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02-28-2009, 02:57 PM
We're a bit later than the others, don't ask me why. Now ALBA has to play Frankfurt in today's cup semifinal, just two days after playing Barcelona in the Euroleague. I bet if ALBA loses, Pavicevic will say that his original plan was not to show up. At least that's what he already said a couple of months ago, after a similar constellation led [to his belief] to a loss in Bamberg.

The venue is Colorline-Arena in Hamburg, capacity about 13.000. But it won't even be close to a sellout.

28.02. 16:00: Bonn vs. Düsseldorf
28.02. 19:00: ALBA vs. Frankfurt

Finals on Sunday

Boxscores and Tickers: BBL-Homepage (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/index.php)

Telekom Baskets Bonn is an athletic team, guided by Michael Koch, yep, that Michael Koch. They're very deep, play with 10-man or 11-man rotations, might even be a 12-man-rotation once Vincent Yarbrough returns. They have several skillful one on one players: point guard EJ Rowland, an athletic freak, good slasher and improving playmaker, shooting guard Winsome Frazier, not the smartest around, but plays with a lot of heart and is a great natural scorer, and power forward Brandon Bowman, an undersized, thin American with great ability to take his man off the dribble. Bowman provides matchup problems for almost any team on the offensive end, but is completely forgettable in defense and rebounding. Defensive anchor is Ken Johnson, a huge shotblocking presence, who is currently averaging about 3 blocked shots per game. He averaged 3.9 playing for Fribourg in the ULEB-Cup, if I remember correctly. Johnson is a game-changer. Bonn's guard can afford to gamble on the perimeter with him around in the paint, and you'll often see opponent's guards attempt high-arcing floaters because they're simply scared. Bonn has never won a title, so it would be big for them. Plus, a good result here will count for EuroCup qualification. Or at least it has been like that.

Giants Düsseldorf are the outsiders in this one. Currently at 15 [of 18] in the BBL, they're having a tough stretch. However, they matchup quite well with Bonn, and Kuczmann, last year's BBL Coach of the Year, has always done considerably well against Koch. Usually the matchups between the two result in a feas for those interested in tactics, as both like to utilise all kinds of variation defenses, zones, mix defenses, sometimes changing on every second possession. Düsseldorf relies on the three pointer a lot, too much one could say. Their inside players have not made an impact this season. Most dangerous players are all those shooters: Matt Lottich, Brendan Winters and Pete Campbell, who is shoting 46 of 98 this season. A lot of Rookies directly from NCAA on that team. Game is starting now.

ALBA Berlin is having a monster schedule, at least for our standards. They've been suffering because of that, being currently 4th in the BBL with five losses. They still have three games in hand however. Most of you know them already: Their two main players, enforcers, creative elements are the shooting guards, Julius Jenkins and Immanuell McElroy. Both pass the ball very well in the pick and roll. Casey Jacobsen is having a subpar season, Ansu Sesay started well but has been on the decline recently, Rashad Wright is responsible for the unexpected, an element Bobby Brown [now Minnesota Timberwolves] inherited last season. Chubb is just an average big man, 2.03m-forward Aleksandar Nadjeji ist playing on center a lot. The guy's basketball IQ is off the charts, and a few minutes on thursday vs. Barcelona already gave us a glimpse of what's to come, with new aqcuisition Blagota Sekulic and Nadjfeji exchanging some nifty extra passes in the paint. Pavicevic doesn't utilise the two German national team players Herber and Zwiener which has brought him some chriticism. But well, he obviously thinks they're not good enough. A lot will be down to ALBAs mental and physical condition. The most talented roster they have without doubt. Their opponents are quite capable as well however.

DB Skyliners Frankfurt are coached by Murat Didin - innovative, unconventional, surprising, crazy. Let's see what surprises he has for us today. They have a loaded roster, which is led by German point guard Pascal Roller, who Didin was reported to have had a dispute with recently, undersized big man Lorenzo Gordon, one of the league's most dominant inside forces, extremely strong, physical, and nice scoring instinct around the hoop, the quick and productive forward Derrick Allen, and veteran shooting guard Titus Ivory, who's also their man in crunch time. Should be a very interesting matchup. The big question is who Didin will surprise more: his opponents, or his own team. Don't get me wrong, that guy is great to have in this league, and his success cannot be doubted. All that's missing is a title.

02-28-2009, 05:22 PM
Telekom Baskets Bonn are in the cup final the 2nd time in club history after beating Düsseldorf 83:62(32:31) (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=102&spiel_id=6960).

ALBA Berlin win 81:69 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=595&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=102&spiel_id=6961) over Frankfurt and will face Bonn in tommorow's final. A matchup with a long history. Bonn has reached the BBL Playoff Finals four times in its history, and all four times they were defeated by ALBA.

03-01-2009, 05:07 PM
ALBA wins the cup, 69:44 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=595&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=100&spiel_id=6962) over Bonn. Reportedly a very dull game, but hey, ALBA won't care. Bonn shot 29.2% from the field and 59% from the charity stripe. Bonn 20 rebounds, ALBA 40.

Frankfurt wins 3rd place, coming back from behind to beat Düsseldorf 73:69 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=595&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=101&spiel_id=6963)

The final game's attendance was 6642.

03-02-2009, 05:52 PM
Could someone please inform me about the protest that took place during the semi-finals of the cup? Why the players of Bonn and Dusseldorf stroke during the first two minutes of the game?

Only the German players participated in the protest or the whole teams? Also, what happened during the first two minutes of the game?:confused:

Has this strike to do with the fact that BBL had games during the Christmas period, or with the rule of the league that there are no limitations about the number of the foreign players in a team?

Thanks a lot.:)

03-02-2009, 06:31 PM
Could someone please inform me about the protest that took place during the semi-finals of the cup? Why the players of Bonn and Dusseldorf stroke during the first two minutes of the game?

Only the German players participated in the protest or the whole teams? Also, what happened during the first two minutes of the game?:confused:

Has this strike to do with the fact that BBL had games during the Christmas period, or with the rule of the league that there are no limitations about the number of the foreign players in a team?

Thanks a lot.:)
It was a strike by the players' union on the first two possessions. All players participated, even if not all of them are part of this union, called SP.IN. Both teams' point guards just let the shotclock expire once each.

You know, SP.IN isn't nearly as powerful as I was told the players' union in Greece is. It is a very young organisiation, and they are having problems establishing themselves and getting taken seriously. SP.IN isn't even fully recognized by the league yet. There are no official talks. So every now and then, they're doing a little strike, which causes a bit of public attention, but hasn't really been threatening the league apart from that so far.

What they're officially asking for currently: 1) A christmas break, 2) 6+6 foreigner regulation [currently it is 3+9, next season it will be 4+8, but it goes no further], 3) BBL created a new rule that allows teams to make internal doping controls. SP.IN says that while they support the anti-doping-program, it must be written down in contracts and cannot work without the players agreement before signing a contract.

SP.IN got into a fight with ALBA Berlin a couple of years ago over the warranty of a young African player's [Thomas Compaoré] reseidence permit, which caused a lot of media attention. On the other hand, it is unbelievable that there is no fully recognized players' union in German basketball.

03-02-2009, 06:42 PM
Robbe thank you very much for your answer. It's really interesting this move/strike by the players and it was interesting the fact that they were wearing christmas stikers on their shoes.:o

As for the union I am surprised by the fact that BBL doesn't recognise it and that the players have not their legal and official support, like PSAK in Greece (..:D).


Thanks again robbe. ;)

03-02-2009, 10:09 PM
NBA Player’s Association supports German protest

The protest action at the German Top 4 Cup in Hamburg drew support from the NBA Player’s Association with NBPA executive director Bill Hunter comparing the move to the beginnings of his own organization back in 1964.

Players from Bonn and Düsseldorf refused to play the first two possessions of Saturday’s Top 4 first semi-final. In additions, all four semifinalists - also eventual champions Alba Berlin and Deutsche Bank Skyliners Frankfurt - wore Christmas tree stickers on their shoes.

The moves were part of a protest organized by not-for-profit players association SP.IN to speak out against the German BBL league making decisions without negotiating with the German player’s association. Among the issues were scheduling games over Christmas, the BBL doping program and the lack of opportunities for young German players.

“In some points we see the rights to have a voice. Our goal is that talks are held in which we are not just heard but can also take part,” Frankfurt captain Pascal Roller was quoted by the German Press Agency dpa. Roller also sits on the Sp.in executive board.

The league refuted the accusations and BBL chief executive Jan Pommer told dpa: “I find the action superfluous, though is it not disruptive. I don’t think the fans understood it.” About playing games in the Christmas break, Pommer added: “We have to schedule the games where the consumers want to watch. After all, we are earning money with the games. And the players also profit from this.”

After hearing about the Sp.in protest, NBA Player’s Association Bill Hunter addressed a letter of support to Sp.in members, published on the organization’s website.
In it, he said:
“You find yourselves in a similar situation as a group of NBA All Stars in 1964 when, led by Oscar Robertson, they threatened to strike the All Star game in order to compel the NBA to recognize the union and begin real negotiations. That was our beginning and since then our players have benefitted from the negotiation of a series of Collective Bargaining Agreements that regulate the labor relations between the players and the league. This could also be your future if you stick together during this critical phase in the development of your young association.
Good luck and much success.
William Hunter”

This issue is hardly over with. Stay tuned.