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  1. You know, a lot of times things get out of control and you really want to get personal. No need for it here, as the vast majority of the guys participating in our thread is very much okay. A lot of stupid posts imho, which I have described in my recent posts - probably, the age problem - but some interesting things, too and most of all this is the top quarterfinal thread right now
    As to some offtopic stuff, I don't want to be pc there. If I call people names, it's not just labeling. I prove such stuff and finally everything can be solved peacefully, if there was some kind of misunderstanding. If people insist on their hate thoughts, then - like the Spanish say - ˇNo Pasarán!
  2. Goga, I appreciate your politeness in recent posts (and in your past posts). You never seem to take things personally, and that's very important.
  3. Goga, we need to find an avatar for you, brother. By the way, you're dangerously close to getting 666 posts. Be careful!!
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