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  • 2022 FIBA AmeriCup

    Not sure if someone wants to start a subforum here, but I thought we should get this started.

    As the AmeriCup has no relevance for Olympic or World Cup qualifcation it seems only pride and some ranking points are at stake.

    Not totally sure what other countries are doing yet (Argentia looks to be sending a full squad). But Canada I am pretty sure will not be taking the AmeriCup too seriously and will be sending a young training team. That means no NBA players and maybe only a few of the European vets that have been manning our in-season WC Qualfier teams.

    This is disappointing to me and a real lost opportunity to build some chemistry and cohesivness among the NBA team. Heck, I'd be fine if it was just the in-seaon WC Qualfier team (which is pretty good). Also a lost opportunity to gain ranking points and help avoid a disasterous "Death Pool" again like we faced at the 2019 World Cup.

    I'll still tune in, especially if Canada floors some decent young and upcoming players. There are plenty of them out there, but I think most are going to be focused elsewhere (NBA camps, Euro contracts etc.).

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    Brazil with most (all?) it best players in their 25 man prelim roster.

    These imply its the same pool of players for both the WCQs and the AmeriCup. It seems most countries are treating it that way (except Canada it seems).

    Yago Mateus (Ratio Ulm/Alemanha)
    Marcelo Huertas (Tenerife/Espanha)
    Rafael Luz (Andorra/Espanha)
    Elinho Corazza (São Paulo/Brasil)
    Raul Neto (Cleveland Cavaliers/NBA)
    Alexey Borges (Minas Tênis Clube/Brasil)
    Scott Machado (Hapoel Eilat/Israel)

    Georginho (SESI Franca/Brasil)
    Caio Pacheco (Pesaro/Itália)
    Vitor Benite (Gran Canaria/Espanha)

    Guilherme Deodato (Flamengo/Brasil)
    Didi Louzada (Portland Trail Blazers/NBA)
    Reynan (SESI Franca/Brasil)
    Gui Santos (Golden State Warriors/NBA)
    Leonardo Meindl (Urban Transyvalnia/Romênia)

    Gabriel Jaú (Flamengo/Brasil)
    Rafael Mineiro (Flamengo/Brasil)
    Lucas Dias (SESI Franca/Brasil)
    Bruno Caboclo (Boston Celtics/NBA)
    Márcio Santos (SESI Franca/Brasil)

    Lucas Mariano (SESI Franca/Brasil)
    Rafael Hettsheimeir (Flamengo/Brasil)
    Tim Soares (Sydney Kings/Australia)
    Augusto Lima (Unicaja/Espanha)
    Cristiano Felício – Sem equipe


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      DR with Chris Duarte, Karl Anthony Towns and Al Horford in their preliminary 25 man roster.

      No gaurantee these guys all play (I think Duarte is in), but it would be nice to see for the DR.


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        Argentina cuts their list to 14. Already started camp.

        Los 14 convocados para comenzar con los entrenamientos

        Facundo Campazzo | Base | 1.80 | 23-mar-1991 | Denver Nuggets (NBA, EEUU) (Último equipo)
        Nicolás Laprovittola | Base | 1.85 | 31-ene-1990 | FC Barcelona (España)
        Leandro Bolmaro | Escolta | 2.00 | 11-sep-2000 | Utah Jazz (NBA, EEUU)
        José Vildoza | Base | 1.91 | 15-ene-1996 | Flamengo (Brasil)
        Gabriel Deck | Alero | 1.98 | 08-feb-1995 | Real Madrid (España)
        Marcos Delía | Pivote | 2.06 | 08-abr-1992 | Trieste (Italia) (Último equipo)
        Carlos Delfino | Escolta | 2.01 | 29-ago-1982 | Victoria Libertas Pesaro (Italia)
        Nicolás Brussino | Escolta | 2.04 | 02-mar-1993 | Gran Canaria (España)
        Juan Francisco Fernández | Ala pivote | 2.10 | 21-nov-2002 | Fuenlabrada (España)
        Patricio Garino | Alero | 1.98 | 17-may-1993 | Basket Girona (España)
        Juan Pablo Vaulet | Alero | 1.99 | 22-mar-1996 | Baxi Manresa (España)
        Tayavek Gallizzi | Pivote | 2.05 | 08-feb-1993 | Instituto de Córdoba
        Tomás Chapero | Ala pivote | 2.06 | 10-jun-2001| Asociación Deportiva Bosco (España)
        Máximo Fjellerup | Escolta | 1.98 | 25-nov-1997 | Basket Girona (España)


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          US loses to Mexico and Canada (who are these guys?) loses to Brazil on the first day. Even Colombia and Uruguay don't have all their top players.
          Originally posted by Fedfan
          Most ppl get childish when they lose.
          Originally posted by GuTO
          refs in games of Spain walks with literally poop in his pants afraid of the Spanish players


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            This tournament is pretty bad. One US game postponed due to flooding and it looks like another might be as well.
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              US team of old guys who play like old guys edges Puerto Rico 85-84 as Norris Cole hits a tough shot with one second left. PR barely has anyone actually from PR anymore so it was just two teams of random Americans playing against each other. If Argentina can't win this tournament they should shut down their program.
              Originally posted by Fedfan
              Most ppl get childish when they lose.
              Originally posted by GuTO
              refs in games of Spain walks with literally poop in his pants afraid of the Spanish players



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