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  1. thanks Georg, you info will be very usefull!!

  2. So, first of all thanks Georg.

    I'd like to know who are the owner of Bayern Munich Basketball, is the club in similar status of FC Barcelona or is separated by the football club?

    Besides Marko Pesic, who are in the management staff?

    When started the project? Is this the first year in Bundesliga for Bayern?

    I read about a 7 milions euro budget for 2011-12 season. Is it real and what level is this budget for german basketball, lower or higher then Alba, Skyliner or Bamberg?

    Do you know the salary of Dirk Bauermann? How many years remain on his contract?

    Thank you very much,

  3. Hallo Nicola,

    what particular information are you looking for?


  4. Hi goga78, I'm an italian journalist for, the most important basketball website in Italy.
    We are looking to do a dossier on Bayern Munich.
    Could you help us with info?


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