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    TUN – An opportunity of a lifetime awaits Tunisia

    TUNIS (2010 FIBA World Championship) – If the saying “everyone loves an underdog” is true, then Tunisia will have plenty of support in the stands when they travel to Istanbul for the 2010 FIBA World Championship.

    They are, along with Jordan, probably going to face the longest odds of winning a game, never mind advancing to the second phase of the competition.

    The underdog label was just fine for Adel Tlatli, the coach of Tunisia, at last year’s Afrobasket in Libya.

    No one expected his team to do much, yet the Tunisians shocked the continent by claiming a bronze medal, an achievement that sealed a place in the 2010 FIBA World Championship.

    For a coach who cares deeply about basketball in his homeland, one who broke into the national team at 16 years of age and played until he was 24, stepping onto the podium in Tripoli was one of the biggest thrills of his life.

    “It was really a big moment and a phenomenal result,” Tlatli said to

    “But I did not allow myself to dream about this before the end of the game.”

    The third-place game was against Cameroon, a side loaded with talented players and one that everyone expected to advance to the FIBA World Championship.

    The final score read, however, Tunisia 83 Cameroon 68.

    “We surpassed expectations,” Tlatli said.

    Reliving a golden moment

    Last year’s bronze-medal game against Cameroon was indeed the pivotal event for Tunisia.

    Tlatli remembers it like it was yesterday.

    He remembers his thoughts on the way to the gym, and what he said to his players before tip-off.

    “I told them that it was our chance to go to the World Championship and to be in Tunisian Basketball history,” he said.

    “The players were more concentrated then during the other games, and overall, they did not panic.”

    As is usually the case during a big Tunisia game, captain Amine Rzig came up big.

    The 6ft 6in Rzig poured in 20 points on eight-of-17 shooting from the floor.

    When he wasn’t scoring, Rzig was setting up his teammates.

    He finished with five assists.

    Marouan Kechrid is the playmaker.

    Both he and Rzig, according to the coach, are the fan favorites.

    Kechrid didn’t have any assists in that game against Cameroon, but he did score 14 points on three-of-five shooting from the floor and a six-of-seven effort at the charity stripe.

    He drilled a couple of three-pointers.

    Basketball fans also caught a glimpse of another player, Salah Mejeri, the 7ft 1in center that Tlatli calls the rising star of Tunisia.

    Mejeri scored eight points and swatted a couple of shots in 14 minutes.

    All three players figure to be prominent at the FIBA World Championship in Turkey.

    Team USA, Slovenia, Brazil, Croatia and Iran are also in Group B with Tlatli’s team.

    Which side is the coach looking forward to taking on more than any other?

    “Of course the USA,” he said.

    For the record, most members of the bronze-medal winning side, Tlatli says, will be in Turkey.

    What to expect?

    To drive home the fact that Tunisia are the underdogs in Group B, one needs only to look at the roster.

    While all of the other squads have players in the NBA or at the leading clubs in Europe, Tunisia is a different story.

    “Four players are completely professional,” the coach said.

    “One in Morocco, one in Spain and two in Egypt in different teams. All the others in Tunisia are semi-professional.”

    From a physical standpoint, there will be a difference.

    At last year’s Afrobasket, the Tunisians did not have the biggest or strongest team on the floor.

    “We have neither size nor physical strength compared to the other teams,” Tlatli admitted, “but we are speedier than them and our biggest strength is tactical.

    “Our weakness is playing inside and we don't have a strong player. We need to play rapidly and to choose the best defense.”

    To play at a FIBA World Championship is to reach the pinnacle of the sport which is why Tlatli expects many of the country’s fans to show up for the games.

    “Oh yes,” he said.

    And what, realistically, is the aim of Tunisia?

    “To win at least one game,” Tlatli said.

    Tlatli, who comes from Nabeul and played there, has come a long way as a coach.

    He began walking the sidelines a quarter of a century ago with Nabeul's team.

    Tlatli became the Tunisian national coach in 2001.

    He was at the draw for the FIBA World Championship back in December, when it was held in Istanbul.

    This entire experience means so much to him.

    It is an opportunity that many players and coaches will never have.

    “It is a dream which is still to be realized,” he said.

    “It’s bringing international visibility for Tunisian basketball.”
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    Wow, Tunisia only has four professional players? Mauao, the guy in Spain, is only on a Division II team. That's tough. That means they've got eight other players who only play basketball after they get home from construction jobs or something.

    Yes, it's clear that this is an underdog team. I think I'll be rooting for them!
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      I don't know why Radhouane Slimane (205, C, 1980), currently playing here in the UAE as an import in the league, has not been selected to play for the Tunisian NT.
      I watched him play with An Nasr (UAE) in the Dubai tournament 2 months ago and he's still a really good player (excellent shooter from both inside and outside) and would be an asset for the Tunisian NT.


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        ...goodluck for tunisia


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          Amine Rzig 199-G-80
          Marouana Kechrid 178-G-81
          Naim Dhifallah 196-G-82
          Atef Maoua 198-G/F-81
          Bachir Hdidane 201-C-84
          Mohamed Hdidane 205-F-86
          Anis Hdidane 195-G-86
          Nizar Knioua 189-G-83
          Hamdi Braa 208-F/C-86
          Salah Mejri 214-C-86
          Makram Ben Romdhane 198-F-89
          Zied Toumi 186-G-85
          Mokhtar Ghyaza 204-C-86
          Marwane Lahmar 188-G-82
          Marwane Laghnej 190-G-86
          Fabien Daure 175-G-86
          Ziyed Chennoufi 202-F-88
          Abdulai Jalloh 188-G-86

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            After a scrimmage with the French National Basketball Team and two French Clubs, the Tunisia National Team will be heading back to Tunisia for the final stretch of their training camp from August 15-18.
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              Former Angola national team coach sees Tunisia as the next African power.
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                I also believe that Egypt will have a formidable senior NT within the next 4-5 years as their current U18 NT won the Afrobasket and previously played in the U17 WC will play in next year's U19 WC so this is awesome exposure for these young players.


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                  Knicks scouting 7'1" Tunisian center
                  By Jared Zwerling

                  Knicks director of international scouting, Kevin Wilson, has been very impressed watching Salah Mejri, a 7'1" center from Jendouba, Tunisia (iBasketball). "I know that NBA scouts descend to Antwerp," said the 24-year-old Mejri, who is currently playing for the Antwerp Giants pro basketball club based in Belgium. "It's nice to hear. I must, however, work hard, listen to the coaches and learn to travel. Last week I was tired after the trip to Romania."

                  Over the summer, Mejri played for the Tunisian national team at the FIBA World Championship and averaged 7.2 points and 6.2 rebounds per game. And how did they do? They went 0-5 and lost to Team USA in their final game, 92-57, in which Mejri scored 0 points, but he did grab eight boards. Currently on, Mejri, who is also being looked at by the Mavericks, is not projected to be drafted in 2011 or 2012. On one message board, a user by the name of KnicksLost wrote "Mozgov??" If and when he does get picked, he'll be the first Tunisian-born player to make it to the NBA.
                  Knicks director of international scouting, Kevin Wilson, has been very impressed watching Salah Mejri, a 7'1" center from Jendouba, Tunisia (iBasketball).
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                    Currently on, Mejri, who is also being looked at by the Mavericks, is not projected to be drafted in 2011 or 2012.
                    Maybe because he can't be drafted anmore?
                    International players become automatically free agents if they're not drafted the year they turn 22.
                    Another great piece of ignorance by the ESPN.


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                      Head coach of the national team Adel Tlatli stays. - Dec 25, 2010 (by Sergei Krasavtsev)
                      By waiting for the making official, it can be said that Adel Tlatli is on the way to following his mission at the head of the team of Tunisia for the 2nd following year. Agreement in principle is between him and Ftbb there. The signature of the contract should be initialled next week. However, Adel Tlatli claims (and it is his right) a strengthening of the technical staff and more medium financiers for a working plan which shows one year. It is still in negotiation, but they are sure that Tlatli will drive selection in championship of Africa of nations 2011 (who can not take place in Ivory Coast as planned).
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                        From FIBA.Com

                        TUN - Tunisia target Olympic berth at Africa ChampionshipTUNIS (2011 FIBA Africa Championship) - Tunisia men's national team head coach Adel Tlatli has revealed that booking the country's first trip to the Olympic Games will be the number one goal for his team when they take part in the FIBA Africa Championship in August.

                        The national team will come together on Monday in Tunis before getting their training camp underway in Ain Drahem for eight days (21-29 June). They will then return to the capital city in July (1-6).

                        Tlatli has said a thorough programme is in store for the players, to ensure they give themselves the best possible chances of qualifying for next year's London Olympics.

                        "The technical staff has developed an intensive programme of preparations to achieve the goal of qualifying for the London Olympics," he explained.

                        After their preparations on home soil, Tunisia will go abroad, first to Turkey (9-16 July) where they will train and take part in a tournament featuring Azerbaijan, Philippines, Iran, Portugal and Morocco.

                        The Tunisians will then head to Jordan to participate in another tournament (31 July-5 August) featuring Egypt, Morocco, Cote d'Ivoire, Angola and Belgium.

                        The conclusion of the preparations are still to be confirmed with the possibility of playing a tournament in Paris (8-15 August) or Turkey (7-13 August).

                        Tunisia have been drawn in Group D at the FIBA Africa Championship which will take place in Madagascar from 17 to 28 August.

                        Their Preliminary Round opponents will be Togo, Central African Republic and Rwanda.

                        The winner of the FIBA Africa Championship automatically qualifies for the 2012 Olympic Basketball Tournament.

                        Teams that finish second and third will earn berths for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament.
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                          [TUN] - Afrobasket 2011: Four tests, sixteen selected ...

                          The five Tunisian is in full campaign of preparation for Afrobasket 2011.

                          After Ain Draham and Tunis, Tunisia Team will travel today to Turkey for a training camp from July 9 to 16, during which four friendly matches will be played against selections (Azerbaijan, Portugal , Albania and Morocco).

                          Here are the 16 selected for the internship in Turkey before that of Jordan:

                          Braa, Ben Romdhane, Toumi, Rezig, H'didane Bashir Mohamed H'didane, Maghrebi Amine, El Mabrouk, Laghnej, Abassi, Ghayaza, Bouzid, Shuya, Kechrid, and Mejri Selimene.
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                            Remember this picture:

                            (Too big to post)
                            Sacramento Kings
                            HERE WE STAY UNTIL THE COWBELLS COME HOME


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                              congrats the new africa champion



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