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  1. Looking to trade coach. My list:

    Frank Allocco - Intangibles for Building
    Mike Rice- Mike Rice: 1 On 1 Offensive Breakdown
    Brian Gregory-Scramble Drills for Transition
    Greg Dale- Developing Confident Athletes
    Flip Saunders- 1-2-2 Matchup Zone
    Mike Meek- Ball Handling Pressure
    Rescreening Offense Mike Rice
    Hawk Offense - Lason Perkins
    Half Court man gap defense Michael Peck
    Don Showalter - Continuity ball screen
    Will Rey- Handling Defensive Pressure
    Brian Agler - A complete guide to defend screens
    Don Kelbick. Attack & Counter Skill Development
    Don Kelbick - Transition offense & the 4 second Fast break
    Jerry Petitgoue - Continuity Pick and Roll Offense
    Don Showalter Full Court Trapping
    Terri Mitchell- The Aggressive 1-1-3 Defense
    Mike Dunlap- Organized Anarchy Defensive Transition
    Lason Perkins- Punch It In!
    Better Basketball-Dynamic Defense
    I have a ton more...please pm or email [email protected]
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