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  • lemo
    Thx, i saw some games on Sporting youtube channel.


    • El Gezira celebrate Premier League 2016/2017 title

      El Gezira celebrated Premier League 2016/2017 title in Egypt. They finished the Final round with a 7-1 record on top. In the last game El Gezira posted a 73-63 win against Sporting. The latter ended up on the second position with a 4-3 record. El Zamalek has the same record, finishing third after the win over Smouha 70-68.
      El Ettehad El Sakandary finished forth at the Final Stage with a 3-5 record.


      • Championship records[edit]

        Year Champion
        1974–75 Al Zamalek
        1975–76 Al Zamalek
        1976–77 Al Zamalek
        1977–78 Al Zamalek
        1978–79 Al Ittihad
        1979–80 Al Zamalek
        1980–81 Al Zamalek
        1981–82 Al Ittihad
        1982–83 Al Ittihad
        1983–84 Al Ittihad
        1984–85 Al Ittihad
        1985–86 Al Ittihad
        1986–87 Al Ittihad
        1987–88 Al Zamalek
        1988–89 Al Ahly
        1989–90 Al Ittihad
        1990–91 Al Zamalek
        1991–92 Al Ittihad
        1992–93 Gezira
        1993–94 Gezira
        1994–95 Al Ittihad
        1995–96 Al Ittihad
        1996–97 Al Zamalek
        1997–98 Al Zamalek
        1998–99 Al Ittihad
        1999–2000 Al Ahly
        2000–01 Al Ahly
        2002–03 Zamalek
        2003–04 Gezira
        2004–05 Gezira
        2005–06 Gezira
        2006–07 Zamalek
        2007–08 Gezira
        2008–09 Al Ittihad
        2009–10 Al Ittihad
        2010–11 Gezira
        2011–12 Al Ahly
        2012–13 Sporting
        2013–14 Gezira
        2014–15 Sporting
        2015–16 Al Ahly
        2016–17 Gezira


        • It sounds like Egypt indeed sent some formidable players to the tournament, but unfortunately, Ismael Ahmad's absence seemed to have impacted their performance. As for Guda, it's understandable to have differing opinions on players' abilities. While you've watched him for three years and see him as a normal player, it's always important to acknowledge each player's strengths and weaknesses respectfully.

          Regarding the African Championship, it's a shame to hear about the organizational issues and the underwhelming performances of some national teams like Senegal and Nigeria. It seems like Angola stood out as a strong contender amidst the overall mediocrity. It's interesting that you highlighted the athleticism of African players as a positive aspect.

          In the realm of sports, there's always room for improvement in various aspects, be it organization, team performances, or individual player skills. Let's hope for better tournaments in the future with improved standards all around.

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