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  1. look, we are aware of your other accounts as well, Erkan & payton, etc, but will give a pass as long as you behave.

    the problem with you is not that of liking or not. You come up with outrageous claims about nearly everything and you cannot be reasoned with. that leads to flooding in the forum as you never concede and continue discussing with random bs from online. that is a problem for the health of the forum.
  2. hey ! why did I get ban because of ''flooding'' for 1 year (tevfik1907), yet CoachZ is insulting other users and only banned for 1 day ? And not to mentioned he banned several times before and he only gets 1 day and I take 1 year ban for what ? ''flooding'' ... Is this how the things are going on in this site ? Completely depends on your personal liking over the members ?
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