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Puerto Rican BSN league thread

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  • Puerto Rican BSN league thread

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    BSN Leaders

    Top Scorers
    1.Angel "Buster" Figueroa(ARE)...21.9
    2. Bobby Brannen(CAG)...20.9
    3.Carlos Escalera(COA)...18.3
    4.Larry Ayuso(ARE)...18.6
    5.Romel beck(MOR)...17.6

    Top Rebounders
    1.Chris Burgess(CAG)...13.0
    2.Angelo Reyes(MOR)...9.9
    3.Bobby Lazor(PON)...9.4
    4.J.R. Henderson(HUM)...9.6
    5.Marvin Stone(BAY)...8.9

    Top Assists
    1.Wilfredo Pagan(GUA)...6.8
    2.Kevin Sheppard(CON)...5.4
    3.Alvin Cruz(BAY)...5.4
    4.Ansel Guzman(HUM)...5.1
    5.Ismael Caro(S.G.)...4.4


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      damn... Rodriguez is not among top5 in assists...
      Could you find his statistics for this season, please? I tried it before but with my non-existing knowledge of Spanish... didn't work out...
      Originally posted by Jon_Koncak
      That's funny shit.I cant believe there are sports fans thinking like it.It's like Federer losing to random Japanese player in round 1 of French Open but tournament director stepping in and saying "hey it was a fluke win who wants to watch a random Japanese guy in next round,Federer qualifies"


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        Originally posted by Matiz
        damn... Rodriguez is not among top5 in assists...
        Could you find his statistics for this season, please? I tried it before but with my non-existing knowledge of Spanish... didn't work out...
        Andres Rodz....

        Games- 12
        Points Per Game- 6.8
        Assist Per Game- 5.7
        Rebounds Per Game - 2.9
        Turnovers per game - 1.8
        Field Goal% - 59%

        his team is Caguas Criollos(11-7)

        he missed 6 games because of a hamstring injury

        Andres Rodriguez Profile
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          Rick Apodaca won the MVP in the the polish league.

          Rick Apodaca and Christian Dalmau are both in the semifinals in the polish league

          Jose "Piculin" Ortiz was sick, was in the hospital, got suspended by his team, got reinstated yesterday

          Manuel Narvaez got suspended because he kicked a referee. In the halftime he went to the refs locker room and apologized to them.

          Chriss Burgess and Bobby Brannen are great!! both of em!!!

          Wilfredo Pagan and Carmelo Antrone Lee are playing out of their minds!!!!

          Gabriel "Pirulo" Colon is being scouted by the NBA

          "Bimbo" Carmona is the best SG we have and he is in an NBA level

          JJ Barea established a record in assist in the Pourtmount League, and he came to the BSN and had some good games. He played great offense, but managed to get in foul trouble almost every game

          The Goverment of Puerto Rico is broke, and they will close all gubernamental offices for 2 months. People is in panic and gas is running out. I will be walking to college for the next month (1 hour walking each way).

          Carlos Arroyo already said that he will play both CentroBasket and the World Basketball Championship.

          Julio Toro said that he will go with a young core of players for the WBC (meaning is Piculin is not likely to play, Casiano, Rolando are both likely to be excluded in favor of Bimbo Carmona, Joel Jones, etc...)

          Humacao Grises coach Guillermo Vecchio got selected to coach Panama in the WBC.

          David Rosario was fired by Coamo, later signed by bayamon, who fired Miguel Mercado some hours before the signing.

          Angel Lopez Panelli, coach of Arecibo got fired, and they signed former Arecibo coach Carlos Mario Rivera, who coached a game, and needed to get hospitalized because high blood pressure. PG Edgar Padilla took over the head coaching position until Rivera was cleared out to coach.

          Joe Bunn is in the BSN again (thanks for borrowing him to us again Jokinen)

          There was an announement that Puerto Rico was going to play Japan 3 times as a preparation for the WBC. Puerto Rico GM said that this was not true

          Kevin Sheppard, Romel Beck, Joe Bunn, Monty Wilson, Michael Campbell, Sean Banks, Matt Freije, Chris Burgess, Bobby Brannen, JR Henderson, Wesley Wilson, Bobby Lazor, Marvin Stone, Eric Chenowith are on the all star team that will play the National Team


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            Originally posted by -K2-
            Joe Bunn is in the BSN again (thanks for borrowing him to us again Jokinen)
            He he , no problem man but take care of him, he is the star of our league! we need him back next season ok?


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              Joe Bunn Injured!!!!!

              Pulled Hamstring, he will be out for the next 4 games.
              San German signed Norman Nolan


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                Mega trade!!!!

                Bayamon Vaqueros/Cowboys trade:
                -PG Christopher "Fifo"Vega
                -PF/C Ivan Lopez
                -SG/SF Jose Luis Rivera
                -PG/SG Ricardo Melendez

                To Coamo Maratonistas/Runners for:
                -PG Filiberto "Fili" Rivera
                -SG/SF Carlos Escalera
                -PG Jose Lopez

                Bayamon now has to play with 5 basketballs, beacause everyone now will want to shoot the ball.

                Bayamon signs C Deji Akindele 7'1" fron Nigeria as their new import.


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                  Escalera, Bimbo and Joel Jones on a same team


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                    That will be a big problem!


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                      Carmelo Antrone Lee scored 43 points in 24 minutes today

                      11-17 from 3 point



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                        It's Official!!!!!! 3 Team Trade

                        Bayamon gets:
                        SG/SM Carlos Escalera from Coamo

                        Coamo gets:
                        PF/C Ivan Lopez
                        PG/SG Ricardo Melendez

                        Then Coamo trades Ricardo Melendez and PG Filiberto "Fili" Rivera to Caguas for:
                        SF/PF Hector Zayas
                        PF/C Ricardo "Ricky" Sanchez
                        A player top be identified later
                        and a pick in next year rookie dreaft


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                          Originally posted by -K2-
                          Pulled Hamstring, he will be out for the next 4 games.
                          San German signed Norman Nolan
                          very good signing, if he will consider trip to PuertoRico as a basketball trip, and not holiday trip . Did he play there before?

                          Prokom Sopot, Team of Christian Dalmau (who has slight injury and didn't play in first two games), can advance today to the finals, if they will win road game against Czarni Slupsk.
                          Rick Apodaca is in much worse situation, since his team is one lose away of being eliminated, but now they will play 2 games at home. But they are very shorthanded, so everybody predicts them playing for the 3rd place.

                          I see Alvin Cruz playing well, too bad that he didn't have a good situation in Poland. Don't know if you read/hear, but Eric Taylor (who you should know well) finaly got married, and Ernest Brown is one fat lazy piece of ****, looking at his performance at Poland.
                          Why you should going out to get a hamburger, if you can get steak at home?


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                            he has already played here before

                            Dalmau... U guys can have him, I dont even want them 3 on the National Team.

                            Apodaca seems to be playing out of his mind

                            Alvin Cruz is a PG, but not for euro ball. Run and gun is his specialty, he is lightning quick, poor court vision, above average finisher bla bla bla.

                            Eric Taylor.... I know I should know who is him

                            Ernest Brown is big man... thats it.. he is big. he dominated in Puerto Rico because of how big he is compared to other players. He is a legit 7'2", while in PR there are not many center over 6'10"
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                              Norman Nolan

                              1999 Aibonito Polluelos
                              2001-2002 Mayaguez Indios
                              2003 Quebradillas Piratas
                              2005 Bayamon Vaqueros

                              22.7 Point Per Game
                              8.4 Rebounds Per Game



                              Debug Information