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Straight forward
04-04-2021, 03:02 PM
Let's have extended discussion about power rankings of European NT powerhouses, dark horses and new upcoming powers. It would be handy to have it in one place. Obviously things will get it to go since 2022, but let's try to have all decade into consideration.

1. Upcoming almighty force. FRANCE. OK, now they have one of the best scorers in FIBA in Fournier and maybe the best defensive player in the world Gobert (as the most complete defensive team as well), but it may be just a scratch on a surface. They have K.Hayes as 7th pick PG. That doesn't happen often. Not at all. Another huge PG prospect Maledon just nailed 33pts. Victor Wembanyama is treated as one of the top elite prospects globally, possible new unicorn. There's bunch of NBA prospects, current and upcoming. France and Canada is the deepest talent farms outside USA recently. With France you never known, but they have the most raw talent in Europe.

2. Hard to move. SERBIA. It's basically most talented NT of the end of 10's so what's to add? Well, they have things to add. Pokusevski, Petrusev, Nakic, Jovic, Vukcevic and many other big prospects. Sensational Jokic who only yet to dominate FIBA (new Pau or just Marc Gasol? :)). Current studs in Bogdanovic and Micic here to say. So Serbia is not going anywhere and will collect their medals, probably golden ones including.

3. Baltic Giants. LITHUANIA. We are on the blossom of talent lately. The biggest optimism comes from the fact that Lithuania may have the biggest PG prospect power in Europe after France, IMO. Three premium prospects of arguably most important position in FIBA. Marciulionis, Jokubaitis, Velicka. Domas Sabonis is 2 times ALL STAR as 24yo. Plenty of promising raw upside in Tubelis, Murauskas, Buzelis, Brazdeikis, Sirvydis ect.

4. Red hot chilly peppers. SPAIN. They shouldn't be gone anywhere with Garuba, Alocen and other big prospects, as well as Rubio, Mirotic still balling. But do they have overwhelming upcoming generation? Not particularly, specially after legendary Pau's generation.

Those are 4 wales of European NT basketball, IMO, which should top FIBA rankings. Teams as Greece, Italy, Latvia,Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia are harder to predict, even though I would see potential rise of Germany, Turkey, but not to an extent that I would put my money on. Interesting upcoming team might be Estonia, they have interesting new generation.

Share your vision.

Straight forward
04-08-2021, 03:07 PM
An article why France may be a next team to beat in 20's. They have like at least 4-5 NBA material players in each position potentially. That off course doesn't mean they they will necessary be new Spain of Pau's generation or something like that, but the amount of talent is huge. If Wembanyama will become that super talent which can block and deflect any attempt to go inside France defence will be absolutely scary cause their perimeter defence with Hayes, Ntilikina, Maledon is off charts:


08-07-2021, 08:03 PM
Your prediction about France is starting to look bang on, they're definitely my favorites for Eurobasket if they bring that team back. They were absolutely gutted just winning silver which reminds me a lot of the prime Spain teams.

Slovenia of course (provided Luka keeps showing up) would also be in my potentials for dominating the 20s, but they're not as deep as France so I'm not as confident in them.

Straight forward
08-08-2021, 05:56 PM
I definitely had to include Slovenia among too 4. When I wrote this stuff, I didn't imagine that Goran Dragic and Randolph less Slovenia will be so smooth and so good, but they were exactly such just from the scratch, just having Doncic to run the show.

09-03-2021, 07:06 PM
Seems like France and Lithuania will be a little bit better than Spain and Serbia. Israel and Germany should be better, maybe Croatia but not so close.