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08-18-2014, 09:56 AM
7015 Most important World basketball tournament this year will start on 30th of August in Spain. 24 teams will take part in this competition.

TheSportCity.Net is very proud to announce the launch of FIBA World Cup 2014 Fantasy manager. Final squads are not yet known as teams going through preparation stage. Fantasy manager will consist of 9 tours. As usual, there winners will be awarded with TheSportCity.Net credits .

You can create Fantasy team here (http://www.thesportcity.net/f_manager_control.php?mseason_id=40).

You can create your private league here (http://www.thesportcity.net/f_manager_league_control.php?mseason_id=40).

You can create your Fantasy league here (http://www.thesportcity.net/f_manager_tournament_control.php?mseason_id=40).

You can create your own tournament here (http://www.thesportcity.net/rvs_manager_league_control.php?mseason_id=40).

You can create your Solo manager team here (http://www.thesportcity.net/solo_manager_control.php?mseason_id=40).

Clans will also be able to participate in team event. Best clans will receive credits.

If you are not a member of a clan, you can join one, or you can start your own.

You can start your clan here (http://www.thesportcity.net/clan_management.php).

Good luck!

08-27-2014, 10:15 AM
As all squads are known (except Iran where are still 13 players) a bit of ranking based on initial prices.

Spain 9.00
USA 6.47
Serbia 6.25
Brazil 6.14
Croatia 5.75
Puerto Rico 5.61
Greece 5.52
Finland 5.48
Dominican Rep 5.42
Ukraine 5.38
New Zealand 5.37
Senegal 5.35
Argentina 5.28
Australia 5.23
Philippines 5.20
Iran 5.18
Mexico 5.18
Korea Republic 5.17
Turkey 5.15
Lithuania 5.14
France 5.11
Slovenia 4.86
Angola 3.74
Egypt 3.48

At that point people usually get too excited and start throwing poo, so a bit of an explanation required.
First of all pricing is not an exact science. Prices based on historical performances for their national teams, plus common sense, plus a bit of guesswork. Also once market is open and player is bought its price cannot be corrected. Also one expensive/cheap player can really move teams around. For example, with Kalnietis Lithuania was between Brazil and Croatia, without him it dropped to the bottom. Most likely ranking will diverge into correct one after second game.

USA. Usually extremely difficult to get right as anyone can play and usually everybody do. After Durant moved out, team became underpriced. However, during Olympics only 5 players in USA team had prices higher than currently set, none of them will be in Spain.
Finland. Overpriced, but mostly due to their excellent performance during Eurobasket 2013.
France. Although feels severely underpriced and will reach playoffs without Parker, Ajinca, De Colo they will be nowhere close to their Eurobasket 2013 glory.