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    Malvín signed F Christopher Jeffries.
    Die Liebe wird eine Krankheit, wenn man sie als eine Heilung sieht
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      Uruguay basketball self destroyed after failure

      Batista: "Now that I want to invent undisciplined"
      "I'm not a nun, but I know what we were playing," said the captain of Uruguay denied tardy to practices and rudeness to the President

      "I did not commit any act of indiscipline. I'm not a nun, but I know what we were playing. For something I played in places I played and I'm not a crazy face it's going to be dirty because four people want to save your work or mismanagement putting me as the head of this mess, "said Esteban Batista to The Observer. The captain of the Uruguayan basketball team spoke with The Observer after returning to Nairobi after a stormy Basketball Olympic Qualifying in not paid in the manner expected and was accused of committing acts of indiscipline.

      An angry and hurt Batista said the authorities of the Uruguayan Basketball Federation (FUBB), journalists and technical staff. He said he questioned whether it was worth playing with Uruguay, which does it for love of the shirt and claimed that want to take responsibility for the problems of others.

      "Seeing all sorts of rumors and things were handled would be foolish not to think that I see as solely responsible. It is time for the people who invented all this take over what was said. There have been a little ... got into my personal life and now have to take, "charged former NBA.

      After the defeat of Uruguay to Canada in the tournament in Mar del Plata broke internal selection. The president of the FUBB, Ney Castillo, intended to reunite with Martin Osimani Batista for talks ahead of the final stage of the tournament but the captain did not attend, as reported La Republica. "I was sleeping in the room and I heard when I called. That's why the meeting did not go down. He was accompanied by much less. I was tired, slept and went down to the time that was scheduled to see the videos. Was it a coincidence that the president went to the room because he was not in the hotel and I had not been notified of any meeting. It was not that I did not want to go or anything, "said basquetbolista.Fuentes Federation said on Thursday in The Observer that Batista was late for some practices. However, the player denied it: "Never miss any training and always arrived on time. Does not affect you get two or one minute before starting. It makes no sense. It is not only Stephen the coming one or two minutes before. "

      While the blue team's base is maintained for several years, the differences between some players were not resolved and even hinted that increased in this Olympics. "I am not a friend (Martin) Osimiani or (Leandro) Garcia Morales, I said always, but I have no problem playing them. Much less with others. I have no problem. I come to the team because I like and the day I do not come more uncomfortable. I have no benefit to come, is simply for the pleasure it gives you defend your country's shirt. "

      Although Uruguay had chances until the last game of qualifying for the playoffs, the game against Canada was key. The team went on to lose by more than 20 points when he started the second half and rallied the result. The blue reaction coincided with the departure of team captain. "Uruguay was not out because Batista played poorly against Canada but by the inability and incompetence of many people who are in the Federation. We are always there in the near and almost never have adequate preparation, "he complained.

      Batista vs. the FUBB
      The Uruguayan captain is aware that is the subject of major criticism and said he is used to overshadow the mistakes of others. Batista said they want to charge him for removing blue in Mar del Plata. Tired of the situation, denounced irregularities in the management and preparation of the selection.

      The president of the Radio Sport FUBB recognized Batista committed acts of indiscipline. "It's absurd statements that make no sense. You have to cover the mismanagement and blame someone. What I do on my day off is not interested or not Castillo told reporters. I am not an employee of the Federation (...) In all this time they did not go to nothing, no infrastructure ... Now I'm undisciplined want to invent, "he said.

      Uruguay is a laughingstock in tournaments

      Batista considered unfair to charge him with full responsibility and said the selection shortages exist for years and he never complained.

      "I did not play bench waiting for the tournament but they forget I was injured 20 days, we had two players injured and that 10 years we have been playing the same game that everyone knows what we do," the player shot . "Sometimes it becomes very difficult to play because you play against people who are trained, which is organized with an infrastructure ... and when we here are always the butt of a hotel or an event because we have no clothes, because management is harmful. I always shut up and never went to say anything and now it seems unfair to someone like the first and forget everything, "he said.

      Asked if he thought away from the team for some time, Batista said that the idea crossed his own head in preparation for Olympic qualifiers but noted that this is not a good time to make a decision.

      "Those who speak do not give them bad ball"
      Listen to the text
      Esteban Batista said that this is not the "Batista Basketball Club" and all are responsible. He added that does not give "ball" to "talk bad" because they want this to happen to give "stick." The relationship between the players and issues in the preparation, again become subject to the basketball team.

      Published: September 8, 2011 at 09:30
      By: Diego Muñoz

      Esteban Batista. (MAXI FAILLA / AFP)
      "If anything is to blame for Batista, I assume my fault, but you have to see why we are where we are," said the captain on his website.

      The atmosphere of the selection is convulsed after the defeat to Canada. Universal radio journalist Sergio Fain, present in the Olympic qualifiers, was the one who said so-called "acts of misconduct" of Batista. Other journalists who traveled to Mar del Plata and argue that they can only talk because they know the international basketball, a player suggested that only came out at night.

      "I'm not making excuses. I had a bad game, this is not the 'Batista Basketball Club', but if I'm to blame for many, I assume, "said the player also referred to criticism. "To those who say bad ball because I do not give this to happen are looking to give you stick. If you had 20 points when I did not care to give me forward, not give relevance now. I come for love of the shirt and I hurt for those who want the same, "he said.

      After the game against Canada, they again come to light some details of the coexistence of the Uruguayan players. Through twitter, several people linked to basketball Batista noted that since the bank celebrated the comeback of Uruguay led by Leandro Garcia Morales and Martin Osimani.

      This adds to the problems in the preparation that took the team and were reported by Garcia Morales at 180, two weeks before the tournament starts. The players started practice without fixed per diem, must train for a week at the Palace Welcome Peñarol because no hot water, used a ball with which it was played and had no pre-Olympic training clothes.


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        Information about player in Chile

        I graduated from Willamette University in 2010. I have played professionally in Ireland, Australia, and now Chile. Check out my blog for more information and updates


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          URU/ESP - Granger the future of Uruguayan basketball

          MADRID (Liga Endesa) - It requires many sacrifices to pursue a dream.

          Just ask Jayson Tyson Granger, who decided to leave Uruguay as a 16-year-old to play for Estudiantes of Madrid, a club with a long, rich history in Spanish basketball.

          Now 22, Granger, a huge talent with a strong physique for a guard, is living his best moment in the Liga Endesa.

          Playing for Spain's World Championship-winning coach Pepu Hernandez, Granger averages 11 points, five rebounds and four assists at Estu.

          He's one of the sensations of a league that many consider to be second only to the NBA.

          All is good in Spain for Granger, but there were certainly bumps on the road to Madrid.

          Basketball in his Blood

          Jayson Granger is Uruguayan, and he has breathed basketball since the day he was born.

          His mother says that when he was a small boy, he slept with a basketball instead of a teddy bear.

          He is the son of New Jersey-born Jeff Granger, who played professionally in Uruguay in the early 1980s.

          After becoming naturalized, Jeff turned out for the national team.

          He was a much loved and revered player in Uruguay, where there had never been any talk about impossible dunks until his arrival.

          Jeff Granger was a special player, a genius for some fans who felt he was capable of doing anything on the court.

          His greatest achievement was to give a championship to the team of Cordón, where he is an idol.

          The seminal moment happened in 1995, when he was playing in the deciding fifth game of the league title series against Hebraica y Macabi.

          Cordón were losing by a point with only two seconds left.

          Granger received a pass and was fouled just as the final buzzer sounded.

          With no time on the clock, Granger stepped up to the line.

          He had two free-throws and the championship in his hands.

          His first attempt was a clean shot, but the second saw the ball hit the rim.

          It seemed to ask permission before finally entering the basket.

          Cordón, at long last, had won the title and 10,000 people shouted Granger's name.

          Among them was a six-year-old boy named Jayson, who looked on as his father became a hero.

          He ran onto the court and jumped into the arms of his dad and hugged his personal hero, a moment that he has kept forever.

          "My father was always a mirror for me," Jayson says to

          "When people ask who my idol is, I always say my father."

          Jeff Granger has always served as an example for Jayson.

          The father advised him on the best routes to take in life.

          "My dad, when I have a bad game, doesn't say to me, 'It´s okay, you have played well'.

          "He criticizes in the good and bad times and that helps me to grow as a player.

          "I am very grateful for his example."

          Uruguay and the national team

          Jayson Granger is playing at the highest level of the sport in Spain, now.

          But it took him longer than he'd anticipated to arrive.

          He had some personal setbacks in Uruguay, where he was deemed a development player.

          When Estudiantes wanted to sign him, he had only just turned 16.

          Granger traveled to Spain to put pen to paper on a contract but his club, Cordón, and the federation wanted him to remain and continue to work on his game in Uruguay.

          It took more than a year before Granger finally got his release.

          "It was a very hard process," Granger says.

          "I spent one and a half years without playing but the truth is that it really helped me to mature and improve aspects of my game."

          Granger has stayed away from Uruguay's national team in the years that have followed because of lingering resentment.

          "I had always wanted to play with Uruguay," Granger said.

          "It's a shame, a thorn.

          "I defended my country for all the lower categories."

          Uruguay could have used Granger the past few years.

          In Mar del Plata last summer, the team came in seventh.

          On the top two sides booked places at the Olympics, Argentina and Brazil, while the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela finished third, fourth and fifth, respectively, to earn trips to the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

          Granger is young.

          In all likelihood, he will one day represent his country again.

          Idol of Estu

          Granger feels right at home in Madrid, now.

          "In all these years at Estudiantes, I have improved my game and I have always felt truly embraced by these people," he says.

          He is 10,000 kilometers away from home, his family and friends.

          The fans of Estu love him.

          "What do you think about Jayson?" a fan was asked.

          "Jayson?" he says. "He is God."

          That comment was relayed to Granger.

          "I always felt comfortable here and with the people," Granger says.

          "Here, I found the necessary minutes, but it doesn't help if I'm playing well and we have bad results on the court."

          Estudiantes are 15th in the Liga Endesa with six wins and 12 defeats.

          Estu has over the years been a team that gives a lot of playing time to youngsters.

          Granger, Jaime Fernández Bernabé (18), Belgian Yannick Driesen (23), Edu Martinez (21) and Great Britain international Daniel Clark (23) are young guns in the squad now.

          There are some veterans, too, like former Spain captain Carlos Jiménez and ex-international Rodrigo De la Fuente, players who share their experience at a club that is looking to the future.

          What lies ahead for Granger is promising, certainly with Estudiantes, because they rely heavily on him.

          Hopefully his national team will also benefit from this sublime talent.

          He is a player that is very proud to call himself a Uruguayan.

          Diego Rivero
          Die Liebe wird eine Krankheit, wenn man sie als eine Heilung sieht
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            Pre-Selección Nacional Masculina de Mayores


            AGUIAR, MAURICIO

            AGUILERA, MARTÍN


            BATISTA, ESTEBAN


            CABOT, MARCOS


            CALFANI, MATHÍAS

            FITIPALDO, BRUNO


            GRANGER, JAYSON



            NEWSOME, REQUE

            OSIMANI, MARTÍN

            PARODI, LUCIANO

            TABOADA, EMILIO


            WACHSMANN, KIRIL




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              Originally posted by tres equis View Post
              Pre-Selección Nacional Masculina de Mayores

              Why hasn't Gustavo Barrera been called? Is he injured?


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                Uruguay's roster.

                Marcos Cabot Dominguez
                Nicolas Mazzarino
                Bruno Fitipaldo Rodriguez
                Federico Bavosi
                Leandro Garcia Morales
                Emilio Taboada
                Sebastian Vazquez Bernal
                Mathias Keny Calfani Pensincula
                Kiril Alexis Wachsmann Mallner
                Reque Jerell Newsome Linder
                Esteban Damian Batista Hernadez
                Sebastian Izaguirre Rodriguez
                seems strong...


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                  Uruguay and Argentina will submit a joint bid for the 2023 FIBA World Cup of Basketball
                  Sacramento Kings



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