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04-22-2014, 05:04 AM
Like my European list, I've also put together an All-World list featuring what I believe are the best players in the world (outside Europe and the US) since the professional era began in 1992. Take a look. Feel free to add your comments or structure your own list.

First Team All-World (1992-2012)


-PG Steve Nash, CAN (2000 OG)
-SG Andrew Gaze, AUS (1994 WC)
-SF Oscar Schmidt, BRA (1992 OG)
-PF Luis Scola, ARG (2008 WC)
-C Yao Ming, CHN (2006 WC)


-G Carlos Arroyo, PUR (2004 OG)
-G Manu Ginobili, ARG (2004 OG)
-G Larry Ayuso, PUR (2004 OG)
-F Fabricio Oberto, ARG (1998 WC)
-F Andrés Nocioni, ARG (2004 OG)
-F Carl Herrera, VEN (1992 OG)
-C Jose Ortiz, PUR (1994 WC)

Second Team All-World (1992-2012)


-PG Shane Heal, AUS (1996 OG)
-SG Leandro Barbosa, BRA (2010 WC)
-SF Joe Ingles, AUS (2012 OG)
-PF Michael Meeks, CAN (2000 OG)
-C Tiago Splitter, BRA (2006 WC)


-G Olimpio Cipriano, ANG (2008 OG)
-G Jean Jacques Conceicao, ANG (1992 OG)
-G Carlos Delfino, ARG (2008 OG)
-G/F Marcelo M. Machado, BRA (2002 WC)
-F Kirk Penney, NZL (2010 WC)
-F Ike Diogu, NGR (2012 OG)
-C Hamed Hadadi, IRN (2010 WC)

* players' signature year in ( )