you really think even after Wang made the self-demeaning confession, the Chinese people and authorities will truly respect/love him? No such thing. They are only using him, just as he is using them. They all know too well about this game of Users. In this game there is no respect, esteem, and dignity. Everybody is a whore. Everybody is a self-castrating Eunuch. Everybody is a slave to serve the omnipresent and omnipotent collective that represents absolute NOTHINGNESS. This nothingness of this "blackhole" has swallowed millions of innocent lives and continued to do so, as long as we as individuals refuse to understand its nature and origin, as long as we are still immersed/addicted in its poisonous smog.

                          The sports authorities in China of course will praise Wang for his destruction of 'self" to please the motherland, via this complete dehumanizing confession. But behind Wang's back, they look down on him, they talk down on him about his failure in America, about his lack of personal dignity. One word, they absolutely loath him, as much as they loath themselves. They know in this nothingness game, everyone comes out a loser, having sold their souls to the devil, having castrated themselves to serve the emperor, having little by little sunk into the deep of the collective quick sand. They absolutely loath their own state of existence, yet they wholeheartedly work for the master of the game - the nothingness, to have become a part of the Blackhole to castrate others, to swallow others, to demean others, until everyone becomes just like themselves - a soulless zombie.

                          This is the portrait of a Eunuch culture, a slave mentality, a prostitute's existence. This is what is called "Chinese Motherland".



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                            穆铁柱 - 中国专制虚无的牺牲品 Mu - A Victim of Chinese Despotic Nihilism

                            穆铁柱 - 中国专制虚无的牺牲品 Mu - A Victim of Chinese Despotic Nihilism



                            铁柱死了。 这个与我同队六年的队友,(从国家体委集训到八一队到国家队),这个我曾动拳头与他打过架的队友,死了(5 9岁)。 我竟然找不出任何评价他的话。 他的一生是典型在专制下虚无度过的一生。 他的一生没有任何属于自己自由意志的价值。 他的身高,他的出名,他的婚姻,他的几乎一切都与他的自由意志无关。 它是一个被命运驱使的肉体存活。 他的死甚至也被专制官方利用来稳定其统治。 哀哉! --- 陈凯

                            Mu died. He was my teammate for six years or more (from the National Training Camp to August 1st Team to the National Team in 1978). One time we even had a fist fight on the court in a training session. He died at age 59. The ironic thing is that, unlike the time when Coach Qian died, I can't find any words of value to comment on him. His life was an example of lives under despotic nihilism. In his life, nothing seemed to have belonged to him or up to his own free will. His height, his fame, his marriage, his promotion, etc. all were up to others and the government. He was a victim and slave of his own fate. Even his death is now being used by the official media to promote the government's agenda. Sad, isn't it? --- Kai Chen


                            "官方媒体对穆铁柱死讯与生平的报道 Link to Official Chinese media:


                            Dear Visitors:

                            I learned about Mu's death early in the morning (9/14/2008) from another (August 1st Team) teammate of mine. I watched the official Chinese media about his death and his life. I was in some of the photos they had shown in the video clip.

                            Sadly, I had very little emotional reaction to his death. Am I too cold and cruel? No. I don't think that my reaction to his death is a sign of my cruelty. Yet as I dwell deep into the origin of my emotion, I realized how meaningless Mu's life was and how nihilistic his life was about. His free will made no imprint on his own life if there was any free will on his part. Nothing was up to him at all. He merely existed in a form of slavery and nothingness to entertain a crowd of zombies/vampires. I had only pity and a bit of sadness toward him.

                            When we were teammates, I occasionally witnessed his rebellion against the inhuman system, throwing temper tantrum toward the authorities. I often enjoyed that. But it was the fact that one time he threw a game to the Jinan Military District, showed me that he had no principles and morals. Everything was interest-driven to him. Satisfying his physical needs/saving face was the only thing he was concerned about. He was his own worst enemy. He lived a life of humiliation with no dignity, partly because of himself, because of his own valuelessness. He bought into the official nihilism and allowed only the government and others to define him.

                            He started with nothingness. He went through nothingness. He served nothingness. He was defined by nothingness. Now even after he is dead, he is continuously being used by the official nothingness. He, as I now view him, is the typical representative of nothingness promoted by the Chinese despotic tyranny.

                            I pasted a link above and here for you to judge his life yourself. This is the official view of him from China.

                            By the way, have you noticed that Mu's forehead grew out two horns, a sign of out of control Gigantism. But the official conclusion is that he died of heart failure. If the heart failure was not from the Gigantism, I don't know what was. The lie continues.

                            Best. Kai Chen 陈凯


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                              别了,钱澄海教练 Goodbye, Coach Qian - A Sonata to a Good Man

                              Article link with photos:

                              别了,钱澄海教练 Goodbye, Coach Qian - A Sonata to a Good Man


                              如果你看过“窃听风暴”,你就知道即使在极端的专制暴虐之下人的良知也不会全部泯灭。 我在中国的幸存与成功也有这些良知尚存的人们的保护的因素。 钱澄海教练就是那些良知尚存的人们之一。 --- 陈凯

                              If you have seen the movie "The Lives of Others", you will know that even under extreme tyranny and repression, human conscience will survive in one way or another. It will spark somehow in a most unexpected place and in a most unexpected time. My story of survival and success in China had certainly had such an element. Coach Qian was one of those with conscience who in his way protected me from total destruction by the evil regime. --- Kai Chen


                              Dear Visitors:

                              I only learned that my former National Basketball Team Head Coach Qian Chenghai passed away on April 24, 2008, when a friend called me from China.

                              I had known Coach Qian for a long time. I stayed in the National Team both in 1971 when Coach Qian was an assistant coach and in 1978 when Coach Qian was the head coach of the National Basketball Team.

                              I had known that Coach Qian was battling bone cancer for some years, though I had not seen him for many years. Before almost every time he came to the States, he would come and stay in my house. He was the Head Coach for China in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles and my wife Susan was the interpreter for the Chinese National Basketball Team.

                              I write this piece as a eulogy to Coach Qian, not because he was my coach, but because he was a good man with conscience.

                              In 1971 when I was put into solitary confinement for my crime of escaping to Guangzhou from the National Team without the Party Organization's permission, I was in total isolation, writing my confession under supervision and surveillance. No one wanted to talk to me or had anything to do with me as if I had some deadly contagious disease. No one showed any sympathy toward me, a 17 years old kid whose only crime was having Taiwan relatives, and because of that I was expelled from the National Team Program. But one day I had a very unexpected visit from Coach Qian. He came to me and consoled me with soothing words: "I come to tell you that you will be OK. They will not destroy you entirely. Some people have similar cases. Don't worry too much."

                              Just a few words to inform and to sooth is enough for me to remember him forever. He did not have to come to do that. But he did it out of kindness and conscience. Later on I learned that Coach Qian also had relatives in Taiwan. His sister's husband was even serving in the same KMT's air force with my uncle. Maybe that was the reason why he showed sympathy toward me. But nonetheless, I will always be grateful toward him for that single act of kindness out of conscience and good heart.

                              I had called him once, having learned that he had cancer. But he maintained a great positive outlook on life. That was probably the reason why he had survived for seven years having had many operations. He lost two legs and part of his lungs.

                              As I peruse through the official eulogy in China today for Coach Qian, my stomach turns. The state is still using him to rally the crowd for China-loving. The official press has listed many of Coach Qian's former titles, positions, party membership, and other achievements. But as for me, the most defining moment of Coach Qian's character came in that dark afternoon in 1971, in a most depressive era, under the most oppressive circumstances. Just a few kind words. Just a soothing gesture.

                              Goodbye, my coach. I will always remember you, not for some glamour or glory in the official books, but for that single shining moment - a spark in the total darkness. In that moment, I learned what goodness is.

                              Always yours. Kai Chen 陈凯