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03-23-2009, 01:22 PM
Here is a nice interview (http://balanacesta.blogspot.com/2009/03/huertas-um-armador-de-verdade.html). It's in portuguese, I used the Google Translator and I don't have much time to work on the text right now and give you guys a better translation, but if there is something you can't understand, just give me a shout and I'll translate it.

Huertas, a true PG

Marcelinho Huertas is the best PG of the Brazilian basketball. It is a typical PG - smart inside and outside the court, articulate, educated and with a great basketball vision. He appeared in Paulistano, went to Europe, where he successifully played for DKV Joventut and Bilbao (where he had more success and only had to leave due to problems between the two clubs). After contractual problems, the young 25 years old player went to Italy, now he plays for the GMAC Bologna. In this talk Huertas talk about his adaptation in Italy, on the differences in training and, of course, the Brazilian team.

How is your first season in Italy? Did you already detect the main differences between Italian and Spanish basketball?

Marcelinho HUERTAS: It's being more complicated than I thought. The League itself is a similar level of Spanish. The difference, however, is the style of play, mainly by the large amount of Americans (four per team), which transforms the game into a personal battle many times. The individual quality in general is good, but the game leaves the group and want to win today's play is vital to know as a team. There is a chance that in recent years Siena wins all around. The team is more organized and balanced.

- One of the most exciting moments of their passage was fired by Spain's Bilbao. The fans said, in Basque, for you to stay, and your emotion took over with tears. What do you remember that moment and how special was their relationship with the Basque fans? If you regret to have left?

- It was really one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting. It was a unique feeling to hear 5,000 people singing your name without stopping and telling stay. I shudder just to remember. This year was supposed to be playing there yet, but by problems between Bilbao and Joventut was not possible to renew, even wanting to stay.

- Having worked in Spain and Italy, that you check different, in terms of training, in what is made in Brazil?

- The teaching method here is difference. Since small they learn concepts of organization, reading the game, handling of feet, individual technique. Unfortunately this work in Brazil is scarce. I do not say a lack of will, but by lack of knowledge and study. Talent in our country does not lack. What should be done differently is to work with young people and teach them small since the essence of basketball, not just throw a ball in their hands and say to play.

- There are two ways to talk about this: a way that upholds the "Brazilian" to play basketball, and another that claims to be implementing a more appropriate model "Europe in Brazil." What do you think that?

- I fully agree with what you said Guilherme Giovannoni. It's not the time to play the Brazilian way. Today, if you do not play the European model is difficult to achieve something important. The only team that can afford to play any other way are Americans, and still were not winning anything long. The basketball is a sport that has developed greatly in the last 15, 20 years and we have to adapt as soon as possible if we want to be a power. Not lack quality. We must work intelligently.

- You participated in the recent campaigns of the Brazilian team, almost all the tragic results. How to explain that a cast so full of good players can not result? What is missing?

- We need to find a chemistry that works. This chemical is in my opinion a set that is willing to sacrifice individual egos for the collective success, and our current technician is able to do so. Last year despite not classified in accordance to the Olympics, there have been a change in the style of our game. We have followed in this line of work and I am sure that with the full team will better results.

- Anyway, you were part of one of the greatest basketball disapointmente in Brazil, the Las Vegas Pre-Olympic. Brazil managed to lose again to Puerto Rico, there was the incident with Marquinhos, that deplorable attitude of Nezinho and the final defeat for the team B, or C, of Argentina. What are the marks of that defeat, and what are the lessons?

- About attitudes of other players do not like to talk and think and be. Each has its reasons and can not answer for their actions. It hurts very reminiscent of that defeat against Argentina. Miss a golden opportunity. The lessons we learned is that style of play does not work anymore. We are talking about the game collectively ...

- More: Many people say that there was the final proof of the lack of authority of the entire technical committee of selection, which had little voice command. Comments are, indeed, that the players have to collect more baggage tactic of coaches. That was it? Authority is something we lacked the technical committee last?

- Many things passed beats. What is important is that from now on is the technical it is, he has personality and authority to do what is right regardless of whether the player A, B or C. The Mönch is imposed from the first time and its relationship with the players has always been very open and impartial. It is very respected and has enough knowledge to make our selection to achieve the results that our missing pro basketball today.

- If you had to make a request that the Brazilian basketball back on track, what would it be?

- Ideally there not so many political conflicts in the middle of the sport, that everyone is worried about a common good and not for the egos of dispute that we live without stop. The basketball is a sport that can have a bright future, but the disorganization, lack of incentives, and the constant internal briguinhas makes it virtually impossible. Let one of our power sport and not a disgrace. Love to all, and FORCE TO BRAZILIAN BASKETBALL!