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  1. Let's hope we have a good game for Angola today!!
  2. Sindo, I am a big fan of Angolan basketball!! I first learned about the Angolan National Team when they played against Team USA back in '92.

    There are a few recent Angolans who have had a lot of success in the US: Cipriano and Vic Muzadi both played in NBA summer leagues and, of course, Gomes played for Valparaiso University. I watched him play (Valparaiso is a rival to my university) and he was very successful in Germany for a few years. I think it is inevitable that Angola will start putting more and more players in Europe and in the US.

    I don't know why I like the Angolan National Basketball Team. It is a poor country that was in a terrible war. I want them to be happy about something, you know? I admire their cultural devotion to basketball.

    If Angola played against the United States, yes, I think I would support Angola. I love my country, but I always like to support the "underdog" in sports.

    What about you? Why do you like Angola?

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