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07-19-2008, 05:47 PM
From FIBA: link (http://www.athens2008.fiba.com/pages/eng/fe/08/olymQual/men/news/lateNews/p/newsid/26863/FE_news_lateNews_arti.html)

The semi-finals and final qualifying games, just as the quarter-finals were on Friday, are being shown in the United States and Mexico on the ESPN 360 website.

There are now 47 territories showing the games. They are:

Argentina - TYC Sports
Brazil - ESPN, Sport TV, Bandeirantes Sport, Sport Interactivo
Canada - The Score
Mexico - ESPN 360
Puerto Rico - CaribeVision/Channel 24
USA - ESPN 360
Venezuela - Telesur

Indonesia - First Media
Japan - JSport
Korea - MBC/ESPN
Philippines - Solar Entertainment

Middle East/North Africa
Algeria - Al Jazeera Sport
Chad - Al Jazeera Sport
Djibouti - Al Jazeera Sport
Egypt - Al Jazeera Sport
Libya - Al Jazeera Sport
Tunisia - Al Jazeera Sport
Morocco - Al Jazeera Sport
Jordan - Al Jazeera Sport
Lebanon - Al Jazeera Sport
Mauritania - Al Jazeera Sport
Bahrain - Al Jazeera Sport
Saudi Arabia - Al Jazeera Sport
Oman - Al Jazeera Sport
Qatar - Al Jazeera Sport
Somalia - Al Jazeera Sport
Syria - Al Jazeera Sport
United Arab Emirates - Al Jazeera Sport
Yemen - Al Jazeera Sport
Sudan - Al Jazeera Sport
Iraq - Al Jazeera Sport
Iran - Al Jazeera Sport
Kuwait - Al Jazeera Sport
Palestine including Gaza Strip - Al Jazeera Sport

Austria - DSF
Bosnia-Herzegovina - BHRT
Cyprus - Lumiere TV
France - Ma Chaine Sport
Germany - DSF
Greece - ERT
Israel - The Sport Channel
Liechtenstein - DSF
Luxembourg - DSF
Romania - Boom Sport One
Slovenia - RTV SLO, Sport TV
Switzerland - DSF
Turkey - NTV

Jan van Grabski
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07-20-2008, 02:37 PM
Thanks for link, Many TV channels working just fine for me. Just today thought, that it would be nice see this game and final.

08-10-2008, 05:01 PM
Thanks for the helpful list.

08-20-2008, 10:53 AM
From FIBA: link (http://www.athens2008.fiba.com/pages/eng/fe/08/olymQual/men/news/lateNews/p/newsid/26863/FE_news_lateNews_arti.html)

Interesting how they ignored Lithuania on the list considering we are also a finalist (woot final 4). The main channel thats free to air for us is LRT


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