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    Are you going to add FOX to Maccabi's name or are you going to make another double standard when it comes to Fenerbahce ?
  2. I hope you realize that R1ou started the racist discussion with about the Turkish players, it's really funny that his provocative posts are not getting deleted while you deleted mine just because I answered why we did transport yugoslavian and balkan players to in Turkey...

    Seriously, your hate for Fenerbahce overweight your Turkish side, you literally choose greeks over turks just because you hate Fenerbahce, I am just saying just look at the discussion who started it on attacking Turks, R1ou and CoacZ as always.
  3. Why did you delete my comment while this post is still here ;

    And this ;

    The forums name should be (BSL) as of now, not TBL, it has been changed...
  5. ''Regarding idiotic Tefvik''

    Probably he will get away with this direct insult either since he is being protected but well I am just trying do the right thing and not answer his insult...
  6. I am asking because I want to know the rules, if that's the case I can easily call him the same things and I can answer him with the same manner...
  7. a question , is this guy has some kind of immunity ? or is it just because he is insulting me is no big deal ?

    you just gave me a warning just because of a JOKE about Olympiacos' bus... This guy is calling other ''idiots'' and ''bitches'' and not even getting warning... Seriously ?
  8. another bait and insult from this racist ;

    not sure when this racist will stop the insults and baiting

    this turk-racist is baiting me all the time by implying that if I am a child... If you're not going to do something about it then I've the right to protect myself.
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