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  1. Coach,
    Would you like to trade for the 60 read and react workout drills? My list is short but here is what I have:

    Bob Huggins - 1-1-3 Pressure Defense
    Bob Huggins - Cut and Fill Motion Offense
    Bob Hurley - Favorite Drills
    Billy Donovan - Full court Match Up Press
    Ganon Baker - "Superman" Workout
    Herb Welling - Dribble Drive Motion (2 DVDs)
    Dennis Felton - Structured 4 out 1 in Motion
    Paul Hewitt - 4 out 1 in Motion
    Wayne Walters - SWARM Defense (2 DVDs) These are older and not his newer DVDs

    I also have these Read and React DVDs
    Original Layers
    Quick Hitters
    Zone Offense
    Post/Perimeter Workouts
    Emmanuel College Practice
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