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  1. thats the way it is, even though I think it is enough money to compensate 4 to 5 promising cagers plus a serviceable foreign big man from abroad(darian townes or ronnie aguilar case) we just hone them up make the a serviceable big man for future but the oal for gilas is to make in the olympics so getting a guy like jones is a must

    by the way it is if he gets a team he will leave the team before november begin except for the asian games this year and he may began his stint in gilas in 15th of may depending on how deep phx can go if he can go through the line up so it almost less than 6 months plus the bonuses oh god it cost a lot
  2. nope from my understanding its 400k from May to November which is 7 months. I do not know if his agents would lower their number but if you ask me, that amount is too big based on the Philippine economy. For me it is impractical and sort of immoral for a single person to earn for a country which has too much poverty around. I would rather negotiate a much lower guaranteed contract amount but lace the contract which is incentive driven, certain amount if he gets 12 rebounds or more, 3 blocks or more, for every win he gets a bonus .... corresponding amount for a specific medal placing in the Asian Games and FIBA-Asia.
  3. Sir is D Jones asking 400 k USD to play for gilas for a year?? does it mean 80 usd a month for him??
  4. Salamat po sa pag-add
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