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  1. Thanks for posting the history records of all the teams in the game threads!! That's great stuff.
  2. You should definitely make a few posts on the APBR website just to let them know that you're working on this stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing what you put together for Angola.
  3. Thanks for the positive words Matt. I never knew such an organization existed! I'll have to get in touch with them. Over the years, this forum has become as important to my daily routine as brushing my teeth and showering! It's great that people from around the world can get together and share thoughts and ideas about basketball on a global scale. This is truly the best outlet for basketball education and discussion on the net.

    I have records on most of the major international programs, like Spain, Lithuania, Argentina, and of course the US. But for countries that don't have federation websites or other attributable news sources, it's tough finding information on them. I work tirelessly to find all the information I can on every member nation associated with FIBA so I can share it with like-minded people such as yourself and all the other members who enjoy posting their thoughts on this amazing forum. There's definately more to come!
  4. Thank you so much for your hard work in putting together the spreadsheets for various NTs. It's a great resource for everyone. I really hope that you keep it up. You should definitely let the Association of Professional Basketball Researchers know about these documents.
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