View Full Version : Tipping thread/game?

07-13-2013, 05:20 AM
Would anyone be interested in a tipping thread/game for the tournament? I participate in one with a rugby forum I am a part of, and I think it could be really interesting here, for fun of course!

Here would be the rules (very basic)

-Pick everyday's matches individually
-I'll try throw up the list matches of the next day at least 24 hours in advance so everyone has time to pick the matches. You can make multiple days in one post in advance if you would like to. (example: all prelim games).
-All picks must be in around 5-10 minutes before start of first game of day at latest.
-When picking, you pick the team you think will win, and by how much (margin of victory).
-If you decide to change your pick before the game, please make a separate post, DO NOT EDIT ORIGINAL POST, as I will not see it and cheating could be done this way.

Points system
-Zero, one, or three points may be awarded per match
-Points awarded to poster (posters) with closest prediction.
-One point is awarded to person who picked the correct winner and was closest to the margin of victory.
-Three points awarded for spot-on prediction.
-Zero points awarded if nobody picks the winner.


Johnny Appleseed picks Team A to win by 7
Bob Smith picks Team A to win by 19
Tommy Smith picks Team A to win by 1

Situation A: Team A wins by 5
Result: Johnny wins the 1 point for that match, nobody else receives points.

Situation B: Team A wins by 13
Result: Johnny and Bob both win 1 point for picking Team A and were both equally close to margin of victory.

Situation C: Team A wins by 15
Result: Bob wins 1 point for correct winner and being closest to picking margin of victory.

Situation D: Team B wins by 2
Result: No points awarded since nobody picked Team B

Hopefully this is clear. If there are any questions, please ask below! What are peoples interest? It'll be a lot of games so a lot of competition. For the gold medal game, we will pick winner, margin of victory, and total points scored by both teams in game (will be used as a tie breaker).