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Egyptian league

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  • HarriMunoz
    Oh and also this

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  • HarriMunoz
    Love this league!

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  • zepeto
    amazing post zepeto thank you zepeto apk

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  • lemo
    Championship records[edit]

    Year Champion
    1974–75 Al Zamalek
    1975–76 Al Zamalek
    1976–77 Al Zamalek
    1977–78 Al Zamalek
    1978–79 Al Ittihad
    1979–80 Al Zamalek
    1980–81 Al Zamalek
    1981–82 Al Ittihad
    1982–83 Al Ittihad
    1983–84 Al Ittihad
    1984–85 Al Ittihad
    1985–86 Al Ittihad
    1986–87 Al Ittihad
    1987–88 Al Zamalek
    1988–89 Al Ahly
    1989–90 Al Ittihad
    1990–91 Al Zamalek
    1991–92 Al Ittihad
    1992–93 Gezira
    1993–94 Gezira
    1994–95 Al Ittihad
    1995–96 Al Ittihad
    1996–97 Al Zamalek
    1997–98 Al Zamalek
    1998–99 Al Ittihad
    1999–2000 Al Ahly
    2000–01 Al Ahly
    2002–03 Zamalek
    2003–04 Gezira
    2004–05 Gezira
    2005–06 Gezira
    2006–07 Zamalek
    2007–08 Gezira
    2008–09 Al Ittihad
    2009–10 Al Ittihad
    2010–11 Gezira
    2011–12 Al Ahly
    2012–13 Sporting
    2013–14 Gezira
    2014–15 Sporting
    2015–16 Al Ahly
    2016–17 Gezira

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  • lemo
    El Gezira celebrate Premier League 2016/2017 title

    El Gezira celebrated Premier League 2016/2017 title in Egypt. They finished the Final round with a 7-1 record on top. In the last game El Gezira posted a 73-63 win against Sporting. The latter ended up on the second position with a 4-3 record. El Zamalek has the same record, finishing third after the win over Smouha 70-68.
    El Ettehad El Sakandary finished forth at the Final Stage with a 3-5 record.

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  • oeifnnoijfoiweji
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  • Abdullah Naser
    دليل مراكز الصيانة المعتمدة 19058
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  • Mika Hakinen
    Thx, i saw some games on Sporting youtube channel.

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  • lemo
    Originally posted by Mika Hakinen View Post
    Who knows sites, boxscores and streams of Egypt championship?
    In Arabic

    In English

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  • Mika Hakinen
    Who knows sites, boxscores and streams of Egypt championship?

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  • lemo
    El Gezira won the Egyptian league title for the season 2013/2014.
    Alexandria Sporting won the Egyptian Cup 2014 after defeating club Al-Ahly in the final.

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    I noticed the tall guy from Gezira isn't listed as still in the team. Have they replaced him?
    Do you know when next season is likely to start and finish?
    How long do teams usually get together before the season for pre-season training?

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    How much longer does this current superleague season run for?
    Are there actual finals series or is the winner determined by who is on top of the ladder at the end of the year?
    Do all the teams still have imports playing? I noticed the tall guy from Gezira isn't listed as still in the team. Have they replaced him?
    Do you know when next season is likely to start and finish?
    How long do teams usually get together before the season for pre-season training?

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  • soliman


    regained three of the ex-players
    Islam ali 6,2-G-78
    Sherif El Diasty 6,5-pf-82
    Mohamed Adly 7,1-c-87

    renewed contract with tunisian national team captin amine bin rozig 6,6-f-80
    also signed irish/egyptian post sherif attia 6,10-c-89


    Rashard woods 6,5-g/f-85


    regained 2 ex players
    Samir Gouda 7,2-c-72
    Egy / Qat post Mohamed Salah 6,10-c-86

    signed mohamed rafaat 6,0-g-86


    Wael Badr 6,4-pg-78
    Mohamed Elkerdani 6,5-f-77
    Hamdi Braa 6,9-c-84


    regained 3 formers
    Tamer Mostafa 6,2-G-82
    Tamer Abdelraouf 6,3-g-82
    Kareem Shamsia 6,6-pf-84

    also signed with Mostapha Niang 206-f

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  • soliman

    ASSEM is a promising prospect
    he was able to attend a much better program in a decent div 1 college But could not because of some educational issues

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