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04-27-2006, 06:16 PM
(Originally posted by Matiz 09-06-2004, 12:44 PM)

I think Argentina deserves a special thread about talented players, I'd certanly like to know more about them if anyone knows them. I found these profiles at NBADraft.net

Leonardo Mainoldi 6'8, SF-PF, 1985, Pamesa Valencia (Spain)

Alexander Alloatti 6'10 - PF, 1984 , Forum Valladolid (Spain)

Carlos Sandes 6'7- SG, 1984, Boca Juniors (Spain???)

Jokinen, is there any other talented argentinian player we should know about?

04-27-2006, 06:18 PM
They are all from the U-21 team that won the South American Championship U-21 this year, won bronze in the Tournamnet of las Americas at Halifax and also a third place in the Dallas global Games only loosing in Semifinals with the Champions Ukraine.

From that team I should add:

Juan Pablo Figueroa PG- 6'1" from Atenas (Argentina), is a very talented PG, who started for this U-21 team with only 17 or 18 years old,
I have no doubts that he is the PG of the future for the Argentinean NT( at least until Diego Gerbaudo grows), this kid will probably start for Atenas this year, and have in mind that Atenas is the most important team of Argentina, so thats is a very big responsibility.

The GM of Atenas consulted Magnano (Argentina NT Head Coach), about who PG sign for this season, and Magnano quickly answered none, Trust all in Figueroa, in fact he said " con los ojos cerrados" which means with the eyes close, he has no doubts about his talent, so why should I:p

Jose Muruaga a 6'3" SG also part of this NT is a very good shooter, actually he was named MVP of the South American Championship.
He plays in the TNA (the second division in Argentina) he has been playing pro-basketball for some years now despite his youth.

I should name Axel Weingand too SF 6'8" , he signed with Etosa Alicante (ACB) yesterday, he was property of the Real Madrid since very young but a knee injury really slowed his progress, he was playing for Boca JRs in Argentina lately, but not many minutes, but anyway is a huge prospect.

About Leo Mainoldi, I think he is the best prospect right now, he might be a little undersized( altough I think he is 6'9", not 6'8") but very talented and great rebounder, and also scorer he scored 39 points in a game at the Global Games( if I'm not wrong).
I remember him definitely as a PF, but I hope he is working hard to develop as a SF if that's so that will be awesome, NBA future no doubts.

Alloatti, actually is Alejandro, not Alexander, was supossed to be the biggest prospect (but right now I'll take Mainoldi), in fact he has two records in Argentinean Basketball History:

1- The youngest player to play pro basketball (with only 13 years old )
2- The youngest player to play with the senior NT with only 15 or 16 I don't remember well.

In 2002 he signed with Pamesa a 5 years old deal, it should end in 2007 and he should be U-22, that should make him a very good candidate for the NBA draft ( no buyouts, to hurt his stock, you know, like Scola for example).

Carlos Sandes is a very iteresting player, a lot of people says that he is a candidate for the 2005 NBA draft, I think he should wait until 2006, IMO this season will be his break out season in the Argentinean league playing for the Champion team Boca jrs, he already was a key player for Boca last season despite his youth, so I'm anxious to see him play.

Well i'll continue tomorrow, there is some other very intererting and young players like Diego Brezzo, Fabricio Vay, Carlos Schattman, Diego Gerbaudo, Fernando Funes, pablo Moya, etc.

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(Originally posted by Matiz 09-07-2004, 12:45 AM)

Hey,great info Jokinen , keep on with that...

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Here is another name to remember:

Carlos Schattman 1987 6´3" SG/SF from Atenas (Argentina)

I took this outlook from Latinbasket.com:

Great shooter and passer. Called “Leo” or “lituano” because of his appearance and his style of play. Very intelligent player, never forces a shot and has a good view for his teammates.
Is a classic shooting guard Drazen-Petrovic-style and can also play as point guard. A terrible shooter, with a bright future at the 2 spot, and maybe even at the point;

Hehe, they call him "Lithuanian" for his style of play, well he is a cold blood killer from 3 pt,

I was very surprised about him a couple of years ago in the finals of the Argentinean league between Atenas and Boca, Atenas was scoreless in the fourth quarter, then the coach put him on the court with 14 or 15 years playing in the finals!!!, and as soon as he got the ball "BOMB" a three pointer, then assist and a layup.
Atenas won that game and next the Championship and I thought, Oh, I should remember that player, he wasn't even nervous.

Earlier this year he played for the Argentinean U-18 at the Albert Schweitzer Tournament in Germany (Unofficial World Championships for Juniors),
Argentina got undefeated to the Final and lost against Turkey, ending in second place, Carlos Schattmann was the star of the Argentinean team averaging 18ppg, 3.6rpg, 2.1apg.

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(Originally posted by Ballstorm 09-07-2004, 11:10 AM)

Very good posts , jokinen , thanks!

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Thank you.

This is the outlook of Diego Brezzo PF/C 6'10" Atenas (Argentina) from Latinbasket.com:

Born: Feb.20, 1984
A gifted rebounder at the both sides of the court, has a bright future at 4 position if he will add a reliable outside shot;
some observers say that he could become the new Oberto; has yet great self confidence, loves to play the high post, has great passing skills, and can shot from mid-range or under the boards; applied for Italian citizìenship in summer of 2002;

I tried to find his profile in nbadraft.net, but I couldn't:

If you look for Argentineans in any mock draft of 2006 you won't find Mainoldi or Alloatti, you will only find this name: Diego Brezzo.

He has been in the radar of NBA teams since his 15, but things changed a lot in the last years,
Brezzo practicly haven't played in the last two years he injured his knee very badly and already underwent surgery 3 times in the same knee.
He is still young (20), so if he can stay healty, he should became the new Oberto.
Brezzo already played some minutes in the preseason games for Atenas, so I'm really looking forward to see him this season.

After his second surgery, he recovered and even thought he wasn't playing yet, the Real Madrid was about to sign him, but suddenly, he injured again. Now he is recovered one more time, let's hope this time he will show us how good can he be and how far can he go.

04-27-2006, 06:24 PM
Diego Gerbaudo 5'9" PG 1989 Gimanasia LP (Argentina)

Diego just turn 15 years old a few days ago and already has agreed a 4 years deal with Real Madrid with a option to 4 more years. Real Madrid GM Lolo Sainz said about him "Es el Zidane del Basketball" which means "is the Zidane of Basketball".

Honestly I haven't seen him play, a friend of mine who did see him play, wasn't that impressed by Gerbaudo but he has to be something special.

Gerbaudo already played for the Argentinean NT U-18 in the Albert Schweitzer Tournament in Germany giving 4 years of advantage.

Those who watched him playing say that he has a no natural (for a player his age) talent to run the PG, with great offensive skills he scored 56 pts in the final of the Provincial Championship of his category, and 37 in the final of the year before. Until last year he was playing for the team of Jaimes Craik (Cordoba) where he was born, and was playing in all the categories of the club playing four games per day which made him very happy according to his own words since playing basketball is the thing he enjoy the most.
This year Diego will play for Gimnasia from La Plata in the Argentinean Liga A (top league). Gimnasia LP got the second place in the last season.
Lolo Sainz said that they want him to play a couple of season here before they take him to Spain, anyway Gerbaudo has to report every offseason to Spain and play a tounament so the Real Madrid can check his progress.
He was in the last NBA basketball without borders at Brazil.

He is not only offensive talent he is also a great passer in fact when he was asked about what he likes more about his game, he answered to pass the ball, with no looks or between the legs of the rival(he was famous for doing that play in a senior game with less than 14 years old, I mean to senior players, they probably wanted to slap him after that ) and that he enjoy a good assist a lot more than a basket, then the reporter asked him about where did he learn to do that kind of plays and he said imitating Marcelo Milanesio (all time Argentinean Basketball Icon and best PG of the Argentinan Basketball history) and Magic Johnson his two Idols.

He might be a little underzised now but he should keep growing, he is only 15, so the height should not be a concern in the future.

04-27-2006, 06:25 PM
(Originally posted by K2- Young 09-09-2004, 06:05 PM)

impresive. good info joki.
I remember Sandez very well. He does not look like a SG to me, he is more of an SF. He is the only name I remember cuz when I saw him, I was saying to myself " remember that name, remember that name " "Sandez, Sandez ".

04-27-2006, 06:26 PM
Yeah, I think the same as you, he is defitely a SF, he has the perfect body for SF, he has muscle and 6'7" or maybe 6'8" tall.

04-27-2006, 06:27 PM
Fabricio Vay 1986 6'9" PF Pamesa Valencia

Fabricio is another big prospect he is property of Pamesa Valencia, but I think he will play for Pamesa Castellon this season.

This is his Outlook from Latinbasket.com:
A very promising player who needs to add some aggressiveness and some defensive bulk to become a star; very mature and versatile for his age, is yet able to play face-to-the basket offensively, has a good 1-on-1 and shoots well; Argentinean NT coach Ruben Magnano stated to local media he is the most promising player in the country of his age, and thet he his a very smart person, very coachable, with great attitude.

Magnano is a genius of Basketball, he has proved it several times, so if he thinks that Vay is the most promising player his age that must be truth.
I don't really know how he is doing in Spain.
Vay played with Argentina U-18 in the Albert Schweitzer Tournament in Germany (Unofficial World Championships for Juniors) -04 (Finalist): averaging 12.4ppg, 5.1rpg, 1.9apg off the bench mostly.

04-27-2006, 06:32 PM
(Originally posted by Ariel 09-15-2004, 05:07 AM)

On Juan Pablo Figueroa:

time will tell... i do have doubts...

On Axel Weingand:

huge prospect... hmmm... huge prospects (by argentinian standards) usually have achieved much more at his age...

On Leo Mainoldi:

NBA talent no doubts... there is always doubt when you're talking NBA... i mean, what would you have said then about Scola 6 years ago? MVP candidate for sure? i just hope he eventually gets there and gets to play...

On Alejandro Alloatti:

yeah, breaking records is great, but it will take you so far...

On Carlos Matias Sandes:

actually i don't like him nearly as much as you do... he doesn't seem to care much... he might have the size, talent, shooting, etc... but i'm concerned about his agressiveness... (a veces me da la impresión que juega con una pachorra... )

overall, i sure hope it is you who are right, but i don't see in this generation equal talent to the one that is playing right now... i wish we had another Oberto in the waiting, this would make so happy... i just don't see it...

04-27-2006, 06:32 PM
Is very hard to talk about young prospects, but you have to remember that they are just prospects, offcourse I'm being optimistic about them.

The generation of Nocioni, Scola, Delfino, had the same results or even worst than this new generation both had a third place in the Tournament of the Americas, so they are doing well for now.
The Scola, Mikulas, Delfino team had a bronze medal in the Junior World Championship at Saitama, Japan in 2001, will see how this new players do in Argentina 2005.

A good thing is that this new players have more playing time thanks to the fact that the older players are playing in other countries, offcourse the level of the league is worst than in the past because the best players no longer play here, but at least they have the chance to develop faster.

All of them have the talent and abilities now is up to them to make it.

About Mainoldi I'm pretty much sure that if he adjust to the SF position, will have NBA Future,
as for Alloatti I'm sure that if he aplies for the 2007 draft and he has no buyout, he has big chances,
about the youngest (Schattman, Gerbaudo, is hard to tell yet).

as for the others (Sandes, Brezzo, (Weingand, Vay, both already in Europe) to play some years in Europe will help them a lot and will let us see how big future they have ( Players like Oberto, Nocioni, Herrmann all went undrafted, but after a couple of yeasr they proved how good they are).

And about Figueroa I don't know yet I want to see him how much he progress now that he has more minutes and responsabilities.

04-27-2006, 06:34 PM
John Bembry and Chris Anderson, two journalist of ESPN the magazine traveled all the way to Argentina just to interview, the Argentinen prospect Diego Gerbaudo.

Bembry says that Gerbaudo is one of the top prospect of world Basketball in the near future. They are writing an article about the top international prospects to be posted in the Agust-September edition in which two or three other prospects will join the 15 years old Argentinean, a Nigerian and a kid from Croatia between them.

The two journalist said that they already knew Gerbaudo(who has a contract with Real Madrid (Spain) until 2011) from last year NBA Basketball without Borders at Brazil in which Gerbaudo was selected in the All Tounament Team.


04-27-2006, 06:34 PM
Matías Nocedal, 6-3, PG Argentina, 1990

Matias, won the all star game dunk contest in the NBA BWB latin America this year and in the Adidas Super star camp at brazil also this year.

Watching this kid on the court you have to stop a minute and ask yourself: "Why is this player not playing yet in a pro league in his hometown country of Argentina?". Yes, he is ready! He shocked everybody with his maturity and dominance, each day beating his opponents one by one showing a tremendous repertoire, he can score and get into the paint, finish or find the open man for an easy two or an open 3 pt shot. With a great attitude, he's a floor leader with great understanding of the game always making the right decision, and very aggressive when needed. He has good size and body for a only 15 year old kid and another impressive thing: he is an excellent leaper as he proved with the play of the camp with a tremendous dunk in the All Star game with all the defenders in the paint. He also took the slam dunk contest, and this with kids two years older and much bigger in camp! A good defender but has to learn how to use his body better to defend. Needs to work a lot on his outside shot, he showed some inconsistency during the event. You can be sure that the NBA is in his future.

You can read the full reports of the Adidas Super Star Camp: Latin America here:




04-27-2006, 06:42 PM
Diego Gerbaudo was named MVP of the South American Championship for cadets 2005, just like in the 2004, so the 16 years older is two times MVP at South American level at Cadets.

His numbers:

Diego Gerbaudo: 13.5 ppg, 4.83 apg, 2.5 spg and 1.66 rpg in 21.16 mpg.

04-27-2006, 06:43 PM
Tau reached a agreement with Argentinean prospect Matias Nocedal. Nocedal is 6'3" PG of 15 years old, considered by many as the biggest prospect od the Argentinen Basketball.

The deal is for 8 years so until Nocedal turns 23 years old, Barcelona and Climao Bologna were in the running for Nocedal, but according with Roberto Nocedal (Matias father) it was a personal choice of Matias to sign with Tau.


04-27-2006, 06:44 PM
The Fiba selected the ten Argentinean players who will participate in this year NBA Basketball Without Borders to be held at Puerto Rico. The participants are:

Leonel Schattmann (1987 6'4" SG), Atenas de Córdoba (LNB) 6.7 ppg, 1 rpg in 15 mpg
Sebastián Vega (1988 6'7" SF), Central Entrerriano (TNA) 2.1 ppg in 2.6 min Sebastián Uranga (1989 6'9" PF), Ben Hur (LNB)
Fabián Sahdi (1989 6'3" PG), El Nacional (TNA) 4.1 ppg 2.2 apg 1.2 rpg in 15 mpg
Diego Gerbaudo (1989 5'11" PG), Real Madrid/Regatas San Nicolás (TNA) 7.6 ppg 2.2 rpg 2.2 apg 1.1 spg in 19 mpg
Nicolás de los Santos (1988 6'3" SG) Gimnasia CR 0.8 ppg in 4 mpg
Facundo Piñero (1988 6'7" SG) Quilmes MdP 2.7 ppg in 10 mpg
Enzo Ruíz (1988 6'3" SG) Argentino Junín 0.4 ppg in 5.2 mpg
Nicolás Bessone (1987 6'8" PF) Olimpia de Venado Tuerto 1.6 ppg 1.4 rpg in 7 mpg
Pablo Espinoza (1987 6'5" SF) Argentino Junín 2.4 ppg 1.8 rpg in 7 mpg

The surprising thing is that Matias Nocedal is not on the list

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(Originally posted by DarkoMVP on 04-05-2006, 03:37 PM)
Very good posts, Jokinen , thanks!

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(Originally posted by DarkoMVP on 04-05-2006, 03:37 PM)
Very good posts, Jokinen , thanks!

:) :D :)

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BTW, Ramon Fernandez president of Aid Sport Signed yesterday Atenas de Cordoba prospect Leonel Schattmann (1987 6'4" SG),the agreement is for six years, Schattman will stay in Atenas at least for one more season (which is great) with a option for another season. Aid Sport will pay his salary (which is also great) and Atenas gets 90000 Euros for him. I know it don't seems much money for one of the best Argentinean prospects (if not the best) but believe me compared with other transactions 90000 is enough.

The word is that he would play for Real Madrid in ACB.

07-03-2006, 08:09 PM
A Night With The Next Ginobili


By Joshua Motenko

Manu Ginobili's success in the NBA has spawned the kind of fame normally reserved for soccer's elite, but now basketball is becoming a countrywide passion, and Ginobili is being heralded as the Michael Jordan of Argentina.

In 2002, when Argentina upset the U.S. Olympic team in Athens Greece, Manu, and countrymen Andres Nocioni -- who have now become poster boys of Argentinean basketball -- were not well known even throughout their own country. But in the last four years, the fame of basketball players and the popularity of the sport in Argentina have reached astounding heights.

As the search for the next Manu Ginobili heats up in Argentina the eyes of scouts have leveled on the thin frame of 16-year-old point guard prospect Matias Nocedal, of Argentino Castelar. Nocedal will participate in the 2006 Adidas Superstar Camp in Sao Paulo Brazil, where he will be competing against the top talent in his age group from around Latin America. Matias won the camp MVP and slam-dunk contest in 2005, and many are looking forward to seeing his improvement this July. NBAdraft.net got a sneak preview of Nocedal’s progress in June.

It has always been difficult to gauge Mati’s skill level because he plays for a very small sports club outside of the city, and his competition is not always the best. I saw him one of two nights. In the first, he was guarding a crafty 35-year-old with a beer gut.

Also, just to demonstrate one example of how small his club is, the court he plays on is equivalent to the one I played on in eighth grade. It’s cut short length and width-wise, but along the sidelines there’s no room to shoot a three pointer because the out-of-bounds line is about four inches behind the three point line.

The gym holds about 150 people, and the stands are very close to the court. It was a great intimate atmosphere for the second nights game, which hosted a team of American players from division 2 Colleges and Universities in North Carolina and Tennessee, who were brought here by a Baptist church in Florida that comes to Argentina annually to spread their faith... and play basketball.

The energy in the gym was very tense as the game started. There were many English speakers in attendance who had come with the church, and all the locals were a bit awestruck by having American basketball players in their gym, 4 or 5 of which were giving the crowd a dunk show during warm-up layup drills.

It would have been worth the price of admission if only to see the reactions of the American players as they were greeted by hand shakes and kisses on the cheek (the common greeting in South America) from the Argentinean team before the opening tip-off. I have a mental image of one gringo pulling his face away in disgust while trying to figure out why he was being kissed by a man. The fact that they were all devout Christians made the cultural awkwardness and homophobic knee-jerk reactions that much more entertaining.

The Americans proved to be exactly the type of competition I was looking forward to in order to see what this kid Nocedal could do with a basketball.

I interviewed him in Spanish for about 45 minutes before I saw him play, and found him to be an extremely nice kid. Soft-spoken and polite, it was easy to tell by his personality that he just recently turned 16 years old. However, when he stepped on the basketball court, the person that I met was nowhere to be found.

Mati proved to be the fastest, quickest, and most athletic player on the court. He was able to pretty much do whatever he wanted to, and the game was close the whole way, with the Americans having a 4 to 9 point lead most of the game.

I was at mid court sitting next to players from the Argentino Castelar´s 13-14 year old basketball team, shouting to the Americans in English and to the Argentinean team in Spanish throughout the game. Half time came and went with a presentation by the church.

As the second half of the game unfolded, the crowd (lead by the youths sitting next to me) continued to demonstrate home court advantage with their loud chants, like the familiar "Oley.... Oley, Oley, Oley!"

It was great to be a member of the local atmosphere and cheer against my home country – rooting for Nocedal as to impress me against the tough competition. The Argentineans were down by 11 points with 7 minutes to go, and were able to play great defense and keep the Americans to only 5 points over the next five minutes, cutting the lead down to about 4 or 5 points.

Matias was trying to put his team on his shoulders and carry them to victory. He got to the free throw line often, but missed a couple three pointers during this stretch of play. However, in the final two minutes, he put on a show for me.

The defense was so focused on him and his ability to attack the basket with his quick first step, that he was able to use this to his advantage, driving into the lane a couple times drawing three defenders, only to find a cutting teammate open under the basket for a lay-up.

They were great passes that took mature recognition, vision and decision-making ability. His next trip down the court, he dribbled down the middle with time ticking away, made a cross over dribble to his left as he passed mid court, and took a long, long three-pointer with great confidence that reminded of Gilbert Arenas. He knew it was going in when the ball left his fingertips.

The Americans then took the ball down the court quickly and passed to their big man who was more open than he should have been (since as he was their best player) near the basket.

In seeing this, the Argentinean big men both leaped at him to block his shot, but he gave a deceptive shot fake, and as the defending players came crashing down on him (fouling him), he somehow managed to throw up a shot that spun in off the glass. He made his free throw, and kept the lead for the Americans. The energy in the gym was fantastically stressful, despite the billing as a “friendly game”.

The Argentineans came down the court but the American point guard stole a pass. He raced down the court as I watched Nocedal´s reaction, hesitating for a split second, and then following in pursuit. The American shot the ball up high for his lay-up as Matias sprung off the floor.

As the ball was at its peak height about to drip through the hoop, Matias swatted it away from the rim into the crowd. It was called goaltending and the basket counted, but you could tell that Matias got the effect he wanted and everyone gave a big smile at his leaping demonstration.

The Americans were up by 7 points with about 50 seconds remaining, so the game was basically over. Nocedal took the ball out of bounds, and ran up the court with his team. He passed to a big guy, who was defended tightly. The Argentinean made a couple slow, ugly moves to try to get open to shoot, and he was fouled as he threw up a prayer of a three-point shot... which to the surprise of everyone in the gym went in!

The whole gymnasium erupted in pandemonium as the Argentineans had a chance at a four-point play. Jesus was obviously with us all that night. The player made his free throw, and the Americans were immediately fouled when they took the ball out of bounds.

They made both free throws, and with about 10 seconds left, Matias ran up the court and took another long three pointer... that missed. The Americans ran out the clock and the game was over, but with such an exciting finish to a friendly game, no one on the Argentinean side was upset to lose.

In addition, Matias Nocedal collected another admirer, showing that he can rise to the challenge in a truly competitive atmosphere.

Matias Nocedal Interview

Castelar, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

(Translated from Spanish)

Motenko: Do you speak English too?

Nocedal: Yeah, I can speak a little. My mother is a teacher.

Motenko: Good, let´s begin. Matias, how old were you when you started playing basketball?

Nocedal: I was 6.

Motenko: Does anyone else in your family play basketball, or other sports?

Nocedal: Yes, I have two younger sisters and one of them plays basketball... but she is only 5 years old (smiles). My mother and father both played volleyball, but not anymore. They didn´t play professionally in Argentina, but they were pretty good.

Motenko: Do you play any other sports?

Nocedal: I used to be a swimmer and play tennis, but now it´s always basketball, basketball, basketball.

Motenko: How come you´re not playing with the Argentine under 18 National Team?

Nocedal: I´m three years too young.

Motenko: Are you a part of the U16 or U17 team?

Nocedal: Yes, but they don´t play until October.

Motenko: Who is your favorite NBA player? Do you try to play like them every?

Nocedal: I like Chauncy (Billups), (Dwayne) Wade, Bruce Bowen. I do try to play like them sometimes. I try to imitate the characteristics of their game that they do well, like dribbling for Chauncy, or going to the basket like Wade. And obviously for Bowen, it´s defense.

Motenko: Who is your favorite Argentinean player?

Nocedal: Sebastian Ginobili, Manu´s brother. No, wait... Diego Garcia. He´s really good.

Motenko: Who is your role model in your life, someone you respect and want to be like as you grow older?

Nocedal: My father. I have watched him do many things, and he has taught me a lot about life. Yeah, I would say my mother and father.

Motenko: On the basketball court, who is your toughest individual match-up? Who is difficult to play against?
Nocedal: No one.

Motenko: What aspect of your game are you proud of? What aspect do you do well?

Nocedal: Every aspect of my game needs work. Nothing is sufficient right now. But if I need to answer, I would say my shot.

Motenko: What aspects of your game have you improved from last year?

Nocedal: My dribbling has improved. My defense. And my physique, my body.

Motenko: Are you currently on a weight lifting program?

Nocedal: Yes, I lift about three times per week.

Motenko: What aspects of your game still need work?

Nocedal: Strength. My left hand. Dribbling always is something I work on, and passing.

Motenko: You recently signed a professional contract with Tau Ceramica in Spain, when will you go over there to play?

Nocedal: The contract is for eight years, until I am 23 years old. I don´t have to decide now to go over. When I´m 17, I have to decide when to go.

Motenko: What advice have you gotten about playing there, and living there?

Nocedal: I have been to Spain before, so I know what to expect about the place. I went about five or six times. There will be a lot of different things, however… The language,... I think I will miss my family. But that´s all part of the game.

Motenko: Is the NBA one of your primary objectives for your future?

Nocedal: No. There are many steps to take before then. If I keep improving, and if I am close, then I think I will want to play. But right now, I´m not thinking about it.

09-05-2006, 06:37 PM
Diego Gerbaudo was supposed to stay one more year in Argentinian second division, but the Real Madrid decided to take him to Spain to play in the Leb2.

Btw Gerbaudo was selected MVP of the NBA Basketball without Borders latin America this year and led the Argentinian U-19 team to a second place at the Tournament of Americas.

This is a video of him playing for Real Madrid a coupple of years ago, he was 14 years old at that time, as you can see he is very talented, great dribbling and passing