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  1. Also i understand the math quite well BUT I also believe Spain feels they are above every opponent. So for them it doesn't matter their opponent if they go undefeated right?
  2. No Debord I am not trolling. I like Turkey and Spain! I was cheering for Turkey this game. Just because I have a different opinion does not mean I'm trolling. I believe my questions are valid.

    1. Answer this question: If this was a final game or knock out do you believe Spain would play with more intensity?

    2. If this game was deathly important to Spain why didn't Pau play? Yes he is injured BUT do you think this was gold medal game he would have played. Right?

    3. Statement: I think Turkey should have beat Lietuva by 4. I think Turkey should have beat Poland by 10. I think Turkey has great potential. I'm not trolling. I'm just saying If Spain and Turkey meet again say in gold medal match I expect Spain by +5.
  3. you either have no idea about hoops or totally biased. Spain lost because they couldn't win. Risking a win to carry to the next round is stupidity. If you don't know about the tournament format you should look at it deeper.

    Or maybe just quit trolling please.
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