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09-16-2008, 11:14 AM
The league tips off next weekend already with two huge games: Champion ALBA Berlin faces last year's ULEB-Cup surprise Artland Dragons Quakenbrück in Berlin's all new, 2009 Euroleague F4 hosting O2-Arena, which is - according to rumours - close to being sold out.

Meanwhile, two of last season's playoff semifinalists clash in Frankfurt - DB Skyliners vs. Telekom Baskets Bonn that is. Bonn had eliminated Frankfurt by a single point in the decisive Game 5 in Frankfurt. Two former Skyliners players - Alex King and Ken Johnson - now wear the magenta jersey.

Giants Düsseldorf, former Leverkusen, face Köln 99ers, which seems to be giving much playing time to two of the hottest (the one-eyed is king among blinds) German prospects in swingman Philip Schwethelm and lanky center Tibor Pleiß, both born '89.

The fourth 2009 playoff semifinalist, EWE Baskets Oldenburg, matches up with Gießen 46ers, a former basketball powerhouse which again has financial worries pushing good preseason results off the newspaper headlines.

Eisbären Bremerhaven and Marcus Slaughter travel to Braunschweig, Walter Tigers and Paderborn Baskets meet in Tübingen, Göttingen faces reinvigorated TBB Trier, newcomer Nördlingen has to play agains Ludwigsburg, and on next Wednesday, Brose Baskets (their ability to push back games when they're not ready yet is unrivalled in all of European basketball) - with new arrival Alexander Johnson - face the quite promising ratiopharm Ulm.

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09-16-2008, 11:47 AM
I'd like to learn more about this league and follow it closely this season. What the sites you could recommend in English?

09-16-2008, 12:06 PM
I'd like to learn more about this league and follow it closely this season. What the sites you could recommend in English?
Well, there are no sites in English on this league, that's the problem.

The league's official homepage is basketball-bundesliga.de (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de). It's nothing special, but a solid site with the stats section as its most important part. You find boxscores from recent games in the box on the right, available already a few minutes after the game. Under Teams -> Kader (German for "roster") you'll find the respective team's current roster, under Teams -> Spielplan ("schedule"), there's the schedule including results and boxscores. The statistics-section under "stats" explains itself I think, as most of the categories are in English anyway.

A huge German basketball forum is schönen-dunk.de (http://www.schoenen-dunk.de), however, it is only in German. But if you have a specific question, you'll certainly be helped. As for opinions and news in English, IBN Forum is the best (and only) place I think, we do our best here.

Edit: I forgot, there's also a German section on Eurobasket of course: Eurobasket Germany (http://www.eurobasket.com/Germany/basketball.asp). All news in English, but you need to pay to access the player database. And it's not BBL only, but also news and results from the lower divisions.

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09-16-2008, 12:15 PM
Well, there are no sites in English on this league, that's the problem.

The league's official homepage is basketball-bundesliga.de (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de). It's nothing special, but a solid site with the stats section as its most important part. You find boxscores from recent games in the box on the right, available already a few minutes after the game. Under Teams -> Kader (German for "roster") you'll find the respective team's current roster, under Teams -> Spielplan ("schedule"), there's the schedule including results and boxscores. The statistics-section under "stats" explains itself I think, as most of the categories are in English anyway.

A huge German basketball forum is schönen-dunk.de (http://www.schoenen-dunk.de), however, it is only in German. But if you have a specific question, you'll certainly be helped. As for opinions and news in English, IBN Forum is the best (and only) place I think, we do our best here.

Edit: I forgot, there's also a German section on Eurobasket of course: Eurobasket Germany (http://www.eurobasket.com/Germany/basketball.asp). All news in English, but you need to pay to access the player database. And it's not BBL only, but also news and results from the lower divisions.

Thanks for the info :) Is there also streaming available for any of the games on the internet?

Also if not too much trouble could write a short note of each of the teams as a preview for this season when you get the chance? You obviously know a lot about the league.

09-16-2008, 12:29 PM
Thanks for the info :) Is there also streaming available for any of the games on the internet?

Also if not too much trouble could write a short note of each of the teams as a preview for this season when you get the chance? You obviously know a lot about the league.
There is streaming here (http://www.sportdigital.tv/index.php?ref=bbl&pid=1020&lang=de), but it is not for free. It is quite expensive actually, a season-ticket is 49.95€.

As for a season preview, CWILL wrote an excellent preview (http://forums.interbasket.net/showthread.php?t=6733&page=6) just a few days ago. So it's pretty much up to date too.

09-16-2008, 05:04 PM
Thanks for the info :) Is there also streaming available for any of the games on the internet?

Last season I was able to watch the cup final four via betting site's bet365 live stream. I don't you if they'll cover the upcoming BBL season, too, and AFAIR you don't have a full screen option there. The service is only available outside Germany.

Nevertheless, bet365 might be the only oppurtunity to watch BBL games on the net, except the link robbe gave you already.

09-20-2008, 01:28 PM
So the league is about to begin, the opener will be played tonight between Düsseldorf and Cologne in a new derby, at 18:30.
Here's the schedule:

Giants Düsseldorf vs. Cologne 99ers
Saturday, 20.9.08, 18:30




Cologne is rated as Nr.1 relegation candidate by a lot of people - I'm not so sure about that yet though. However, given that Grünheid only just signed and didn't get integrated into the team yet, Cologne looks a bit thin under the rim. Advantage Düsseldorf, although I expect a close game.

New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig - Eisbären Bremerhaven
Saturday, 20.9.08, 19:00




Marcus Slaughter was a nice addition for Bremerhaven, and given that Braunschweig doesn't look that good in the backcourt any more as well after Flowers injury, I'd rate Bremerhaven as the slight fav atm.

Giants Nördlingen - EnBW Ludwigsburg
Saturday, 20.9.08, 19:30




Ludwigsburg looks rather thin under the rim after Nascimento left, but so does Nördlingen. With Jones and Woudstra in the backcourt I'd give an advantage to the visitors, who seem to be much weaker than the previous years though.

Walter Tigers Tübingen - Paderborn Baskets
Saturday, 20.9.08, 20:00




Home win if you ask me. After Peavys injury there seems to be a huge hole in Paderborns frontcourt, Tollackson and Terwilliger didn't show much yet and it seems that Golson will have to carry all the burden - not enough against Katic and co. imho. Another question for Paderborn will be if Nino Garris will find his old shape again after all those injury-plagued years in Frankfurt. In theory he has the abilities to decide such a game on his own...

EWE Baskets Oldenburg - Gießen 46ers
Saturday, 20.9.08, 20:00




Home win I'd say. This weeks talks about Gießens financial problems didn't help the team for sure, but even without that I'd expect a home win for Oldenburg, where Garnder just extended his contract until 2010. Especially the backcourt looks much better than the one of Gießen, where Lewis and Taylor are two big question marks for me.

DB Skyliners Frankfurt - Telekom Baskets Bonn
Sunday, 21.9.08, 15:00

McKinney/Simmons/de Mello



Match of the day imho. Both team lack a backup PG (Robinson just can't play PG, while I'm not sure if Strasser will play for Bonn). McKinney is injured for Frankfurt, but Simmons is there to fill the gap, something that will be much more difficult to do for Bonn in the case of Bowlers injury. Former Skyliners Ken Johnson will try to do so, but seems to lack the offensive abilities, while Clifford can't hold his own on C so far. Very small advantage Frankfurt imo, also because it's a home game - definately going to be interesting though.

Alba Berlin - Artland Dragons
Sunday, 21.9.08, 17:00




First game in their new arena, the O2 World, for Alba. They beat Artland easily in the Champions Cup earlier this week - and altough this will be a different game, I see Alba as the winner again. Femerling is questionable for them, but overall their quality is too big.

BG 74 Göttingen - TBB Trier
Sunday, 21.9.08, 18:00




Difficult to predict :p Evans is questionable for Trier, with him they might have a small advantage, without him rather not.

Brose Baskets Bamberg - Ratiopharm Ulm
Wednesday, 24.9.08, 19:30




Bamberg looked bad in the preparation games so far. But Johnson just arrived and needs a bit of time, and as usual they've got a few more days to find their team chemistry ;) , so I'd expect a home win here, against Ulm and the BBLs smallest PF/C (Gibbs, 1.88m). :p Goldsberry is still out injured for Bamberg though (which is why they signed Forte) and a lot will depend on Rivera and his playmaking.

09-20-2008, 09:37 PM
Very good stuff Trifilli, thanks a lot.:)

Saturday had five games. A bit of a surprise is the blowout win by Nördlingen over Ludwigsburg. And the BHV power forward expectedly SLAUGHTERed Braunschweig. Cologne nearly pulled of an early win over Dusseldorf, but fell short in the end after being up by 22 at the half.

Düsseldorf Giants vs. Köln 99ers 69:68 (Brent Bailey 21/7 - Jeremy Hunt 17)
New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig vs. Eisbären Bremerhaven 69:79 (Andrew Drevo 23/6 - Marcus Slaughter 24/15)
Giants Nördlingen vs. ENBW Ludwigsburg 75:56 (Omari Westley 15/9 - Dane Watts 12)
Walter Tigers Tübingen vs. Paderborn Baskets 66:72 (Rasko Katic 19/9 - Steven Esterkamp 12/10/4)
EWE Baskets Oldenburg vs. Gießen 46ers 91:64 (Miladin Pekovic 22 - Maurice Jeffers 14)

Boxscores (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de)

09-21-2008, 01:03 AM
After today's surprises and very dominant victories one may be inclined to reconsider their progosis, but this preview on ballineurope (http://www.ballineurope.com/european-basketball/euroleague/the-german-league-explained/#more-1765) by a well known expert deserves a link.

Comments on today? A look at the stats shows that Oldenburg and Nördlingen really dominated their opponents. Either Ludwigsburg was so weak or Noerdlingen is way better than expected. And Oldenburg is a team to watch out for as their opponent Giessen was the team that but up a real fight against BC Banvit (and some minutes against Barca) in Pre-Season and surprised against many league rivals.

09-21-2008, 06:14 PM
This sunday provided only 3 games, since Bamberg managed to reschedule one of theier games again, but among them were the two most anticipated ones of gameday one: Frankfurt vs. Bonn and ALBA vs. Artland.

Mike Koch's team managed to steal a win in Frankfurt, like they did in game 5 of last season's dramatic playoff-semis. Yet, today it wasn't a last posession game, as Bonn claimed a slight lead after the first and slowly enlarged it to the final score of 66-81. Frankfurt's Pascal Roller, who recently retired from the German NT, led the Skyliners with 20 points and 6 assists. Not enough to overcome Frazier's deadly outside shooting (22 pts.) and the stellar performance by Brandon Bowman, who scored 22 and added 11 rebounds to go along with 4 steals. The "Telekommunists" shot 47% from downtown and limited Frankfurt's topscorer Derrick Allen to just 6 points.

Defending champions and heavy favorites ALBA Berlin took on cup winners Artland Dragons in front of a 14800 sellout crown in brand new O2-Arena. After trailing by 6 at halftime, Pavicevic's men turned things around and secured a 95-84 victory to start their season. Reigning league MVP Julius Jenkins led all scorers once more with 25 points while adding impressive 6 assists.
On the other side, fan favourite Darius Hall led five "Ducks'" players in double figures with 15.

In a clash of two teams who probably will try to avoid relegation as soon as possible, Göttingen faced Trier in their stylish Lokhalle. After all, it was Yves Defraigne's team from the deep west who could win the game and secure two well-liked away points in a close 68-72 win. Kyle Bailey and Clif Brown shined for the "Violets" with 22, respectively 19 points. Trier's scoring turned out to be better balanced as five player scored in double figures, highlighted by Copeland's 19 and Shuler's 18 points.

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09-24-2008, 12:40 PM
Great comments on the Bundesliga so far here, thanks guys.

09-25-2008, 01:30 AM
Today, Bamberg hosted Ulm to finish gameday one. Former champions Bamberg, after the losses of coach Bauermann and NT point guard Hamann not considered a championship contender by many, seemed to confirm this impression as Ulm pulled off a 64-66 offset on the road.

Center Alexander Johnson, added late to the roster, couldn't fulfill expectations yet. He only shot 3 of 12 from the field and 2 of 6 from the charity stripe. His backup, youngster Tim Ohlbrecht, clearly stole the show from the former Heat player, being Bamberg's best player with 16 point and 7 rebounds. High flying forward Jared Newson added 13 and 8, while Filiberto Rivera scored 11. Bamberg was cleary suffering from the absence of floor general John Goldsberry, who is out with an injury, and the poor outside shooting (3/18).

Ulm on the other hand once again proved why they are the BBL's best rebounding team, outrebounding the hosts 44 to 36. This is especially to credit to their unique little big man Jeff Gibbs, who grabbed 7 offensive and 12 boards in total. Oh, and he scored 16 points by the way. Romeo Travis helped with another 10 rebounds and Daniel Fitzgerald came off the bench to score 11 points. Ulm could even have won by a wider margin, they only hit miserable 40% of their free throws.

We don't have to worry about Bamberg, though. They usually start shaky into the season, and given their recent history, they will postpone as much games they aren't ready for as possible and add another high-quality player over chistmas to clinch a playoff spot when all is said and done.

09-26-2008, 09:21 AM
So, Nördlingen are surprising everyone by starting 2-0 into the season, most recently winning in Paderborn after overtime to start off the season's second round.

Artland Dragons Quakenbrück face Walter Tigers Tübingen this Friday evening, and after the easiest game of the season, the away game in Berlin, Leibenath and crew simply have to win this one.

Ratiopharm Ulm wants to improve to 2-0 after they snatched victory at the hands of Brose Baskets on Wednesday. Braunschweig needs to capitalise on a rather easy schedule for the first eight games, however, it is tough to win in Ulm.

ENBW Ludwigsburg will be with Lithuanian big man Tomas Nagys when they face TBB Trier on Saturday. Ludwigsburg will try to bounce back from a horrible opening loss to Nördlingen, while Trier got a nice win in Göttingen without veterans George Evans (still sidelined tomorrow) and James Gillingham (doubtful).

Gießen 46ers face ALBA Berlin in the little Osthalle, trying to repeat what they last achieved nearly five years ago: a win over ALBA. Do you guys remember? 98:96 (http://statistik.basketball-bundesliga.de/bbl/stats/game/index.php?wettbewerb=1&saison=2003&spiel_id=1156) on 11.10.2003 despite Jovo Stanojevic's 30/13.

The highlight game of the weekend should be Telekom Baskets Bonn versus EWE Baskets Oldenburg, who both had excellent starts to their 08/09 campaign. Bonn is up against a very strong opening schedule and is expected to be tough to beat in their new Telekom-Dome, while Oldenburg seems to be in impressive early-season-form and will most certainly prove to be a tough test for the hosts. Remember Bonn was in the finals last year, while Oldenburg reached the semis.

Köln 99ers is up against DB Frankfurt Skyliners, with the guests very much under pressure after a very poor performance against Bonn on the opening day of the season.

Bremerhaven started off with a convincing away win over Braunschweig and is expected to make it 2-0 at home to Düsseldorf.

Bamberg meanwhile needs to bounce back from their home loss to Ulm in what could prove to be a quite difficult away game in Göttingen.

09-26-2008, 03:44 PM
Injury update:

- Bamberg's Eric Taylor didn't play against Ulm, but is expected to return for the game in Göttingen.

- Ulm's starting point guard Dru Joyce suffered torn ligaments in his ankle and will probably miss some games. So plenty of playing time again for speedy rookie Per Günther.

- While Trier will be without Evans and maybe Gillingham again, Ludwigsburg's Tomas Nagys won't join the team until next week. He's still in the USA, trying to get an US-passport.

EDIT: Gillingham has recovered in time and will dress tomorrow.

09-28-2008, 08:10 AM
Yesterday, Ulm had a blowout win over Braunschweig, 84:56 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=5914), going 2-0. And the best about this: They are doing it with young German Per Günther starting at the point. He finished with 9, while swingman Sebastian Betz was a factor too, adding 10. Jeff Gibbs expectedly topscored with 21, while adding 8 rebounds.

Ludwigsburg edged Trier 88:83 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=5915) for a much needed first win of the season. Balanced team effort, five players in double figures. PF Chris Copeland, an early candidate for BBL topscorer, had 26 for Trier.

Former Telekom Baskets Bonn player Jason Gardner had the game in his hands in the final minute, but the hosts eventually came away with a 64:62 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=5916)-victory over EWE Baskets Oldenburg in a defensive battle. Je'Kel Foster finished with 16 for Oldenburg, Brandon Bowman had 17/9 for Bonn, while German swingman Alex King was clearly the difference maker in the second half.

ALBA Berlin meanwhile dominated the second half to cruise to a 81:66 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=5918)-victory in Gießen. Immanuell McElroy had 18, Ansu Sesay finished with 17.

09-28-2008, 09:57 AM
Can someone help me and give me predictions on following matches:

Köln 99ers - Deutsche Bank Skyliners Frankfurt
Eisbären Bremerhaven - Giants Düsseldorf
BG 74 Göttingen - Brose Basket Bamberg

09-28-2008, 10:46 AM
Can someone help me and give me predictions on following matches:

Köln 99ers - Deutsche Bank Skyliners Frankfurt
Eisbären Bremerhaven - Giants Düsseldorf
BG 74 Göttingen - Brose Basket Bamberg
Prediction: It's going to be close.:p :rolleyes:

Really, far from easy. Köln - Frankfurt, I'd probably go for a marginal away victory, taking under consideration the fact that Frankfurt had an awful game against Bonn last weekend and the players have been called out in public by coach Didin for their lack of effort and concentration in that game. They'll want to show a reaction. Cologne is young and dangerous from the outside, but they're widely expected to rather end up in the last third of the table. However, they nearly snatched an away win from Dusseldorf last weekend. 45-55.

Bremerhaven are favourites against Düsseldorf, sth. like 60-40 for me. Bremerhaven were impressive against Braunschweig (a team which lost by 28 at Ulm yesterday though) and they seem to have hit the jackpot with Watson and Slaughter. Düsseldorf relies a lot on the outside shot, that's why they're difficult to predict. Always dangerous.

Bamberg is hard to predict, as they're not yet where they are expected to be. They had a home loss against Ulm last Wednesday, and they cannot afford another one. Göttingen is a dangerous team which could win on a good day. They lost to Trier on the first day of the season. 45-55, too.

However, others might disagree.

They're all open games.

09-28-2008, 11:01 AM
Thanks a lot.
I decided to put me money on Frankfurt and Bremerhaven.
I did not bet on Bamberg cause the odd is to low.

09-28-2008, 06:44 PM
Today's game are done and so ist round 2 of the regular season.

Bamberg disappointed again, losing to Göttingen 69-71. While Bamberg was without Alexander Johnson, Eric Taylor and long-rerm injured John Goldsberry, only Rivera (21) and Robert Garrett (17) played well. Göttingen relied heavily on Clif Brown, who scored 23 on 7-9 shooting from the field and added 7 rebounds.

Köln lost at home vs Frankfurt, 75-83.
Robert Turner shined for the home team (25pts, 6reb), but the 99ers were outrebounded 27-38. Too much to overcome. Frankfurt's Lorenzo Gordon took Man of the match honors (23pts, 11reb), Derrick Allen scored 19, Roller had 16/4/5 and Keith Simmons also showed a good allround effort (14/8/4).

As robbe predicted, Düsseldorf relied mostly on their outside shooting, going for 11-29. Pete Campell, the Giants' best player today, scored 19 and grabbed 6 boards. Marcus Slaughter had another good game with 17 points, 9 rebounds and 5 steals. This effort wasn't worth much, yet, since teammates Gioadan Watson, Jeb Ivey and Mike Gainsey combined for a disgraceful 11-42 shooting from the field.
Final score: Bremerhaven 59 Düsseldorf 65

Also, there is a game from Thursday we missed to sum up here. Walter Tigers Tübingen surprised many by winning 84-77 in Quakenbrück. Tübingen comitted only 8 Turnovers and canadian Jermain Anderson amassed 28 points and 6 assists. Micheal Haynes added another 20 points. Blogger Adam Hess led the Dragons with 19 points and 6 boards.

A quick look at the standings provides some surprises, negative and positive ones. ALBA and scary defensive team Bonn are both still undefeated, but so are surprisingly newcomers Nördlingen and Ulm. Düsseldorf is also 2-0 after two close wins. At the bottom we find the Artland Dragons and Bamberg. While Quakenbrück lost expectedly in Berlin, injury-plagued Bamberg suffered two losses by 2 points difference each, one against Ulm and one at Göttingen, two rather low profile teams. They are joined by Köln, Gießen (who suffered heavy losses against top-tier teams Berlin and Oldenburg) and Braunschweig.

09-29-2008, 09:55 AM
@switek00: Sorry for you that Düsseldorf again showed it is completely unpredictable, winning at Bremerhaven.

Next week: Bonn @ Berlin. Looking forward to that.

09-30-2008, 10:08 PM
Giessen 46ers today released Mensah Taylor. Source (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/magazin/artikel.php?artikel=10287&menuid=16&topmenu=166&type=2)
Financial problems are back on the BBLs agenda.

Giessen, member of Germanys 1st Division for more than 40 years, is in serious financial problems which amount to a threat to the club's existence. Today they announced their first steps to tackle the situation, the release of Taylor being just one of them. Among other things, they stop payments to their 2nd Division Team LTi Lich, which might prevent Lich from starting their season this friday. It seems as if a new partner/investor is needed who can relieve the club from a threatening burden of old debt and allow a fresh start for the only club being a member of the German Bundesliga from day one.

Giessen was the place where Barcelona and Cibona had a pre-season tournament.

Edit: To put it in context: the vast majority of clubs in the BBL are financially stable. There's just a significant spread in club budgets with a strong midrange, few "rich" clubs with up to 7-8 mio € and a hand full of clubs scraping together the minimal budget of 1 mio € or being dependant on a major single sponsor. Giessen had been known for occasional liquidity problems in the past years and the sword of Damocles has been hanging over their head for quite some time now.

@robbe, yeah me too. we'll win against your team of course :-)

-Despite the fact that the joint marketing company of Giessen and Lich stops its payment to TV Lich, Lich today announced that it will play in the 2nd division (ProA) and work on raising the necessary money to guarantee the whole season during the next three weeks.
- The German league has given Giessen a deadline until October 10th to deliver new documents to review the clubs licence to play in the league.

10-02-2008, 11:52 AM
BBL deadlines have shown excellent flexibility in the past ...

Frankfurt (1-1) vs. Bremerhaven (1-1) 65-35

Düsseldorf (2-0) vs. Ulm (2-0) 60-40
Braunschweig (0-2) vs. Göttingen (1-1) 60-40
Nördlingen (2-0) vs. Tübingen (1-1) 60-40
Quakenbrück (0-2) vs. Gießen (0-2) 65-35
Oldenburg (1-1) vs. Köln (0-2) 75-25
Trier (1-1) vs. Paderborn (1-1) 60-40

Berlin (2-0) vs. Bonn (2-0) 65-35

Bamberg (0-2) vs. Ludwigsburg (1-1) 60-40

10-04-2008, 08:48 PM
Day 3 of the regular season is mostly done now, and we've seen Ulm and Nördlingen stay undefeated while Köln pulled off at surprising road victory at Oldenburg.

On thursday, Frankfurt improved their record to 2-1, beating Bremerhaven 66-55 at home. The Skyliners were already up by 18 after the third and therefore able to lose the last period by 8 points without becoming nervous. Lorenzo Gordon finished with 16 and 11, and Marcus Slaughter had 13 and 8 for the visitors, who are 1-2 now.

ratiopharm Ulm must be happy like a child on Chistmas for once having signed a certain undersized power forward. Jeff Gibbs had amonster game at Düsseldorf, scoring the decisive basket with 10 seconds to go to secure Ulm's second away win of the season (70-71). He left the court with 18 points, 20 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks. Sharpshooter Lee Humphrey added another 17, while Brent Bailey's 13p/9r/3b for Düsseldorf were not much of a story tonight.

The only other team with a perfect 3-0 record is Nördlingen (at least until Berlin and Bonn will have finished their match tomorrow). The newcomers fought off the visitors from Tübingen 76-73 OT. Omari Westley topped all scorers with his fine effort of 24 points and Monta McGhee helped with his stellar allround play. 13 points, 11 rebound and 7 assists for the forward. Tübingen's Rasko Katic shot horrible 1-11 free throws, turning the ball over 4 times and finishing with an embarassing -7 efficiency rating (crushing all hopes for my fantasy team. Bloody Tübinger, it's always the same). Daniel Fountain's 18 point off the bench proved to be not enough for the Tigers.

Earlier this week, Gießen had to cut Mensah Taylor in order to survive financially. Nevertheless, they put up a big fight against the Artland Dragons in the clash of two winless teams. It took all 40 minutes and a missed buzzer beater by Gießen's topscorer Gerrit Terdenge (14 points) to decide a winner: Artland, 69-68. The 46ers outrebounded Artland 40-29, but turned the ball over 24 times. A bitter loss for the struggeling team that finds itself at the bottom of the table with 0-3. The Dragons improved to 1-2, having their best players today in Darren Fenn and Lamont McIntosh, who scored 18 apiece.

Köln managed to steal two points from Oldenburg in a 73-75 away win that was decided on the last possesion when Zarryon Fereti scored with the clock running out. The australian-samoan shooter scored 5 points in the last minute and 20 overall to go along with Robert Turner's 21. Oldenburg, who missed Jasmin Perkovic (rolled his ankle in last week's loss at Bonn), had their best scorers in their three US players: Je'Kel Foster, Rickey Paulding and Jason Gardener all scored 15.

And finally, Trier handed Paderborn a heavy 85-67 (55-39) defeat. Christopher Copeland proved to be almost unstoppable again and scored 31 points to go along with 7 rebounds. Derek Raivio had 21 and Norman Richardson added 19 points. Recently acquired center Chris Ensminger couldn't do much in terms of the final result, but gave Paderborn a glimmer of hope with his 15 points on 7-9 shooting and 8 rebounds.

10-04-2008, 09:45 PM
What a close gameday. Köln with a huge surprise, winning in Oldenburg(Fereti, as uhg80 wrote, with 5 in the last minute, and also 17 in the last 10), while Gießen was close to upsetting Artland Dragons. Ulm and Nördlingen are now 3-0. Incredible.

10-04-2008, 10:14 PM
Oh, I forgot to mention Braunschweig's win over Göttingen. The game ended 56-49. Nuff said. ;)

The season's indeed off to a exciting start with surprising results and close games. All we need is someone who can slow down Alba a bit.

10-04-2008, 10:35 PM
It has been the season of the power forwards so far: Marcus Slaughter (Bremerhaven), Jeff Gibbs (Ulm), Omari Westley (Nördlingen), Chris Copeland (Trier), Brandon Bowman (Bonn) and Ansu Sesay (Berlin). You might also add Lorenzo Gordon, who is playing at center for Frankfurt, but I don't think the five is his natural position. Bowman and Sesay face each other tomorrow in Berlin. Should be interesting.

10-05-2008, 10:06 AM
Tübingen's Rasko Katic shot horrible 1-11 free throws, turning the ball over 4 times and finishing with an embarassing -7 efficiency rating (crushing all hopes for my fantasy team. Bloody Tübinger, it's always the same).

Funny, I was wondering how I passed you. I was pretty pissed at Schwethlem, and Prodanovic for not playing him, but Katic was a disaster.

10-05-2008, 05:54 PM
ALBA winning 91:84 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=5929) over Bonn in the finals rematch. The game was pretty close, but ALBA kept their cool in the last minutes while Bonn committed several mistakes. Ansu Sesay contributed 20 and 6, Julius Jenkins (as ist seems, he's okay) had 18 and 8 assists, while Brandon Bowman and Winsome Frazier both finished with 20 for the guests.

10-07-2008, 08:51 AM
Brose Baskets completed its bad start into the season yesterday, when Ludwigsburg beat Fleming's squad in Bamberg's own JAKO-arena, 61-69 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/linkit.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive).

Ludwigsburg, coached by former Bamberg fan favourite Rick Stafford, played good defense and turned Bamberg's costy turnovers to easy baskets, going 17-19 from 2-point range in the first half. Bamberg could hardly cut the number of their turnovers down in the second half, and Ludwigsburg connected on their foul shots to shake the home team's effort off. Formerly struggeling point guard Brian Jones was the topscorer of the game with 19 points, some of the crucial ones to stop Bamberg's little runs. Rivera starred for the hosts, scoring 15 and dishing out 7 assists.

Sweeeeet one. :D

10-08-2008, 02:28 PM
Not only Bamberg has had a bad start. Also the Artland Dragons struggle and are 1-3 so far. Yesterday coach Leibenath's team lost at Goettingen 83-72 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/linkit.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive).
While Bamberg is without starting PG John Goldsberry and had to deal with injuries of Eric Taylor and Alexander Johnson, the Dragons don't miss any of their players. Their only win was against Gießen 69-68 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/linkit.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive).

10-16-2008, 12:37 PM
ALBA Berlin suffered their first loss of the season yesterday when they fell to EnBW Ludwigsburg, 65-58 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/linkit.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive), in an early matchup of gameday 8.

Although ALBA moved the ball pretty well in the first half, they hardly couldn't make the resulting open looks, enabling a bit nervous Ludwigsburg to stay in the game and stockpile confidence with their excellent defensive rebounding, hard work and rock solid defense. Ludwigsburg's strong and physical centers Kelvin Gibbs and very promising Tomas Nagys gave ALBA's big men headaches on both sides of the floor, raising once more question marks about Berlin's interior defense and rebounding after Femerling's absence considering the upcoming EL season.

In the end ALBA were shut down in the paint and unable to make their outside shots (they took more triples than two-point shots), falling short to a tactically smart, high energy team that had 6 players score 9 to 13 points.

And, what matters most, I was very happy :)

10-17-2008, 07:06 AM
After that opening loss at Nördlingen, who would have expected Ludwigsburg to stand at 4-1 after 5 games?

10-22-2008, 01:27 PM
What this guy is eating on his breakfast - http://statistik.basketball-bundesliga.de/bbl/stats/player/index.php?team=413&pos=&spieler_id=10863&saison=2008
Insane stats :)

10-22-2008, 02:21 PM
You mean who?
I guess it's Jenkins or Sesay, right? ;)
Sesay does a really good job. Especially considering his shooting percentage (FG 66%, 3P. 56%, FT 87%) and averaging 15/5 in just 25 Minutes/Game.

10-22-2008, 03:54 PM
You mean who?
I guess it's Jenkins or Sesay, right? ;)
Sesay does a really good job. Especially considering his shooting percentage (FG 66%, 3P. 56%, FT 87%) and averaging 15/5 in just 25 Minutes/Game.
Sesay of course, I corrected link btw.

10-27-2008, 12:36 PM
Damn. The german community @ibn totally neglected its duty to keep you updated about scores and so on for weeks.

Bottom line: The league seems to start to settle down slowly to the expected ranking. With only one road loss, ALBA Berlin (5:1) is at the top. The follow-up group consists of expected PO-Teams Oldenburg (4:2), Artland Dragons (5:3) and Ulm (4:2) which is a small club finally achieving a - for league insiders - not so surprising streak of wins. Even after moving from Leverkusen to Duesseldorf and again having a new team of rookies fresh out of college Coach Kuczmann led his team to a result of 4:2 so far.

The surpising rise of Noerdlingen (who played 2nd div. last year) seems to come to an end as they just had two losses in a row to borderline PO-Teams and are down to 4:3 now. As expected the midfield is broad so far with many clubs from 4:3 to 3:4 including EuroChallenge teams Bonn (who had to face all hard opponents early on) and Frankfurt (suffering from injuries).

Still struggeling to win and keep up with the other PO candidates is Brose Bamberg (2:4). Their unlucky streak with injuries and bad teamplay doesn't seem to be overcome easily.

Finally there's some surprise in "fighting against relegation"-land: Giessen (2:5), Cologne (2:5), Paderborn (2:5) all were expected to be there but Doc Sakalauskas Eisbären Bremerhaven being at the bottom of the ranking with only 1:6 is kind of surprising. Huge talent with Hapoel's Marcus Slaughter but really really bad performance as a team so far.

Players to watch are Colognes Idbihi, coming back from an injury and avaraging 15p/6r. Chris Copeland (Trier) and Marcus Slaughter (Bremerhaven) fighting for the lead in Scoring (both >19ppg) closely followed up by Chris Oliver (Göttingen). Most impressive in production probably is Slaughter who avarages 19p/11r but in a failing team. Top-Rebounder so far is vintage center Chris Ensminger (Paderborn, formerly at Bamberg) wit 11,2rpg followed by Ulm's incredible Jeff Gibbs (10,8) and Slaughter.

PS: @woma. Sesay had been ALBA's choice as an upgrade from Goran Nikolic. Same position, mostly the same plays. If you take a look at Nikolic' stats last season you see that Sesay might profit a lot from Pavicivic' systems. But yes, he is considered a strong MVP candidate by some experts right now.

10-27-2008, 02:31 PM
Chris Copeland (Trier) and Marcus Slaughter (Bremerhaven) fighting for the lead in Scoring (both >19ppg) closely followed up by Chris Oliver (Göttingen).

Copeland and Slaughter are followed by Chris Brown, who broke his hand last week and is out for about 5 more weeks. Chris Oliver, who suffered the same injury earlier this season, needs to step up and fill the gap now. In his first three games he only averaged 0.7 points and 3.3 rebounds...
Could be a hard time for Goettingen without Brown...

Alba is missing Femerling a lot. Chubb is still not as effective as he was last season and Nadjfeji is defensivly not good enough in the post. Still their roster is deep enough to overcome this loss. They simply dominate this league so far.

Oldenburg kept almost all of their players together, signed Je'Kel Foster and look really good. They could be contender #1 for Alba.
Artland had a slow start this season, but they now seem to be ready. I like their roster, on every position they've got two quality players!

Noerdlingen's cinderella story really seems to come to an end. Jeanty, who surprisingly had some great games at the beginning of the season was without even one point yesterday. And their bench is just not deep enough. But hey, the points they already gathered and the confidence can't be taken away from them.
I admit it: I really like what Bonn is doing! What a defensive line-up with EJ Rowland, Frazier, Yarbrough, Bowman and Ken Johnson. The only reason they are stuck in the mid-field is that they had to face all tough opponents in the beginning of the season.
Despite some injuries Frankfurt looked kind of odd to me. The are 3-3 but their wins were against Bremerhaven, Cologne and Paderborn (all teams at the bottom of the table...). Their roster looks good, but they dissapointed me so far.

I gotta say a good word about Chris Ensminger. This guy really wanted to play for any BBL club, but noone seemed to be interested in the off-season. When Paderborn fired Tollackson, they signed veteran Ensminger. And he looked just great so far! Now he leads the league in rebounding and has already proven that he is still capable to produce many double-doubles!

10-27-2008, 02:56 PM
... Chris Brown, who broke his hand last week and is out for about 5 more weeks. Chris Oliver, who suffered the same injury earlier this season, needs to step up a...

Did I already mention that even for somebody following the league closely it's hard to remember the over hundred new players each and every season? :eek:

Of course, it's been a bit less bad this year but there's some teams where I still can't say who's hot and who's not.

10-27-2008, 09:04 PM
Did I already mention that even for somebody following the league closely it's hard to remember the over hundred new players each and every season? :eek:

True. And Göttingen's topscorer with the broken hand is not Chris Brown, but Clif Brown. Don't worry, I had to look it up, too. :rolleyes:

10-28-2008, 09:58 AM
True. And Göttingen's topscorer with the broken hand is not Chris Brown, but Clif Brown. Don't worry, I had to look it up, too. :rolleyes:
I think Chris Brown played for Leverkusen a couple of years ago.

10-29-2008, 08:46 AM
Brose baskets reached their first win at home by defeating Tübingen 61:55. Both teams shot poorly from the field and in the end it was a win for the team with the bigger fighting spirit.
Jared Newson (brose baskets) reached a double-double (11 pts, 10 rebs) while the team showed an improved team play. Jermaine Anderson (16 pts, topscorer) and Richard Chaney (13 pts) were the outstanding players for Tübingen.

11-09-2008, 07:47 PM
Somehow I feel the urge of overcoming the recent lazyness of the german IBN section and sum up the last week in german basketball.

Gameday 8 only saw a few games last weekend, since 2 games were already played in october and the match between Bamberg and Braunschweig will be held further behind in the calendar.

Ulm overcame a strong last quarter by visiting Gießen to secure a 88-83 win. Both teams got the best effort from the starters, as the members of starting fives each scored more than 10 points, among them Ulm's center Sean Finn, who is recieving an extra mention for his stellar performances in the last few games. Romeo Travis led the host with 18 points and 4 blocks, and Heiko Schaffartzik was Gießen's topscorer with 17.

Tübingen managed to beat Köln 71-65 at home. Forward Michael Haynes' 18 points and 8 rebounds stood out for the Tigers, while Yassin Idbihi scored 19 for the 99ers.

Oldenburg used his balanced roster and dead-eye outside shooting (11 of 24) to snatch an easy win at Paderborn (69-82). Jasmin Perkovic scored 16, followed by Gardener and Paulding with 15 apiece. Germans Nino Garris and Marius Nolte each scored 13, but I wasn't enough to overcome the lead Oldenburg had built in the first quarter.

Nördlingen unsurprisingly continues to slide down the rankings, losing at home to Frankfurt in a 85-89 overtime thriller.
Westley, McGhee and Jeantry had to stay on the court for more than 40 minutes, while fellow starter Danny Gibson logged 39 minutes. These for players were of course the best scorers für the "Crater" Giants: Westley 28 (plus 10 boards), Gibson 18, McGhee 16, Jeantry 17. Frankfurt had their best players in Pascal Roller (18) and newly acquired Titus Ivory (19).

Düsseldorf had a terrible first half at Trier. They only managed to score lousy 18 points in the the quartes 1 and 2 combined. It didn't get much better resultwise, as they lost both second half quarters as well. In the end Trier beat Düsseldorf 77-57. The visitor, who heavily rely on three pointers, only hit 4 of their shots from behind the arc. One of them came from Brent Bailey, who scored 18 points overall coming off the bench. Former NCAA freethrow machine Derek Raivio starred with 20 points and is heaving a great season so far, too.

Bremerhaven continued their free fall with another home loss, this time against Bonn. The Telekomedians won the game in a stellar fourth quarter, when they scored 29 points to seal the game. Brandon Bowman led all scorers with 26 and had good support by Winsome Frazier (20) and EJ Rowland (15 point and 5 assists). Bonn's "big three" also combined for 10-16 from outside. Jeb Ivey had 21 for the Polar Bears on 73% fg shooting.

The first round of the German Cup followed during the week. Although the top teams (Alba, Oldenburg, Bonn, Frankfurt, Bamberg and Artland) won't see action until the second round, we saw 2 all-BBL duels and one big surprise.

Ludwigsburg overcame local rivals Tübingen by one single point (72-71) in an ugly game full of almost game changing technical and flagrant fouls, questionable calls and chaotic refereeing in the closing seconds. Ludwigsburg will now travel to Berlin to get their butts whipped by Alba in the next round.

Düsseldorf hosted another dramatic cup match, as the Giants knocked Bremerhaven out of the competition in double overtime, 114-107. Pete Campbell was absolutely on fire, scoring 36 points overall and hitting 8 of 9 three point attempts. Center Frank Elegar also a very good game. He scored 28 and grabbed 11 rebounds.

The suprise of the day came by Mitteldeutscher BC, an eastern german Pro A team from the small town of Weißenfels (They played in the BBL before, though. Marijonas Petravicius and Jerry Green once dressed for them). The MBC only committed 8 turnovers in the 59-52 win over Köln. The guests, on the other side, lost the ball 21 times. You should expect the numbers to be vice versa when a BBL team plays a team from Pro A.

Braunschweig, Gießen, Ulm, Paderborn, Nördlingen and Göttingen all won against their minor league competitors.

The pairings for the second round now look like this:
Bamberg - Göttingen
Paderborn - Chemnitz/Trier
Artland - Braunschweig
Bonn - Gießen
MBC - Düsseldorf
Oldenburg - Ulm
Alba - Ludwigsburg
Frankfurt - Nördlingen

11-12-2008, 03:36 PM
Just to give a quick update on the German BBL here's a rather rough and just slightly modified translation of an article I wrote for the German board schoenen-dunk.de

The season is only two month old but already a quarter of the regular season is over. Well, not exactly a quarter, as there are some clubs which could not play their games on gameday as their arena was not available.

But it is due time for giving the international basketball community some ideas what the season in the German Basketball Bundesliga brought so far.

First, the tremendous amount of transactions did not decrease. Since the season started most clubs hired, fired and increasingly used limited contracts. One reason might be, that you don't have to pay a 2.500 € fee in the youth development fund if it's a limited contract.

This new youth development fund distributes something around 350.000-400.000 € between the clubs according to the playing time of German U24-players. It's effect is limited, some clubs like Giessen, Ulm or Cologne already earned 10-15.000 €. Some other hidden champs in regard to the development of young players became obvious. Trier and Franfurt Skyliners have to be mentioned here. But it also shows that money is not necessarily a real incentive as these published numbers show that clubs like Nördlingen, Tübingen, Braunschweig or Göttingen still give nearly no minutes for German talents. The question how the league will tackle the issue of few German players and especially the development of younger German players still is a very hot topic on the German boards and in the media.

What were other issues?

There has been some discussion about the bad performance of Brose Bamberg and Eisbären Bremerhaven. But much was nothing but hot air. No coaches were fired yet. And even the financial crisis of Giessen 46ers which came up shortly after the season started was over as quick as it came. Normality is back, you might be in constant fear that one or the other club goes broke over the season, but in the end nothing really bad happens. But it gave a new impulse to discuss the economic structure of the league. By the way, the German Basketball Federation just renewed their agreement with the league's office until 2022. As usual, no details were disclosed. The attendances already increased a bit but a lot of that should be due to new arenas, so nothing special there.

The standings

So what's up on the sportive side? Is there already a tendency which clubs are hot, and which clubs are not? After the first few game days one might have thought that there are some surprises, but now the league kind of settled down and the surprise teams were brought back to reality.

The Top of the League

...is pretty much as expected before the start of the season. Alba Berlin is the lonely star, despite having had to suffer from injuries of Femerling, Herber, Dojcin and finally even Jenkins for some games. Their only loss was on the road in Ludwigsburg, which shattered the myth of ALBA being a "über team".

With impressive five wins in a row Oldenburg now is No. 2. Some expected them to be ALBAs strongest competitor and they kind of live up to that role. With new long-term contracts with some important players like Gardner and Perkovic there are some indications that here's a new top team in development. The rather chaotic era Don Beck (who was coach until 2007) really is over, finally.

Artland Dragons Quakenbrück started weak. Young coach Leibenath was under fire heavily in the discussion. Supporters stopped to believe in the club. But here again, five wins in a row and they're 6:3 and the league's No. 3. They're at least performing as they hoped to, perhaps even a tiny bit better.

Telekom Baskets Bonn are the last member of the league's top quartet. They had a short weak streak but they're back on track (6:3). They keep on playing strong team defense and furious and athletic offensive ball, making tham one of the most dangerous teams of the league. And there's C John Bowler still injured and waiting to come back before Christmas. With more than 5000 supporters backing them in their brand new Telekom-Dome they're one of the teams you should look out for the whole season.

The top quartet all play in a european cup and did not show any panic new signings.

Current play off candidates
Here we have the first few surprises. But not big ones as every team currently aiming for a play off spot was named a play off candidate before the season.

Frankfurt really impressed in its first games but was thrown back by multiple injuries and new signings (5:3). After just qualifying for EuroChallenge they should come back with a strong confidence and the good thing is that many different players took respensibility during the last few weeks. If they get over the last weeks' troubles they will roll... and fight for homecourt advantage in the POs.

NewYorker Phantoms Braunschweig might be a surprise? Suddenly they start use their not so evident homecourt advantage in the mostly empty Volkswagen Arena (avarage 2.800 of 6.800 capacity). With 5:3 they performed as well as Frankfurt. What made the difference? Some continuity in the roster, a bit more money, defense first, a bit boring. Sticking to conservative values seems to pay out for them. But I still don't believe in that story. The injury of PF/C Cain might bring their lucky streak to an end.

Ratiopharm Ulm started really strong and now slides down the standings a bit. The next few games will show whether they will defend a play off spot for the rest of the season or if it will become an uphill batlle to reach the play offs. But nevertheless, this traditional club is back on track in the BBL.

Brose Bamberg currently is ranked No. 10. Their bad start will be legendary, but three wins in a row made it good (4:4). After signing Michael H. Jordan and starting to play together as a team, they'll have to work hard to get to a safe play off spot. But contrary to the discussions some weeks ago, nearly everbody believes again that they will fight for homecourt advantage in the POs at the end.

Where do they end up? Part 1: Upwards tendency
Perhaps more than in the past years, the midfield of the league is competitive and full of surprises. It consists of at least six teams with mostly as much wins as losses. Some teams believed to be safe PO canditates dropped down to this group.

Göttingen is 4:2 and had to be PO team by the numbers. But they lack three games, some of them "safe" losses. Some early wins were mostly a result of the bad start of other theams. It's really open what will happen here. I still can't judge the team with so many young and pretty unknown US talents (Clif Brown, Rocky Trice, Kyle Bailey, Chris Oliver, Chris Lee...)

Ludwigsburg hat a rough start but is on track now (4:4). But they're not much better than last season. As they move to a new arena next year they have to perform well. So far they did only show potential.

Düsseldorf, having moved from Leverkusen and building a new college rookie team again, made them drop from the top to the middle of the league. Low attendances, struggeling to reach PO land (4:4). They are far from the enthusiastic ball they showed last year. (4:4)

Where do they end up? Part II - It's slippery: (4:5)
The standings are soooo close. These teams just have more losses than wins. But one or two games might change the picture gravely.

Trier came back from relegation with a wildcard. And they really used their second chance so far. They moved to the top group in attendances, no significant streaks of losses, enough wins so they don't have to fear relegation again (4:5). Perhaps even the possibiliy to move up if their injured players (e.g. C Evans) are coming back soon. They're just there where you expect them to be in the league. Despite having the league's second best scorer Chris Copeland.

Tübingen is pretty much in the same situation as Trier (4:5). Led by canadian international PG Jermaine Anderson and C Rasko Katic they won the games they had to win but nothing more. Nothing special, average crowds, average ball. Probably exactly what they needed after some rather wild seasons with scandals.

Nördlingen rides the elevator. New to the league they went right to the top and now go down at the same speed. Good: They got some wins so relegation is not the issue right now. Bad: While losing they started firing some players. They need stability and the substitutes as soon as possible, otherwise they are in the struggle against relegation in no time.

Fighting against relegation. Get me out of here!
Although it's early in the season, there's a clear group of four teams doing nothing but fighting relegation.

Bremerhaven had been a PO team for three years in a row and dropped down to the very bottom of the standings now (1:8). Hire and Fire just starts... three new players are rumored to be coming. League-Topscorer PF Marcus Slaughter seems to be going. The fame of and the belief in coach Sarunas Sakalauskas starts to fade. His statements concerning the crisis were at least poor.... he seems lost and helpless.

Köln / Cologne is just where everybody believed them to be (3:6). Their third win (against Bremerhaven) gave back some hope. But they have just a minimum budget, very young players... The team seems to be unstable despite its talent: Their games range from really nice euroball to sheer desparation. Now they're trapped at the bottom... But they must not get relegated: They just came out of last years insolvency and their new investor does not appear to be somebody who is willing to lose his investments. And yes, he really considers owning a German BBL club an investment, rather than a hobby.

Gießen will do nothing than fighting relegation (2:7). But not only on the court but also off the court as they just were saved from filing bancruptcy some weeks ago. It will be a hard fight for them. They must not hire a new player as saviour as the league's licencing board has to agree to any new signing until their financial situation is safe again. Their - mostly German - players have to get this job done alone.

Paderborn is in free fall after Topscorer Tim Black left offseason. Although they recently signed C Chris Ensminger (delivering double doubles in a row), and have some decent players like former German international Nino Garris... Additionally their attendance dropped by 20-25%, too. Doesn't look to good for them..

After a quarter of the regular season is played, it shows that money and success go hand in hand in the German league at least for most teams. The poor clubs fight relegation, the rich clubs are at the top. If you want to play in the German playoffs you probably need a solid fan base, a european competition as incentive for the players, a modern arena seating 5000+ and a club budget around 3 Million €.

Of course, there's a lot of movement in the league. Only one thing seems to be certain: Bremerhaven wont play the play offs this year. This makes the fight for a play off spot more open than everybody believed, especially as at the moment even Brose Bamberg has still a long way to go to take part in the play offs.

11-14-2008, 10:59 AM
Trier came back from relegation with a wildcard. And they really used their second chance so far. They moved to the top group in attendances, no significant streaks of losses, enough wins so they don't have to fear relegation again (4:5). Perhaps even the possibiliy to move up if their injured players (e.g. C Evans) are coming back soon. They're just there where you expect them to be in the league. Despite having the league's second best scorer Chris Copeland.

As you said Trier is having a solid season so far. Unfortunately they are having injury problems. Otherwise they could have win every game so far except for the Frankfurt-blowout last weekend. I don't see them fighting against the relegation. They will easily suprise some people with having all injured players back. Biggest improvement will be George Evans, whom they are missing badly in the paint and who will be still "one of the best players in the BBL" to quote Coach Defraigne. Without injury problems I would have bet that they reach the POs.

Chris Copeland is playing very strong this season and I see no chance for Trier resigning him. Nobody expected him to be that dominant and well rounded. Chris Flemming called him "the best offensive player in the league" and some foreign teams with big budgets will be after him.
Beside of Copeland, Derek Raivio is my silent MVP for Trier. After some problems in Cologne last season he has developed in one of the BBL's best PGs. His shot has always been good, but he also shows real good playmaking and passing skills. Without Raivio this team would be worthless. It's good that he signed a 2 year contract in Trier.
Moreover former Skyliner Maksym Shtein is playing over all expectations. Signed as a backup for George Evans, he has become Trier's starter in the paint. His defensive game is still limited, but he tries his best and gives the team an offensive threat in the paint.

11-24-2008, 09:19 AM
The 11th gamday of the German league took place this weekend. No big surprises but the league stays extremely close all teams ranked 3 to 13 still show only two games difference (7:4 for rank 3 and 5:6 for rank 13).

Cologne vs. Göttingen 76:77. A narrow loss for the young team from Cologne. Turner and Terrel both scored 18 for the hosts while Goettingen's guards Bailey (20) and Trice (18) led the guards. The major difference were 26 TOs by Cologne.

Dusseldorf vs. Tübingen 75:71. A strong third quarter was not enough for the TIgers. In front of only 2300 spectators Dusseldorf won at home. Winters (18, 3 3pts), Lottich (12, 3), Campbell (12, 4) scored double digits for the hosts. For Tübingen, the usual suspects Canadian NT PG Anderson (21) and C Rasko Katic (16) made the baskets.

SG Winsome Frazier (25p, 9r) led Bonn to a 76:67 victory over Ludwigsburg. Without the injured Tomas Nagys Ludwigsburg was not able to show much resistance and lost the rebounds 35:22. Notably German youngster David McCray scored 13 for the guests.

Giessen vs. Paderborn 79:68. After signing two new guards (Worthy (12p, 3s) and Hickmann (2p)) Giessen finally came to their third win of the season and keep close to the non-relegation places. If there's one thing that's a safe bet: C Chris Ensminger again had a double double (10p, 10r) for Paderborn.

ARtland Dragons - Nördlingen. Adam Hess (23, 80% 3p) and Chad Prewitt (18, 4/8 3pt) led last year's cup winner to a 83:74 victory. But the guest's Omari Westley (25), Monta McGhee (19), Osvaldo Jeanty (15) were able to score double figures.

Oldenburg vs. Brose Bamberg probably was the top game of the week. The EuroChallenge team Oldenburg won the first quarter 25:11 and despite Eurocup participant Bamberg winning all other quarters it was not enough to win the game. 76:73 was the result. Five Oldenburg players scored double digits and Oldenburg's Rickey Paulding and Bamberg's Riviera were the topscorers with 17 each. Oldenburg made 13/25 from behind the arc but only 47% from close up.

In a fight for a playoff spot Frankfurt Skyliners beat NY Phantoms Braunschweig after overtime 81:75. Ilian Evtimov (23p, 5r) was the man of the match.

After a close game, Ulm won at Bremerhaven 86:90. Bremerhaven's new man under the boards is Craig Callahan (25p, 8r) who came as substitution for Marcus "Currywurst with french fries" Slaughter. But he alone was not enough as Ulm'S Romeo Travis scored a season high of 25p, too and the incredible 1,88m-center Jeff Gibbs had another double double 18/11.

Finally ALBA Berlin dominated Trier. ALBA delivered a quite perfect game with 55 % from behind the arc and close to 70% overall shooting percentage with five players scoring double digits. But with Copeland (18) and GIllingsham (14) Trier showed some nice scoring. By the way, it was the first league home game by ALBA in its new arena in front of less then 10.000 (8100).

11-29-2008, 04:43 PM
Giants Nördlingen vs Giessen 46ers online broadcast here (http://www.atdhe.net/live-tv-912.html) now

11-29-2008, 06:26 PM
Bamberg comes back from that heavy -30 midweek loss by defeating ... ALBA Berlin. 71:59 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=6006) final score, Predrag Suput led all scorers with 23 points.

Second big loss for ALBA this week. They are missing Julius Jenkings badly. ALBA relies on the pick and roll a lot, and Jenkins is clearly their best player doing that. McElroy has improved in that area, but he is not quite on Jenkins' level, and he cannot do it all alone anyway. Hamann is more of a passive point guard on offense, sets up the offense very well, but doesn't make plays. Rashad Wright is just an average pick and roll player, I'm not too impressed by him.

Casey Jacobsen is a huge disappointment so far, nowhere near the player he was in 06/07 with Bamberg. Seems he has bulked up in the NBA, lost some quickness, cannot get free looks because of that when coming around the shooter screen. Now he even starts missing the open shots as well.

The problem is that none of ALBA's big men is an above average one on one scorer on Euroleague level. They rely a lot on the backcourt to create high percentage shots inside as well as open looks on the outside for everyone, and with Jenkins out, they are only effective enough when McElroy and Wright both have outstanding games. Not to speak of Jacobsen ...

Well, it's not all bad. They're doing fine in the Euroleague (currently 2-3), even if it will be difficult to reach the next round. And the BBL regular season isn't too interesting anyway. But they're certainly not on top of their game at the moment.

11-30-2008, 01:00 PM
I think the most interesting thing yesterday was, that the huge discrepancy between the top teams of the league and the weak teams became obvious. Brose vs. ALBA was a game of good european quality and with a do or die attitude and atmosphere. One has to keep in mind, that even with the comparably poor offense ALBA showed yesterday, they'd have beaten 80% of the league's teams. The other broadcasted game Nördlingen vs. Gießen was way below first league quality. After a third of the season, i'd say that at least a quarter of the league's teams are not competitive at all. In my opinion the oversized league with many college-benchwarmer-teams is a huge liability for the German clubs playing european competitions.

Luka Pavicevic just described the German league in an interview:
"You can hardly compare the BBL with other leagues in Europe, since the other leagues (except the Polish) don't usually play with nine foreigners per team. If a league allows five or six foreigners to play, they usually have the rule, that a maximum of two non-Europeans are allowed in the team. Due to the fact that in the BBL nine Americans per team are allowed, the BBL differs greatly from the other European leagues. It is actually not a European league. It is strongly influenced by the American presence, speed, athleticism and the way basketball is played in the United States."
Source (http://www.sportbild.de/sportbild/generated/article/basketball/2008/11/25/10949700000.html)

11-30-2008, 03:24 PM
The BBL has a reputation of being a very balanced league, but this might only be true for the teams from maybe 5 to 14. The huge discrepancy between the level of play of the top 3 or 4 teams and the one of the bottom 4 should not come as a surprise and should be considered as a common thing in mostly every league. However, this might be a good argument for the reduction of the league to 14 teams. If we assume that level of play of these 14 teams stayed more or less the same, we'd get more competitiveness, rid of these weak squads, have a de facto raise of the minimum budget and therefore probably no more stories of club at the verge of financial collapse (I think the remaining teams are financially stable enough not to desperately need the ticket money of the home games fallen away). Plus, there'd be more solid german vets and promising yougsters available for less BBL teams, which could lead a rise of media interest and a reduced number of college graduates, therefore slightly changing the style that Grübler and Pavicevic described and that most german fans are not very fond of, either.
And finally, the schedule in the BBL is a terrible mess. There are so many games rescheduled or postponed or whatever, you barely can keep track. I guess this is because of arena availability, as most arenas are multifuntional arenas that host other events and teams from other sports. Nevertheless it's annoying and I already ranted on SD about this matter. A less crowded schedule might fix this as well.

12-14-2008, 08:31 PM
Surprise surprise! There's a new team leading the German BBL after gameday 14: Telekom Baskets Bonn now is the first team to have won 10 games, as they won at Trier 66:84 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=6027) Five others are trailing with 9 victories (ALBA 9:3, Frankfurt 9:4, Oldenburg 9:4, Ulm 9:5).

Despite having won against Gießen today (79:56 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=6028)), Bamberg still struggles to reach the playoff ranks. Ludwigsburg defeated Ulm 97:91 (OT) (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=6026). And finally the Skyliners made clear, that they can win against a top team of the league and even do this with a clear 84:53 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=6022) blow-out against Oldenburg.

And what happened to ALBA Berlin? They lost on the road in Düsseldorf
84:81 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=6029).

Oh Bremerhaven lost in Paderborn (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=6021). It was the 13th loss of Doc Sakalauskas' team in a row (they only won their first). And the Doc seems to lose his nerves, as he hit one of Bremerhaven's supporters who greeted him with a drunken "What are you doing here, Go home!" after the game.

Paderborn moves away from relegation now, while Cologne gets trapped there as they lose again, 73:61 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=6024) at Nördlingen.

Tübingen - Göttingen 64-65 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=6025)
NY Phantoms Braunschweig - Artland Dragons 75:66 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=6023)

12-14-2008, 09:23 PM
The BBL schedule is a mess, unfortunately.

ALBA will still finish 1st without doubt. It is natural to lose some games when you're playing in Europe in midweek. BBL is not on a high level, but you can lose away games even versus mid-table teams easily. Not only physical reasons, motivation is a large part of it too. Once ALBA is not in international competition anymore [which I hope won't happen too soon], they'll probably gain stability. Injuries certainly play their part, but they're still able to field a very very decent team in the BBL, even if they're without Jenkins, Femerling, Wright, Chubb.

each way
12-22-2008, 12:04 PM
So I assume the reason there is a match today is because of Alba's participation in Euroleague causing a backlog of matches?

12-23-2008, 07:03 AM
No, the reason was that Anschutz (o2) wasn't able to provide the gym on sunday afternoon as they had promised before the season. Icehockey Team "Eisbären" was playing o2 on Sunday.

01-15-2009, 09:00 AM
What happend in the German BBL during the last weeks?

Two coaches were fired: Simon Cote (Giessen) was substituted by Vladimir Bogojevic. On new years eve, Eisbären Bremerhaven coach Doc Sarunas Sakalauskas resigned and now his former assistant Mindozas will be headcoach until end of season. Tough job, as it becomes obvious that he will have to coach a team that will be relegated with high probability.

The league stays extremely close. The teams playing in european competitions struggle due to their double efforts. After winning in Badalona, ALBA lost at Oldenburg. Bonn lost at Braunschweig and Brose Bamberg still can't find a constant form (and a new Center after releasing Alexander Johnson) and struggles to keep a playoff spot.

Surprisingly BG74 Goettingen currently is placed first. A low budget team (approx 1,5 € total budget) from a small university city with a huge basketball tradition. Coached by John Patrick the "violets" play some kind of small ball often dubbed as "organized chaos", extremely high pressure on opponent's guards, heavily relying on 1on1 offensively. Forwards Clif Brown, Charles Lee and Chris Oliver do most of the scoring. With former 2nd division Guard Rocky Trice, the club features on of the most spectacular players of the league.

This weeks we'll only see two re-scheduled games. But both are of high importance for the playoffs, as it's the teams fighting for the last spots who will play: Skyliners Frankfurt (5th) against Ludwigsburg (7th). Brose Bamberg (9th) against Phantoms Braunschweig (8th).

The German media is extremely excited about ALBAs game against Ljubljana today. EL-Videos suddenly are featured on Germanys leading news website spiegel.de. Suddenly (especially in a week without any football games) Basketball is a major issue.

This weekend features the league's Allstar-Day at SAP Arena Mannheim. It probably won't be a sell-out crowd and the teams had to suffer from some injuries. The North (Team Nord) plays the South (Team Süd). Starters were determined by a fan voting, bench (Bank) was named by the coaches who had to keep in mind that every team has to be represented in the game.


Due to injuries, Ken Johnson is replaced by Brandon Bowman.

The German sports website sport1.de disqualified Artland Dragons in their "team of the year" online voting due to "manipulations". The German online basketball communities acted in concert and created an extraordinary voting result for the dragons (and Dirk Nowitzki), so they won by a huge margin. Yes, people voted many times in a row. But that was not expressly prohibited and there were no technical means applied to prevent such a behaviour. Nevertheless sport1 cried "manipulation" and diqualified the winners. That's no good style.

02-07-2009, 03:46 PM
It still feels strange looking at the BBLs standings midseason. The league's standings are as close as they can probably get. The 20th gameday (of 34) just started and not less than 14 teams can dream of playing the playoffs as they are just one or two victories away from the 8th spot.

Finally a real leading trio emerged: EWE Baskets Oldenburg, ALBA Berlin and this season's big surprise BG 74 Göttingen. The latter ones playing very athletic smallball with a slight notion of streetball style. Very much relying on 1on1 and their really good and high intensity defense. It's this years Cinderella story so far as their club budget is just a bit over a million euro.

The next trio is fighting for the fourth rank and home right in the quarterfinals. Frankfurt, Bonn and Ulm. Watch out for Bonn, they might be in a minor crisis right now, but big man Bowler is coming back and if they win this Sunday at home against ALBA they can make clear that they are back.

Finally Brose Baskets ist back and the last team with more wins than losses. New PG Dan Dickau really made the team better. And C Elton Brown will probably fill the void in the paint. Their last games were impressive. Watch out for a run in the next weeks. It might start tomorrow @Ludwigsburg (live on BBL.TV).

It's completely unpredictable what will happen with the seven teams fighting for the last PO spot. Trier, Ludwigsburg, NY Phantoms Braunschweig, Paderborn Baskets, Giants Düsseldorf, Artland Dragons, Giants Nördlingen. Of course you could argue, that some of them just don't have the necessary quality for playoffs but somehow they all keep close together and the standings change every other week or so. I guess it will take some more weeks to see who really has a chance to reach the POs.

Paderborn has some financial troubles and has to release a player at the end of February.

The Artland Dragons suffer from Darius Halls injury and will probably release PG Zack Whiting who seems not to get along with the coach. The fans are furious, and start to openly request coach Leibenath's resignment. Last years cup winner clearly is the most underperforming team right now.

As usual, a lot will depend on injuries, comebacks and the last new signings. Trading deadline is end of February and you can expect quite some last minute signings. Braunschweig for example is looking for an experienced shooter who can give the young team some structure.

And last but not least, the struggle against relegation seems to get some new momentum, too. Eisbären Bremerhaven (3:16) finally got two victories and seem to start to really fight against relegation. Gießen (5:14) got a win @Düsseldorf but their technical loss more and more shows to be a huge liabiliy as they not only have to reach their competitors Cologne (6:13) and Tübingen (7:12) but will lose in any tie-braker-situation.

And there's one issue which arose after a league's meeting some weeks ago: The league does not want any more financial instability and looming insolvencies. We saw a bit of these issues this season and especially some low budget teams just don't have the economic potential to grow. So the league's chairman said that if teams don't match financial standards for the next season the league might be reduced in size. Although many fans are disappointed and angry about those economic arguments, I guess it might be a good thing to reduce the league to 14 or 16 teams with enough financial power and a real professional club structure. Why? Because only with economic certainty and the capability of signing players for more than a single season the German league would get in a state where it could grow to eye level with Italy, the Adriatic League or the BalticBL.

03-09-2009, 07:26 AM
Gameday 24 took place this weekend and brought some surprises.

Cologne beats Cup-runner-up Telekom Baskets Bonn 87:74 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=6118). Jeremy Hunt scored 30 for Cologne and Telekom Baskets really fell apart and never had a chance to win.

Due to this loss Bonn lost contact to the leading trio of the league. ALBA Berlin, MEG Göttingen and EWE Baskets remain close, as all three only lost five games so far. ALBA is back on track after an important road win against Göttingen. After the last week, a lot of commentators stated that ALBA now starts to show its real face in the league and prove that they can dominate the league at will.

Financially troubled Paderborn remains on a winning streak as they beat Frankfurt Skyliners this week end. It seems as if Paderborn will play playoffs...if they make ends meet and find the money necessary to finish the season.

And finally Brose Bamberg makes clear, that they really want to fight for a playoff spot. PG John Goldsberry is back and had a good game in the 56:75 road win in Tübingen. C Elton Brown delivered his first double-double, too, while PG Dan Dickau was sidelined. Watch out for Bamberg, they might be ranked low but will be a very tough opponent in the playoffs.

Trier and Ludwigsburg follow closely on the 9th and 10th ranking. The fight for the last PO spot stays extremely close but I wouldn't bet on any other team than Bamberg right now. Braunschweig and Nördlingen are kind of lost in the leagues no man's land: no fear of relegation, no real chance to reach the POs.

Relegation? Bremerhaven seems to be a clear candidate, despite a win against Gießen and a very good game of Jared Reiner. Cologne and Gießen are head to head again struggling against being the second team becoming relegated. Additionally Düsseldorf, Walter Tigers Tübingen and Artland Dragons have to stay watchful not to drop any further. So far they only feature two wins more than the 17th ranked team.

03-12-2009, 07:23 AM
Is Leon Rodgers the MVP of BBL last year?
He is really superb these days ,2 straight 60+.....
And why the team he played didn't extension his contract?

03-12-2009, 10:44 AM
Is Leon Rodgers the MVP of BBL last year?
He is really superb these days ,2 straight 60+.....
And why the team he played didn't extension his contract?
No. He was a good player here, but not a MVC calibre one. Averaged 13.8PPG in the regular season and 10.5PPG in the playoffs.

I think he won the MVP award in the Netherlands once.

Why they didn't extend his contract? They got a new coach who obviously had different ideas, but, as said, he wasn't a "must-keep" player here anyway. Great scorer, but flaws on the defensive end and not known as a mentally strong player/winner.

03-12-2009, 02:07 PM
Economy causes Alba “no” to 10m euro budget

German BBL clubs have until Sunday to submit their financial paperwork for licenses for next season. The biggest news so far has defending champions Alba Berlin saying they will not increase their budget for 2010 to 10 million euros as they had hoped.

Berlin have long talked about increasing their budget from the current estimated 7.5 million euros to 10 million euros to help better compete in the Euroleague. But with the current worldwide economic crisis still on-going, Alba manager Marco Baldi told the German tabloid daily Bild that the club does not want to risk going over their means.

“At the moment, we cannot maintain this goal,” Baldi told Bild. “We really have to see clearly what’s going on in the market. And it doesn’t look like increases.”

When asked if Alba would be stagnant with their budget, he added: “At the moment, we have to assume that.”

Baldi, in the report, also cited the situation at BC Kyiv - who had to recently release six foreign players - as something Alba desperately want to avoid, adding: “We will only spend what we can generate.”

Another big German club also admitted this week that the poor world economy would affect their planning for next season.

Deutsche Bank Skyliners do not release their budget information, but the Frankfurt team manager Gunnar Wöbke told the Frankfurter Neue Presse: “We always plan our budget conservatively. But we will plan it a bit more conservatively now.”

“It’s natural that the world economic crisis will impact the entire economy, including all professional sports clubs,” Wöbke added.

The FNP report also noted that Frankfurt’s main sponsor Deutsche Bank - one of the leading banks in Germany - has until December to announce if it will remain a partner with the club after the 2009-2010 season.

And BBL chief executive Jan Pommer said in the same FNP report that the league could be facing having fewer than 18 clubs next season if the odd side cannot cover the 1 million euro minimum budget.

“We have to remain authoritative and stick to our standards,” Pommer said. “I do not assume it, but that of course could mean that there will not be 18 teams next season.”


03-14-2009, 08:49 AM
@Jugoplastika. Finally the media got round to covering the impact of the financial crisis on German basketball. The idea that the league might be reduced in size has been rumored at least since Allstar Day.

There are other articles who name some clubs where the future might be uncertain. But the information is very limited:

As of now, we know about three to five clubs who were not able to meet their business plan this year. Early this season LTi Giessen 46ers were close to insolvency but somehow they seem to have managed to tackle their problems, although there seems to be high debt which might lead to problems in the future. It is rumored that Cologne 99ers work with not more than the minimal budget, just recently a leading newspaper stated that they might have troubles again. Paderborn Baskets still need 240.000 € to finish the season and they work on a month-to-month basis, insolvency still looming over them. Nördlingen has a minor budget deficit of around 80.000 € (total budget believed to be 1.1-1.3 mio. €). The biggest question mark right now seems to be Düsseldorf who are believed to have a budget deficit of 600.000 € in their first season.

As the official club budgets are not disclosed, we can't really estimate what the impacts of these deficits will be. But even if there are some small budget clubs who begin to struggle economically the bigger clubs seem to be financially stable. If - as FNP and Bild write - Frankfurt and Berlin just fear stagnation of their budgets, it's quite a luxurious situation in times of crisis.

And even the idea to decrease the league's size is something only discussed because the league is not willing to give up their "high" expectations regarding the budget and arena standards: you have to prove a 1-million-euro budget and an modern arena seating at least 3000 to get a license to play the BBL.

In Germany, we haven't seen any lay offs of players due to financial problems yet.

03-15-2009, 11:16 PM
For those who can read German: a longer article about the German league with nine game days to go (http://www.schoenen-dunk.de/basketball/bbl/article.php?sid=31489).

Currently, I just don't have the time to translate the article but feel free to ask any questions.

04-13-2009, 09:51 AM
The end of regular season is near. The last four game days will have to show who's hot and who's not.

With 24:5 EWE Baskets Oldenburg can prepare the celebrations for becoming the best placed team of regular season.

ALBA Berlin (20:7) recently lost agains Bamberg and at New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig and struggle to keep the second place. On April 22nd they'll host the game against the third placed MEG Goettingen (20:7) and have to win to keep the second place.

Telekom Baskets Bonn and Deutsche Bank Skyliners still fight for the fourth place and home advantage in the quarterfinals. Ratiopharm Ulm just dropped to the sixth rank.

The fight for the last two playoff spots got close again. Bamberg (16:14), Ludwigsburg (15:15), Paderborn (14:14), Artland Dragons Quakenbrück (14:15) all can dream of taking part in the playoffs.

A strange thing happend in Bamberg as Coach Fleming decided to sideline former NBA PG Dan D. Dickau. No reasons are given. Mostly it is believed that Fleming just believes that Dickau doesn't integrate to well into the rotation.

The struggle against relegation seems to be decided after Cologne 99ers won at Gießen. Bremerhaven (5:23) most likely will be relegated unless they win every single game from now on. Due to a technical loss earlier this season, Gießen (8:21) has to win two games more than Cologne (9:20) to avoid relegation.

You can watch the BBL's March highlights for free: Click me, I'm a link. (http://www.sportdigital.tv/show/wmvfree/12312/Top_Ten_Maerz) It's not only the top ten but also a short documentation of the highly controversial issue concerning playing time for German youngsters.

04-13-2009, 11:30 AM
Telekom Baskets Bonn and Deutsche Bank Skyliners still fight for the fourth place and home advantage in the quarterfinals. Ratiopharm Ulm just dropped to the sixth rank.

I don't see Frankfurt passing Bonn. Mike Koch's team has just one difficult game left (@Bamberg) while Frankfurt still needs to play @Oldenburg, @Artland and against Berlin.
I also see Ulm ahead of the Skyliners. The won the direct comparison against Didin's team and 4 of their last 5 games are at home.

The fight for the last two playoff spots got close again. Bamberg (16:14), Ludwigsburg (15:15), Paderborn (14:14), Artland Dragons Quakenbrück (14:15) all can dream of taking part in the playoffs.

Bamberg recently had four really difficult games, playing against Frankfurt, Oldenburg, Berlin and Artland Dragons. They still have to play against Bonn, but in general Fleming's team looked pretty good.
It will be a tough fight for the last play-off spot. I see Artland taking that place...

04-28-2009, 05:56 PM
The first BBL awards are named:

- Best offensive player: Julius Jenkins (ALBA Berlin)
- Best defensive player: Immanuel McElroy (ALBA Berlin)
- Rookie of the Year (Under 22): Per Günther (Ratiopharm Ulm)
- Newcomer of the Year (Under 25 and first season in BBL): Rocky Trice (MEG Göttingen)

All awards were voted for by the coaches and media. Especially the Newcomer election was very close. Brandon Bowman (Telekom Baskets Bonn) is no. 2 with just a few votes difference. Chris Copeland (Trier) is ranked third.

The league's MVP, Coach of the year and BBL All First and Second Team are named tomorrow.

04-29-2009, 12:16 PM
The league's MVP, Coach of the year and BBL All First and Second Team are named tomorrow.

And here they are:

COY - John Patrick (Göttingen), coached the second year Bundesliga team to a sensational 3rd place in the regular season, using an aggressive full court press and quick play on the offensive end. Patrick won the award by a wide margin, with Predrag Krunic (Oldenburg) finishing 2nd and Mike Taylor (Ulm) 3rd.

MVP - Jason Gardner (Oldenburg). The point guard led Oldenburg to a 1st place finish, logging heavy minutes (33,5 mpg) and averaging 13,7 ppg and 4 apg. Ulm's little big man Jeff Gibbs was second in voting, while last year's MVP Julius Jenkins of ALBA became 3rd.

All-BBL first team:

Jason Gardner (Oldenburg)
Julius Jenkins (ALBA)
Rickey Paulding (Oldenburg)
Jeff Gibbs (Ulm)
Chris Ensminger (Paderborn)

All-BBL second team:

Kyle Bailey (Göttingen)
Rocky Trice (Göttingen)
Immanuel McElroy (ALBA)
Predrag Suput (Bamberg)
Rasko Katic (Tübingen)

05-12-2009, 09:54 AM
BBL regular season attendance stats:

ALBA Berlin 9.360
Brose Baskets 6.588
Telekom Baskets Bonn 5.061
TBB Trier 3.647
LTi Giessen 46ers 3.443
Eisbären Bremerhaven 3.196
MEG Göttingen 3.092
EWE Baskets Oldenburg 3.045
Artland Dragons 3.000
EnBW Ludwigsburg 2.929
ratiopharm Ulm 2.876
Köln 99ers 2.787
New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig 2.669
WALTER Tigers Tübingen 2.505
Paderborn Baskets 2.474
GIANTS Düsseldorf 2.354
Giants Nördlingen 2.260

Source (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/linkit.php?menuid=490&topmenu=270&keepmenu=inactive) [official]

Some numbers look suspicious [Frankfurt?], but in general they should be alright.