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Joško Poljak Fan
02-22-2008, 12:15 PM
well, I kind of need a place to discuss hockey :D... don't mind other sports either.

Games vs. KAC Klagenfurt/Celovec were a sort of a balsam, 7th ranked eliminating no.2 ranked team is always something, especialy by 0-3 in victories.

Olimpija just extended coach Mike Posma and Brendan Yarema untill 2010, meaning they obviously have the financial needs and will try to maintain the hockey level they're at right now.

I hope Jesenice would pass Linz in the last 5th game, to get a slovenian semifinal in austrian hockey league. It would be great to see 4 games series of both teams, especially since both teams weren't as strong as they are right now probably since 93' or 92'...

02-22-2008, 12:50 PM
Hockey rocks. :D

I am loving the currrent situation with the Olimpija hockey team. They did a really great job by keeping coach Posma utill end of 2009/2010 season.

Todd Elik & Alex Westlund are probably the best foreign hockey players in last years that played in Ljubljana...

I'm confident that Jesenice will kick ass in Linz in their final game and we will see at least one Slovenian team in the finals of Austrian league. :D Ofcourse, we all know who will that be - Olimpija. :)

The Olimpija - KAC quarterfinals were really great, more than 500 fans were going to Klagenfurt and the atmosphere in Tivoli hockey arena was probably the best in years (if we cout off Jesenice derbies)...

Brendan Yarema untill 2010, meaning they obviously have the financial needs and will try to maintain the hockey level they're at right now



Brendan Yerema in action. :D

Though, this can't be compared to Olimpija - Jesenice legendary fights... :D

Joško Poljak Fan
02-22-2008, 01:26 PM
while we're at brawls...
the one and only ..... legend...
#22 Ed Kastelic :D

I'd kill to get some footage of him from Slovenia - Ucraine from b division, when he retired from the NT :D ... 263 penalty minutes from both teams :D

02-22-2008, 02:04 PM
clip is from Jesenice - Olimpija game... :D #2 is the one and only Bojan Zajc. :D #3 also legendary but still active Robert Ciglenečki... :)

While we are at aggressive hockey players... Zajc and Cigla should be mentioned. :D Zajc is an assistent coach to Mike Posma in Olimpija this season. My father played hockey with him on the lake nearby when they were all kiddos... :D Zajc always played with older players.. but they still found him crazy. :)

Joško Poljak Fan
02-22-2008, 02:33 PM
hehe, my mum is from Jesenice, she explained that back in the begining of the ex-Yugo league there was a player (forgot his name to be honest) that was the first player from Jesenice ever to sign for Olimpija, when he came home his father got completely pissed off and beat the hell out of his adult son just for signing with Olimpija :D imagine that...

well, recently those hockey players are getting a bit soft... I miss Kastelic, Zajc, Tišlar, Ciglenečki and those old school guys ...Tavželj seems to be fitting in those shoes though :)

one more reason we need that new arena, Olimpija - Jesenice derby could easily attract 12.000 people at this moment...

champions in ex-Yu:
1939 Ilirija (Ljubljana)
1940 Ilirija
1941-1946 DP none
1947 Mladost (Zagreb)
1948 Partizan (Beograd)
1949 Mladost
1950 none
1951 Partizan
1952 Partizan
1953 Partizan
1954 Partizan
1955 Partizan
1956 Zagreb
1957 Jesenice
1958 Jesenice
1959 Jesenice
1960 Jesenice
1961 Jesenice
1962 Jesenice
1963 Jesenice
1964 Jesenice
1965 Jesenice
1966 Jesenice
1967 Jesenice
1968 Jesenice
1969 Jesenice
1970 Jesenice
1971 Jesenice
1972 Olimpija
1973 Jesenice
1974 Olimpija
1975 Olimpija
1976 Olimpija
1977 Jesenice
1978 Jesenice
1979 Olimpija
1980 Olimpija
1981 Jesenice
1982 Jesenice
1983 Olimpija
1984 Olimpija
1985 Jesenice
1986 Partizan
1987 Jesenice
1988 Jesenice
1989 Medveščak (Zagreb)
1990 Medveščak
1991 Medveščak

after independence:
1991/1992: Jesenice
1992/1993: Jesenice
1993/1994: Jesenice
1994/1995: Olimpija
1995/1996: Olimpija
1996/1997: Olimpija
1997/1998: Olimpija
1998/1999: Olimpija
1999/2000: Olimpija
2000/2001: Olimpija
2001/2002: Olimpija
2002/2003: Olimpija
2003/2004: Olimpija
2004/2005: Jesenice
2005/2006: Jesenice
2006/2007: Olimpija

with Jesenice's 23 ex-Yu titles (out of 46 possible) and 5 Slo titles and Olimpija's 10 ex-Yu titles and 11 Slo titles, it's no wonder this is the biggest derby of them all...

02-25-2008, 03:03 PM
Jesenice failed to win Linz so they are out of quarterfinals... We will see Olimpija - Linz matches.

Jesenice also fired coach Kim Collins due this (bad) result.

Joško Poljak Fan
02-25-2008, 06:45 PM
too bad for Jesenice.
The news with Collins surprised me a bit, since he was the one responsible for that streak of "dunnohowmany" wins in a row and helped to increase the appetite that got him fired obviously.

Joško Poljak Fan
02-29-2008, 10:06 AM
finaly win for Olimpija in the 2nd game vs Linz
I was slightly loosing my nerves when it was 0-2, ended up with 3-2 and made me actually not watch 2nd half of Maccabi-Real.

now it's 1-1... time for a "break" on Linz's ice :p

02-29-2008, 07:56 PM
Great news... Todd Elik is staying in Olimpija for another year..:D

I hope they'll also bring some of Slovenian hockey players which are currently playing abroad or in Jesenice. :D

Joško Poljak Fan
03-01-2008, 02:55 PM
Great news... Todd Elik is staying in Olimpija for another year..:D
me like :cool:

I hope they'll also bring some of Slovenian hockey players which are currently playing abroad or in Jesenice. :D
I hope they won't buy all of Jesenice's players, since if Jesenice are weak noone actually cares about hockey in Ljubljana- just as it was in the period when Olimpija won 10 titles in a row... people barely noticed it (if even).

Without this rivalry slovenian hockey is more or less dead, that's why we need strong Jesenice no matter what and Olimpija on a simmilar level...

03-02-2008, 08:21 PM
now it's 1-1... time for a "break" on Linz's ice :p1:2, break happened, Olimpija won 1:3 in Linz! :D :D :D

Joško Poljak Fan
03-02-2008, 09:17 PM
1:2, break happened, Olimpija won 1:3 in Linz! :D :D :D
...and I just can't whipe the smile out of my face :D

Joško Poljak Fan
03-05-2008, 03:57 PM
Olimpija - Linz 3-2
3-1 in wins, one more is needed for the finals. The sooner we get it the better, since the first final game is already scheduled for the 13th this month and Salzburg already qualified after swaping Vienna 4-0 in victories.

Jesenice re-signed 32 years old Conny Stromberg, while rumours are Rodman brothers are returning to Jesenice for the next season as well supposedly it's just a matter of playing the next season or getting to Jesenice for the national championship already. Tomaž Razinger got the offer and it's now up to him.

03-09-2008, 08:05 PM
Olimpija won their last game by 2:0 and qualified for the finals of Austrian league. :D

It would be really funny to see a Slovenian club winning Austrian league... hahaha. :D

03-13-2008, 08:42 PM
Olimpija won first game in finals vs. Salzburg in away game! :D

What an ice hockey euphoria is going on here in Ljubljana... tickets for first home final game were sold out in 15 minutes. :D

Joško Poljak Fan
03-13-2008, 10:04 PM
and we've still got the national finals vs. Jesenice waiting after EBEL ends. Olimpija will get more money from tickets this season than in the last 10 seasons combined :)

great win for us of course, Salzburg went 4-0 vs. a team like Vienna and I was kind of afraid Olimpija will get over run with their age and playing 3 lineups only, but so far so good. We've got the first break while I think one more will be neccesary- don't want to claim Tivoli will stay unbeaten although I hope for that.

Joško Poljak Fan
03-19-2008, 12:36 PM
Now, that was a Win :)
Yarema with the "golden goal" in 17th second of the overtime while shots on goal were 34-12 in favour of Salzburg.

Reb Bull Salzburg : ZM Olimpija 3-4
Olimpija leads the series 2-1.

We were lucky this time, now we desperately need that home-win to make it 1-3 and that would practicaly decide the series.

David and Marcel Rodman (Vienna) and Tomaž Razingar (Innsbruck) returned to Jesenice, good news for them. Looking forward for the derbies next season.

Joško Poljak Fan
03-26-2008, 11:46 AM
well, Olimpija lost the series at the green table... I managed to get completely wasted in KMŠ yesterday and of course had to talk these stuff with some of the players that were there, some of them can't be convienced that the whole thing wasn't a set up, they really seemed angry about it. A nice fight is always apreciated, either on ice/court or "Groznik wise" :D so I still apreciate a lot their effort they've shown recently.
... now looking forward to beating Jesenice