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JRS Bonnet
06-06-2013, 03:39 PM
Two of last season top players are heading to France.

Arnette Hallman (F, 1.99, 1988) left Académica and was signed by Union Basket Chartres Métropole (French NM 1).

Lille Métropole Basket (PRO B – France) signed the Cape Verdean (with a Portuguese passport) swingman Ivan Almeida (1.98, 1989).

Link (in French): http://www.lmbc.fr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1228:signature-divan-almeida-au-lmb&catid=33:actualites_PRO&Itemid=40

06-08-2013, 11:27 AM
Where is Gregory stempin?

He played KBL for a while in 2004.

Ricardo Powell, Terrence Leather - 05~06 Benfica lisbona.

Jamie Kendrick - 05~07 Queluz, Belenenses

Marquin Chandler - 2011 S.L. Benfica

Jason robinson ...and so on

Eric Sandrin - 06~07 CAB Madeira

Eric Sandrin(Half-korean) last season salary : $450,000 USD=340,188 Euro :p

JRS Bonnet
06-08-2013, 03:06 PM
Where is Gregory stempin?

He played KBL for a while in 2004.

Eric Sandrin - 06~07 CAB Madeira

Eric Sandrin(Half-korean) last season salary : $450,000 USD=340,188 Euro :p

After F.C. Porto’s decision to extinguish its pro basket section, Greg Stempin returned to the USA and he’s now retired (there are rumors of a possible comeback, though).

It is nice and a bit surprising to see so many American pros (and one «half-Korean») being able to «upgrade» to what I believe is a much more competitive league.

By the way, thank you for reminding me that Eric Sandrin played for C.A.B. Madeira. I «wikked» him and now (only now:p) I now that he’s Lee Seung-Jun, a Korean NT player: he’s going straight to my «notable players in Portugal» database.

JRS Bonnet
06-17-2013, 02:17 PM
According to a Portuguese basketball site, Mário Fernandes (PG, 1.74, 1982) and João Balseiro (SG, 1.92, 1987) will leave Académica de Coimbra and will join S.L. Benfica.

Link (in Portuguese): http://ressalto.net/index.php/lpb/item/2978-mário-fernandes-e-joão-balseiro-a-caminho-do-benfica

Former Portuguese NT member Miguel Minhava (PG, 1.97, 1983, ex-Benfica) is now a free-agent.

JRS Bonnet
06-28-2013, 06:21 PM
João Gomes (SF, 2.01, 1985), Frederick Gentry (PF/C, 2.03, 1977) and Pedro Belo (C, 2.14, 1992) extended their contracts with S.L. Benfica.

The Polish center Szymon Lukasiak (2.08, 1987) left Académica de Coimbra and joined KKS Siarka Tarnobrzeg (Polish league).

F*sica de Torres Vedras announced that the team is not able to afford playing another LPB season and, therefore, will join the new CNB (third division).

JRS Bonnet
07-09-2013, 02:24 PM
A very pleasant surprise: there were 25 applications for the pro basketball leagues (LPB and Proliga – 12 spots each).
VI LPB (2013-14) – 12 candidates: S.L. Benfica, Académica de Coimbra, C.A.B. Madeira, A.D. Ovarense, Vitória de Guimarães, Sampaense Basket, B.C. Barcelos, S.C. Lusitânia, Sport Algés e Dafundo, Galitos F.C., U.D. Oliveirense and Maia Basket.

Diogo Carreira (PG, 1.80, 1978) and Tomás Barroso (PG, 1.85, 1990) extended their contracts with S.L. Benfica.

JaMarkus Holt (PF, 2.05), who had an outstanding season with Algés, was signed by Starwings Basket Regio Basel (LNA – Switzerland).

Link (in German): http://www.starwings.ch/2013/07/08/jamarkus-holt/ (with a picture of JaMarkus Holt impersonating João Gomes:confused:)

JRS Bonnet
07-18-2013, 03:11 PM
Latest News

S.L. Benfica:
Signed the young swingman Carlos Ferreirinho (2.00, 1991, ex-Sampaense Basket) and David Weaver (C, 2.09, 1987), seen last season in Germany (EnBW Ludwigsburg) and Ukraine (BK Dnipro-Azot).

Vitória de Guimarães:
Signed Pedro Pinto (PG, 1.88, 1988, ex-Galitos F.C.) and Miguel Toreia (PG, 1.82, 1992, ex-Desportivo de Leça). Extended the contracts with Paulo Cunha (F, 1.99, 1980) and José Silva (SG/SF, 1.94, 1989).

Dragon Force – a sort of F.C. Porto’s avatar – will be a PROLIGA (second division) team. The team is trying to bring back André Bessa (PG, 1.79, 1989).

JRS Bonnet
07-22-2013, 04:29 PM
Vitória de Guimarães signed João Guerreiro (PF, 2.05, 1990, ex-C.A.B. Madeira).


A.D. Ovarense extended their contract with Miguel Miranda (PF, 2.05, 1978).


PG Jason Smith (1.83, 1983) – 15.9 pts, 5.1 ast last season with C.A.B. Madeira – is heading to Iceland (KF Ísafjöður, a.k.a. KFI).

JRS Bonnet
07-30-2013, 01:19 PM
André Pinto (PF, 2.00, 1980, ex-C.A.B. Madeira) joined A.D. Ovarense.


Portuguese NT member Miguel Queiróz (PF, 2.02, 1991, ex-Illiabum Ílhavo) was signed by Dragon Force.

JRS Bonnet
08-03-2013, 11:11 AM
Galitos F.C. reached an agreement with former Portuguese NT member MIGUEL MINHAVA (PG, 1.97, 1983, ex-S.L. Benfica).


S.C. Lusitânia signed FERNANDO MANGUEIRA (PF, 1.98, 1994, ex-Terceira Basket).


Rumor: MOHAMED CAMARÁ (SF, 1.96, 1983, ex-S.C. Lusitânia) will join Sport Algés e Dafundo.

JRS Bonnet
08-08-2013, 02:45 PM
Huge signing for Maia Basket: Senegalese center MICHEL DIOUF (2.08, 1989, ex-CB Breogán).


S.C. Lusitânia signed the Cape-Verdean swingman FLÁVIO GOMES (1.94, 1989, ex-Angrabasket).


ALEXANDRE COELHO (PG, 1.78, 1990, ex-Illiabum Ílhavo) and EUGÉNIO SILVA (SG, 1.90, 1990, ex-Illiabum Ílhavo) will join Galitos F.C.


Sport Algés e Dafundo signed two Portuguese top-prospects: FRANCISCO AMIEL (PG, 1.86, 1996, ex-Basket Almada) and BENVINDO MENDES (C, 2.00, 1996, ex-Seixal F.C.).

JRS Bonnet
08-15-2013, 12:57 PM
S.C. Lusitânia guaranteed the services of US guard JORDAN BUTTS (1.86, 1990, ex-Belhaven – NAIA).


Sport Algés e Dafundo signed HENRIQUE PIEDADE (SG, 1.89, 1994, ex-Estoril Basket).

JRS Bonnet
08-21-2013, 12:09 PM
Former B.C. Barcelos’ forward MATIC SIRNIK signed a contract with KK Zlatorog Lasko (Slovenia).


S.C. Lusitânia signed ZANE CAMPBELL (PF, 2.03, ex-Alabama-Huntsville – NCAA II) and the Mozambican NT member AUGUSTO MATOS (SG, 1.86, 1990) – the latter is a spectacular athlete with a mile-high vertical leap and a pretty decent outside-shot. An excellent recruit for Lusitânia.


JOÃO SOARES (F, 2.02, 1990, ex-Basket Navarra) will return to Portugal and play for U.D. Oliveirense.

JRS Bonnet
08-22-2013, 05:41 PM
Is the LPB going places? A handful of relatively important signings seem to indicate that the worst is over. If only Académica, Barcelos, Sampaense and CAB Madeira could get their acts together… Here’re the latest transactions:

S.L. Benfica replaced Lace Dunn with JOBEY THOMAS (SG, 1.94, 1980, ex- Basket Barcellona – Legadue). Back in 2008-09, in 15 Euroleague games, Thomas averaged 12.1 pts with Olimpia Milan!
Mozambican NT PG AMARILDO MATOS (PG, 1.90, 1985, Mozambique) and Cape Verdean NT member JOEL ALMEIDA (SF, 1.95, 1985, ex-Vitória de Guimarães) move to Sampaense Basket.
MOHAMED CAMARÁ (SF, 1.96, 1983, ex- S.C. Lusitânia), who I wrongly said would sign with Algés, signed with U.D. Oliveirense.
CESALTINO NETO (1993, Angola-Portugal, ex-Seixal F.C.) moves to Galitos F.C.

JRS Bonnet
08-23-2013, 04:48 PM
Spanish PG ERIK QUINTELA (1.84, 1991, ex-CB Breogán) was signed by Maia Basket.
After one season in Luxemburg (BBC Avanti Mondorf, League N2), PEDRO SILVA (PF, 1.98, 1979) returns to B.C. Barcelos.
Portuguese NT member JOÃO BALSEIRO (SG, 1.92, 1987, ex-Académica de Coimbra) will play for Vitória de Guimarães.
The Serbian-Portuguese forward STEFAN DJUKIC (2.01, 1989) will sign with the Worcester Wolves (BBL, UK).

João Balseiro

JRS Bonnet
08-31-2013, 01:33 PM
Galitos F.C. signed Guinea-Bissau NT member DANILSON VIEIRA (SF, 1.92, 1985, ex-Sport Algés e Dafundo) and André Clérigo (PF, 2.00, 1990, ex-C.F. Belenenses). Danilson Vieira also holds also a Portuguese passport.
The Spanish center JOSÉ MANUEL COEGO, seen last season with C.A.B. Madeira (11.2 pts, 5.8 reb) was hired by CB Clavijo Logroño (LEB Gold).
LACE DUNN (SG, 1.93, 1987), impressive with S.L. Benfica last season, found a new home in Poland: AZS Koszalin.

Lace Dunn

JRS Bonnet
09-20-2013, 06:52 PM
U.D. Oliveirense was surprisingly able to sign the American SF AARON FULLER (1.98, 1989, ex-USC), a player with a higher profile than the average for the Portuguese league. He has been battling injuries though.
Vitória de Guimarães signed the American PF TONY MEIER (2.03, 1990, ex Frankston Blues – Australian State Leagues).
MARKO LONKOVIC (PF/C, 2.00, 1991, Montenegro) will be a B.C. Barcelos’ player one more year.
C.A.B. Madeira signed EDSON ROSÁRIO (SF, 1.93, 1982, ex-F*sica de Torres Vedras) and FREDERICO TAVARES (SF, 1.94, 1988, ex-Terceira Basket). It’s rumoured that the American PG RICKY FRANKLIN (1.85, 1987, ex-S.L. Benfica) will join them.

Ricky Franklin

JRS Bonnet
09-25-2013, 04:03 PM
Académica de Coimbra signed the former Portuguese NT member RUI MOTA (SG, 1.90, 1978, ex-Guifões S.C.).
C.A.B. Madeira signed the American rookie AARON ANDERSON (PF, 2.01, 1991, ex-Kennesaw State – NCAA 1) and the even obscurer JOBI WALL (SG/SF, 2.00, ex-Seattle Pacific – NCAA 2).

JRS Bonnet
10-03-2013, 12:43 PM
Galitos F.C. signed GAMIL CARVALHO (C, 2.05, 1992, Portugal-São Tomé and Pr*ncipe, ex-Seixal F.C.) and the American center ANDREW BACHANOV (2.06, 1986, ex-Clayton State – NCAA 2).
After a sabbatical year, DAVID GOMES (PF/C, 2.00, 1986) is back, having joined B.C. Barcelos.
Portuguese NT member JOÃO SANTOS (F, 2.05, 1979, ex-F*sica de Torres Vedras) will play for Sport Algés e Dafundo.
EKJERSEY VIANA (C, 2.03, 1977, Portugal-São Tomé and Pr*ncipe, ex-F*sica de Torres Vedras) signed with Sampaense Basket. So did JOÃO COUCEIRO (PG, 1.75, 1993). It is rumored that the Mozambican PG Amarildo Matos won’t be their teammate after all.

João Santos

JRS Bonnet
10-05-2013, 08:44 PM
Sampaense Basket waived the Mozambican PG Amarildo Matos and the American PF Rory Spencer and signed CHRIS DOWE (G, 1.93, 1991, USA, ex-Schwelm – German PRO B).
Whoops! Sampaense didn’t sign Jobonni Durrell:confused: but JOVONNI SCHULER (SG/SF, 1.97, 1987, USA, ex-Al Arabi – Kuwait). My apologies to him.

JRS Bonnet
10-07-2013, 03:52 PM
A modest guide to the VI LPB (2013-14) – Part I

Prediction time

Before the customary last-minute signings, here’s how I think the final standing will look like (P = playoffs, R = relegated to the Proliga).

1. S.L. Benfica (P)
2. A.D. Ovarense (P)
3. Maia Basket (P)
4. Vitória de Guimarães (P)
5. Sampaense Basket (P)
6. C.A.B. Madeira (P)
7. S.C. Lusitânia (P)
8. U.D. Oliveirense (P)
9. Sport Algés e Dafundo
10. Galitos F.C.
11. B.C. Barcelos (R)
12. Académica de Coimbra (R)

Dragon Force and Illiabum Ílhavo will be promoted from the Proliga, replacing B.C. Barcelos and Académica de Coimbra.

All-Portuguese First Team

PG Mário Fernandes (S.L. Benfica)
SG João Balseiro (Vitória de Guimarães)
SF Nuno Marçal (Maia Basket)
F João Soares (U.D. Oliveirense)
C Cláudio Fonseca (S.L. Benfica)
6th man: João Santos (Sport Algés e Dafundo)

All-Foreign First Team

PG Ricky Franklin (USA, C.A.B. Madeira)
SG Jobey Thomas (USA, S.L. Benfica)
SF Aaron Fuller (USA, U.D. Oliveirense)
PF Tony Meier (USA, Vitória de Guimarães)
C Michel Diouf (Senegal, Maia Basket)
6th man: Jovonni Shuler (SG/SF, USA, Sampaense Basket)

Here’re the historical statistical leaders (LPB only / unofficial).
Note: Bold denotes an active player on a LPB roster

POINTS (min: 1000)


REBOUNDS (min: 500)


ASSISTS (min: 250)


STEALS (min: 150)


BLOCKS (min: 50)


10-08-2013, 10:27 PM
I completely forgot about this forum and I loved it...shame on me!

First intervention since my come back...on the All Portuguese Team I agree with everything I would just replace maybe Mario Fernandes with José Barbosa(Ovarense). Just because Mario Fernandes has to share minutes with Tomás Barroso and Diogo Careira...other than that spot on.

10-09-2013, 02:34 AM
Welcome back man ;)

JRS Bonnet
10-09-2013, 08:07 PM
I completely forgot about this forum and I loved it...shame on me!

First intervention since my come back...on the All Portuguese Team I agree with everything I would just replace maybe Mario Fernandes with José Barbosa(Ovarense). Just because Mario Fernandes has to share minutes with Tomás Barroso and Diogo Careira...other than that spot on.

You’re perhaps right but the problem with José Barbosa is that he´s not one of my all-time PG favorites and Mário Fernandes is (best argument ever). A bit more seriously: this could be Pedro Costa's breakout season so Barbosa won´t play as much as last year.

JRS Bonnet
10-09-2013, 08:11 PM
A modest guide to the VI LPB (2013-14) – Part II

Note: A.P.T. stands for António Prata’s Trophy (a preseason tournament with all the LPB teams)


My Starting Line-up:

PG Carlos Fechas (1.80, 1981)
G Nuno Oliveira (1.86, 1989)
SG/SF Eduardo Coelho (1.91, 1989)
PF/C Marko Loncovic (2.00, 1991, Montenegro)
PF/C David Gomes (2.00, 1986)

6th man: Pedro Silva (PF, 1.98, 1979)

Relevant Bench Players:
Cristiano Silva (SF, 1.93, 1989) and Bártolo Dias (SF, 1.95, 1992)

Biggest sneakers to fill: Matic Sirnik (SF, 2.00, 1991 – KK Zlatorog Lasko, Slovenia)

Former F.C. Porto’s player DAVID GOMES brings tenacity and defense to Barcelos, but not much else. The other signing – PEDRO SILVA (back from Luxemburg) – has the same skillset but is a (slightly) more talented offensive player. NUNO OLIVEIRA – Portugal’s answer to Fat Lever – is still injured, so CRISTIANO SILVA is being promoted to the starting-five. The rotation is wafer-thin and no one (other than Oliveira) can help CARLOS FECHAS at the helm. The team will battle to avoid relegation and the only hope is that MARKO LONCOVIC gets over not being offered a contract with a better club and repeats last year’s performance: 18.1 pts, 8.9 reb. Other than Loncovic, and while waiting for Oliveira, the only credible offensive threat is EDUARDO COELHO (17.0 pts, 3.00 st – APT).

Nuno Oliveira


My Starting Line-up:

PG João Reveles (1.87, 1980)
SF Mohamed Camará (1.96, 1983)
SF Aaron Fuller (1.98, 1989, USA)
F João Soares (2.02, 1990)
C André Pereira (2.00, 1990)

6th man: João Abreu (PG, 1.79, 1983)

Relevant Bench Players:
Nélson Costa (PF, 2.00, 1984), Renato Azevedo (SG, 1.86, 1991)

Biggest sneakers to fill: Nuno Cortez (C, 2.05, 1982 – Free Agent?)

Nuno Cortez no longer being with the team, Oliveirense desperately needs another big man: NÉLSON COSTA and ANDRÉ PEREIRA won´t be enough. AARON FULLER’s first official game in Portugal: 21 pts, 18 reb… Fuller comes from a high-profile university (USC) and only his recurrent injuries explain the fact that he signed with a Portuguese team. Hopefully, his career path will be similar to that of Lance Miller (Villanova), a technically superb SF who was once a member of the USA U-21 NT and a lottery-pick candidate but could only find a job with Ovarense after an almost career-ending injury (he then upgraded to the French and Italian leagues). After a bench-warming year in Navarra, JOÃO SOARES (17.0 pts, 6.0 reb – APT) will have a copious amount of minutes to prove why he’s considered João Santos’ natural successor in the Portuguese NT. No PG troubles with the JOÃO REVELES & JOÃO ABREU partnership, both with previous LPB experience (in fact, Reveles is 8th overall on the all-time assist list).

João Reveles

JRS Bonnet
10-12-2013, 02:05 PM
A modest guide to the VI LPB (2013-14) – Part III

Note: A.P.T. stands for António Prata’s Trophy (a preseason tournament with all the LPB teams)

Vitória de Guimarães

My Starting Line-up:

PG Pedro Pinto (1.88, 1988)
SG João Balseiro (1.92, 1987)
SG/SF José Silva (1.94, 1989)
F Paulo Cunha (1.99, 1980)
PF Tony Meier (2.03, 1990, USA)

6th man: João Guerreiro (PF/C, 2.05, 1990)

Relevant Bench Players:
Miguel Toreia (PG, 1.82, 1993).

Biggest sneakers to fill: Ivan Almeida (SG/SF, 1.98, 1989 – Lille Métropole Basket (PRO B, France)

Ivan Almeida’s loss will be difficult (impossible?) to cope with. If JOÃO GUERREIRO bounces back from his gloomy season with CAB Madeira, Guimarães won’t be bullied in the paint, especially if he and TONY MEIER (13.0 pts, 11.0 reb – APT) are able to develop some kind of chemistry. Guimarães still needs an athlete (a swingman or a SF) and probably another big man inside (are Elvis Évora and Marco Gonçalves still available?). The loss of a young and promising PG (André Bessa moved to Dragon Force) was adequately compensated by the arrival of a young and promising PG: PEDRO PINTO (Galitos F.C.). JOÃO BALSEIRO (ex-Académica de Coimbra) quickly established himself in his new team (18.0 pts, 6.0 reb – APT) and he will end the season as the Portuguese top-scorer. Guimarães’ «Bomb Squad» (Balseiro and JOSÉ SILVA) should keep things interesting for the fans. Veteran and personal favorite of mine PAULO CUNHA starts the season as the 6th all-time LPB rebounder.

José Silva

Maia Basket

My Starting Line-up:

PG André Dara (1.80, 1983)
SG Ricardo Pinto (1.89, 1982)
SF Nuno Marçal (2.05, 1975)
PF/C Michel Diouf (2.08, 1989, Senegal)
C Paulo Diamantino (2.03, 1985)

6th man: D’Andre Brown (SG/SF, 1.98, 1984)

Relevant Bench Players:
Pedro Tavares (PG, 1.83, 1983), Erik Quintela (PG, 1.84, 1991, Spain); Pedro Catarino (G, 1.84, 1990) and João Diamantino (PF, 2.01, 1985).

Biggest sneakers to fill: None

The newly promoted team was responsible for one of this season’ star signings: MICHEL DIOUF (10.4 pts, 8.0 reb for CB Breogán – LEB Gold). Under the rim, the Senegalese will be accompanied by the Portuguese twin towers: the DIAMANTINO brothers (JOÃO and PAULO). NUNO MARÇAL’s role with Maia is a bit different to what we were used to see when he played for F.C. Porto: now is a 3/4 and rebounds like crazy. Though this is Maia’s LPB debut, its roster is a well-seasoned one: PEDRO TAVARES, Paulo Diamantino and RICARDO PINTO were teammates for many years while playing for Vitória de Guimarães; Nuno Marçal reached a semi-legendary status while on F.C. Porto’s roster and even the youngster PEDRO CATARINO already took part in 43 LPB games. During the first «Bosman-Law years», Portuguese teams wisely imported lots of Spanish PGs; some even had a NT past (José Miguel Antúnez, Tomás Jofresa). Hopefully, ERIK QUINTELA (CB Breogán), who’s being used as the starting playmaker, is the first signal of the resurrection of that trend.

Pedro Catarino

JRS Bonnet
10-15-2013, 02:00 PM
Last-Minute Signings:

B.C. Barcelos found a backup for Carlos Fechas: it’s the Australian MATTHEW ADEKPONYA (PG, 1.86, 1990, ex-Mackay Meteors – Queensland Basket League).
A 7-footer in the Portuguese league.
TEMI ADEBAYO (C, 2.13, 1988, Nigeria, ex-Targo Mures – Romenia) was signed by Vitória de Guimarães.
JAIME SMITH (G, 1.91, 1989, Alabama-Huntsville) replaced Jordan Butts on S.C. Lusitânia’s roster.

JRS Bonnet
10-22-2013, 03:10 PM
A modest guide to the VI LPB (2013-14) – Part IV

Note: A.P.T. stands for António Prata’s Trophy (a preseason tournament with all the LPB teams)


My Starting Line-up:

PG Mário Fernandes (1.74, 1982)
SG Jobey Thomas (1.94, 1980, USA)
SF João Gomes (2.01, 1985, Portugal-Cape Verde)
PF Seth Doliboa (2.03, 1980, USA)
C Cláudio Fonseca (2.06, 1989)

6th man: Carlos Andrade (SG/SF, 1.97, 1978, Portugal-Cape Verde)

Relevant Bench Players:
David Weaver (C, 2.09, 1987, USA), Tomás Barroso (PG, 1.85, 1990), Frederick Gentry (PF/C, 2.03, 1977, Portugal-USA), Diogo Carreira (PG, 1.80, 1978) and Carlos Ferreirinho (SG/SF, 2.00, 1991).

Biggest sneakers to fill: Elvis Évora (C, 2.05, 1978 – Free Agent, retirement?)

Despite having lost Lace Dunn, Elvis Évora and Heshimu Evans, Benfica is still a very deep and athletic team, more than capable of completing the first LPB «three-peat». After recovering from his injury, SETH DOLIBOA is expected to be the starting PF, allowing Carlos Lisboa – Benfica’s hot-head-coach – to use FREDERICK GENTRY and his mid-range jump-shot off the bench (a role that suits Gentry well). I’m still not sure about «trigger-happy» TOMÁS BARROSO’s playmaking skills, but he will learn a thing or two from MÁRIO FERNANDES, fetched from Académica de Coimbra. With SETH DOLIBOA’s injury, can ARTUR CASTELA (PF, 2.02, 1993) snatch significant minutes off the bench or will we see JOÃO GOMES (12.3 pts, 9.3 reb – APT) make a «LeBron-type» conversion and spend more and more time at the 4-spot? If all goes according to plan, this will be the year of the Portuguese NT starting center CLÁUDIO FONSECA, set to a decent career abroad. At age 33, JOBEY THOMAS (20.7 pts, 3.3 ast – APT) is yet to find a shot he didn´t like. After a good NT campaign this summer, veteran CARLOS ANDRADE continues to do a bit of everything (12.7 pts, 7.0 reb, 3.0 ast, 3.67 st and 1.00 blk – APT) and, although 35 years old, rare are those who can match his athleticism.

Cláudio Fonseca


My Starting Line-up:

PG António Pires (1.85, 1986)
SG/SF Pedro Rocha (1.90, 1987)
F Rui Quintino (1.94, 1983)
F João Santos (2.05, 1979)
C Josimar Cardoso (2.01, 1987, Guinea-Bissau-Portugal)

6th man: Diogo Ventura (PG, 1.89, 1994)

Relevant Bench Players:
Francisco Amiel (PG, 1.88, 1996), Henrique Piedade (SG, 1.89, 1994) and Diogo Correia (G, 1.82, 1990)

Biggest sneakers to fill: JaMarkus Holt (PF, 2.05 – Free Agent)

JOÃO SANTOS (Nevada-Reno ’01, Panionios, Valladolid, Porto, Benfica) postponed his retirement and will put his vast skillset at the service of a relatively modest club that is better known for their youth and women’s teams. The Guinea-Bissau NT member JOSIMAR CARDOSO (16.5 pts, 4.0 reb – APT) is the only big man inside (when is not wandering around the 3-points line). A couple of seasons ago, swingman PEDRO ROCHA averaged 12.5 pts and 3.7 reb playing for Ginásio Figueirense. The bench is composed of a bunch of kids, some with a bright future; my money is on FRANCISCO AMIEL who at the ripe old age of 17 is playing significant minutes backing DIOGO VENTURA while ANTÓNIO PIRES is absent. With João Manuel no longer playing and DIOGO CORREIA still trying to get his act together, HENRIQUE PIEDADE (1994-born) could see significant minutes at the 2-spot. The best for Algés: João Santos (8.5 pts, 7.5 reb – APT) and RUI QUINTINO could form one of the best LPB partnerships at the forward spots.

Henrique Piedade

JRS Bonnet
10-24-2013, 12:58 PM
A modest guide to the VI LPB (2013-14) – Part V

Note: A.P.T. stands for António Prata’s Trophy (a preseason tournament with all the LPB teams)


My Starting Line-up:

G Chris Dowe (1.93, 1991, USA)
SG/SF Jovonni Shuler (1.97, 1987)
SF Joel Almeida (1.95, 1985, Cape Verde)
PF/C Hélder Carvalho (2.05, 1984)
C Ekjersey Viana (2.03, 1977, Portugal-São Tomé and Pr*ncipe)

6th man: Chris Ware (C, 2.03, 1989, USA)

Relevant Bench Players:
Diogo Gonçalves (PF, 2.00, 1987) and André Calabote (PG, 1.78, 1993)

Biggest sneakers to fill: Al Rapier (F, 2.00, 1989 – CB Mar*n, LEB Silver-Spain)

Swingman JOVONNI SHULER seems to be the real deal (25 pts and 8 steals on his official debut). Sampaense has a deep frontcourt with the addition of the rebounding machine that is EKJERSEY VIANA. JOEL ALMEIDA (21.0 pts, 3.3 reb – APT) is more than «the other Almeida»: last year he arrived to Guimarães midway through the season and wasn’t comfortable being used has a PF; expect him to flourish under José Calabote´s rule. In his second season with Sampaense, «no-nonsense, hard-nosed» HÉLDER CARVALHO (8.3 pts, 6.3 reb) is expected to start at the PF spot; Benfica’s frontcourt is still having nightmares featuring the Carvalho & Viana defensive prowess. Is ANDRÉ CALABOTE turning into a basketball player? He´s flourishing after his promotion to the starting-five: 11.0 pts. 3.8 ast – APT; let’s see what he does after CHRIS DOWE settle… skillful player this Dowe, better than last year’s American guard Steve Baker. Sampaense’s very short rotation is completed by DIOGO GONÇALVES, a PF with a decent outside-shot and late-arrival CHRIS WARE.

André Calabote


My Starting Line-up:

PG Ricky Franklin (1.85, 1987, USA)
SG/SF Jobi Wall (2.00, USA)
SF Fábio Lima (1.97, 1988)
PF Aaron Anderson (2.01, 1991, USA)
PF/C Jorge Coelho (2.01, 1978)

6th man: Edson Rosário (SF, 1.93, 1982)

Relevant Bench Players:
Jorge Freitas (PG, 1.80, 1988) and Frederico Tavares (SF, 1.94, 1988).

Biggest sneakers to fill: Jason Smith (PG, 1.83, 1983 – KFI, Iceland)

After a mediocre season with Benfica, RICKY FRANKLIN is expected to return to his former self (the one seen with S.C. Lusitânia). The jury is still out on the other two Americans: AARON ANDERSON grabbed 15 rebounds against Oliveirense, but this is a team with a giant hole in the middle; after two games, JOBI WALL was 2/14 from behind the arch. C.A.B. Madeira is on downsizing path and the days when the team was a perennial title-contender are now gone. Other than Franklin, the other significant signings were those of EDSON ROSÁRIO (12.1 pts, 5.9 reb last year with F*sica de Torres Vedras) and FREDERICO TAVARES who a couple of seasons ago while playing for Terceira Basket, had to man up when all three of their American players left the team. Was JORGE FREITAS’ last season (8.1 pts, 1.43 st) a fluke or can he become a consistent contributor off the bench? With José Costa gone, he’s expected to keep Franklin´s back covered as well as play alongside him in a two PG system. Crafty lefty JORGE COELHO (5th all-time LPB shot-blocker) needs a backup ASAP.

Jorge Coelho

JRS Bonnet
10-26-2013, 01:49 PM
A modest guide to the VI LPB (2013-14) – Part VI

Note: A.P.T. stands for António Prata’s Trophy (a preseason tournament with all the LPB teams)


My Starting Line-up:

PG José Barbosa (1.76, 1990)
SG/SF Fernando Neves (1.94, 1980)
F Cristovão Cordeiro (2.02, 1989)
PF Miguel Miranda (2.05, 1979)
PF/C Sergi Coll (2.04, 1982, Spain)

6th man: Nuno Morais (SG, 1.83, 1990)

Relevant Bench Players:
André Pinto (PF, 2.00, 1980), Pedro Costa (PG, 1.88, 1993) and Emanuel Sá (SF, 1.98, 1993).

Biggest sneakers to fill: Mário Gonçalves (PF/C, 1.98, 1980 – Illiabum Ílhavo-Proliga)

This will be the season when NUNO MORAIS (10.8 pts – APT) emerges as one of the best shooters in the league: he and lefty sharpshooter FERNANDO NEVES could form a terrific swat team. Ovarense has two young and classy playmakers: JOSÉ BARBOSA (11.0 pts, 6.8 ast and 2.00 st – APT), who should have been chosen ahead of Tomás Barroso on the PG rotation with the NT, and PEDRO COSTA. With ANDRÉ PINTO’s arrival, EMANUEL SÁ could see more time at the SF spot thus starting to pave his way to the NT. Mário Gonçalves’ stats last year (5.9 pts, 3.5 reb) weren’t that impressive, but he was the only player able to back up SERGI COLL; who will do that now that is gone? Money is scarce in Ovar so signing another big man is as unlikely as necessary. CRISTOVÃO CORDEIRO (11.0 pts, 3.8 reb – APT) and his 2.02m are a nightmare for opposing SF (usually, «recycled» SG). MIGUEL MIRANDA enters this season as LPB’s 5th leading scorer, 3rd leading rebounder and 7th leading passer… what more can be said of the only player to have registered a triple-double last season.

Cristovão Cordeiro


My Starting Line-up:

G Jaime Smith (1.91, 1989, USA)
SG Augusto Sobrinho (1.88, 1985)
SG/SF Flávio Gomes (1.94, 1989, Cape Verde)
PF Zane Campbell (2.03, USA)
C Marcel Momplasir (2.05, 1981, USA)

6th man: David Tavares (SF, 1.92, 1988)

Relevant Bench Players:
Miguel Freitas (PG, 1.77, 1990) Fernando Ferreira (PF, 1.98, 1994) and Carlos Dias (PF, 1.98, 1982)

Biggest sneakers to fill: Mohamed Camará (SF, 1.96, 1983 – U.D. Oliveirense)

After Durrell Nevels’ departure, the «shot-blocker extraordinaire» MARCEL MOMPLASIR will be accompanied by the obscure ZANE CAMPBELL. Cape Verdean NT member FLÁVIO GOMES (ex-Angrabasket) could be one of this year’s pleasant surprises. AUGUSTO SOBRINHO started the season with a bang – 31 pts against Sampaense – and, since he doesn’t have a back-up, he better continue on that path. Is the search for a PG finally over with JAIME SMITH’s signing? For what I been reading, the Alabama-Huntsville product is more comfortable at the off-guard spot and is better known as a shooter than as a playmaker. Veteran CARLOS DIAS (2.0 pts, 2.7 reb last season) and FERNANDO FERREIRA, a.k.a. Fernando Mangueira, will have a tough time backing-up Momplasir and Campbell.
Note: Most basket sites still list AUGUSTO MATOS as a S.C. Lusitânia player; however, Lusitânia’s official Facebook page ignores him and the Mozambican NT member was not one of the 12 players presented on the 22nd October.

Augusto Sobrinho

10-26-2013, 08:45 PM
CAB and Guimarães are looking like the best to face against Benfica, but even them have to work really hard to make a dent. Benfica I like that they let some players go, if you are not in the European Competitions you don't need that many players. For instance on the last two years there were stretches were Diogo Carreira wasn't getting minutes, than it was Miguel Minhava. These are top level players, waste of talent and money.

Like to see José Barbosa getting props as well as Cristovão Cordeiro. Also Diogo Correia i know he played more SG growing up, but he should be adapted as a scoring PG (maybe this is happening not sure).

JRS Bonnet
10-27-2013, 04:46 PM
Also Diogo Correia i know he played more SG growing up, but he should be adapted as a scoring PG (maybe this is happening not sure).

A couple of seasons ago, Moncho López tried to use Diogo Correia as a sort of combo-guard when he found out that Reggie Jackson wasn’t that good and José Costa (too old) and Miguel Cardoso (too young) were F.C. Porto’s other PGs. Correia’s playmaking skills are still underdeveloped and Algés already as too many PGs (António Pires, Diogo Ventura, Francisco Amiel); although, with Pires’ injury, Correia may find himself a few minutes at the helm.

JRS Bonnet
10-27-2013, 04:49 PM
A modest guide to the VI LPB (2013-14) – Part VII (final)

Note: A.P.T. stands for António Prata’s Trophy (a preseason tournament with all the LPB teams)


My Starting Line-up:

PG Miguel Minhava (1.97, 1983)
SG António Tavares (1.83, 1975)
SF Danilson Vieira (1.92, 1985, Guinea-Bissau-Portugal)
PF José Pedro Ferreira (1.98, 1978)
C Andrew Bachanov (2.06, 1986, USA)

6th man: Dénis Neves (PF, 1.97, 1978, Cape Verde)

Relevant Bench Players:
João Fernandes (PG, 1.80, 1992), Eugénio Silva (SG, 1.90, 1990), Daniel Machado (SG/SF, 1.95, 1990) and André Clérigo (PF, 2.03, 1990).

Biggest sneakers to fill: Pedro Pinto (PG, 1.88, 1988 – Vitória de Guimarães)

MIGUEL “Sleepy” MINHAVA, a Portuguese NT member not so long ago, should have been signed by a title contender and not by a relegation candidate. He’ll find a familiar face on Galitos’ roster: ANTÓNIO TAVARES and he were teammates while playing for S.L. Benfica. Newcomers ANDREW BACHANOV (15.0 pts, 7.0 reb and 2.50 blk – APT) and DANILSON VIEIRA (ex-Sport Algés e Dafundo) were immediately promoted to the starting-five: Guinea-Bissau NT member Danilson Vieira has a very limited shooting range while Bachanov is Galitos’s only true center. There is an abundance of PGs: JOÃO FERNANDES (6.5 pts, 2.0 ast –APT) will back Minhava and sometimes play alongside him and even ALEXANDRE COELHO (another Barreirense product) could enter the rotation. The only hope for Galitos to avoid relegation is that youngsters EUGÉNIO SILVA (ex-Illiabum Ílhavo) and ANDRÉ CLÉRIGO (ex-C.F. Belenenses) become significant contributors off the bench.

Miguel Minhava


My Starting Line-up:

SG Rui Mota (1.90, 1978)
SG/SF Fernando Sousa (1.92, 1981)
SF Bruno Costa (1.95, 1983)
David Martins?
David Figueiras?

6th man: No one

Relevant Bench Players: None

Biggest sneakers to fill: Mário Fernandes (PG, 1.74, 1982)

Académica presented a borderline-pathetic roster for the António Pratas’ trophy. Front-office wars and financial troubles led Académica to play with 3 (three!) pros – Rui Mota, Fernando Sousa and Bruno Costa – and 9 toddlers from the youth teams. FERNANDO SOUSA – LPB’s all-time steals leader – will be joined by RUI MOTA, a crafty guard that at his prime was a NT member. BRUNO COSTA will probably be moved to the PF spot. Académica was forced to postpone its trip to the Azores where it should have faced S.C. Lusitânia on the opening LPB game and the specter of withdrawal haunts the reigning vice-champion.

P.S.: sorry for the lack of information about Académica de Coimbra.

Rui Mota

10-27-2013, 08:22 PM
Benfica wins by 50 and they have two players with 0 minutes...brilliant! Glad to see Doliboa back anyway!

JRS Bonnet
10-27-2013, 11:03 PM
Sampaense Basket replaced Chris Ware by the once regarded Serbian prospect LUKA BASTA (PF/C, 2.06, 1990). The team also added JOÃO COSTA (PF/C, 1.95, 1991) to their roster.

Galitos F.C. added QUINTON DOGGETT (PF, 2.03, 1990, USA, ex-Naestved – Denmark) to their roster.

LPB Week 1:

Sampaense Basket 72 – Ekjersey Viana (16 pts, 7 reb, 2 blk).
B. C. Barcelos 79 – Eduardo Coelho (29 pts, 9/11 3-pointers).

A.D. Ovarense 89 – Sergi Coll (27 pts, 8 reb, 3 st).
Sport Algés e Dafundo 85 – Diogo Ventura (15 pts, 7 ast, 4 st).

Vitória de Guimarães 86 – Paulo Cunha (17 pts, 12 reb).
C.A.B. Madeira 81 – Aaron Anderson (17 pts, 16 reb).

Maia Basket 59 – Nuno Marçal (19 pts, 15 reb).
U.D. Oliveirense 54 – Aaron Fuller (24 pts, 19 reb).

Galitos F.C. 48 – Miguel Minhava (9 pts, 8 reb, 4 ast).
S.L. Benfica 96 – Carlos Andrade (20 pts, 8 reb, 3 st).

JRS Bonnet
11-04-2013, 03:51 PM
Académica de Coimbra signed the Latvian forward KRISTIANS KRINKELS (1.98, 1992). Is he a student-athlete? His Twitter messages seem to indicate that he’s in Portugal under the ERASMUS program. The team will now rely on PEDRO REBELO (PG, 1.79, 1986) to run the show; Rebelo was Académica’s third PG last season, behind Mário Fernandes and Diogo Simões.

LPB Week 2:

S.L. Benfica 109 – Jobey Thomas (27 pts).
S.C. Lusitânia 75 – Augusto Sobrinho (25 pts).

Sport Algés e Dafundo 67 – Henrique Piedade (11 pts, 8 reb).
Galitos F.C. 73 – Miguel Minhava (14 pts, 7 reb, 9 ast).

U.D. Oliveirense 72 – João Soares (22 pts, 10 reb).
A.D. Ovarense 70 – José Barbosa (10 pts, 5 reb, 6 ast, 4 st).

B.C. Barcelos 75 – Marko Loncovic (18 pts, 11 reb).
Maia Basket 70 – Nuno Marçal (28 pts, 10 reb).

Académica de Coimbra 70 – Fernando Sousa (30 pts, 4 st).
Vitória de Guimarães 98 – José Silva (29 pts, 6/9 3-pointers, 9/9 FT).

C.A.B. Madeira 81 – Ricky Franklin (25 pts, 8 ast).
Sampaense Basket 88 – Chris Dowe (28 pts, 4 st).

Chris Dowe (20.0 pts, 2.50 st)

JRS Bonnet
11-10-2013, 11:00 PM
B.C. Barcelos signed the Serbian PF/C NIKOLA TADIC (2.06, 1988, ex-OKK Sabac – Serbian 2nd division).

Aaron Anderson rules:cool:

LPB Week 3:

Sampaense Basket 70 – Chris Dowe (15 pts, 6 reb, 5 st).
Académica de Coimbra 57 – Rui Mota (20 pts, 4 ast).

A.D. Ovarense 65 – Miguel Miranda (21 pts, 8 reb, 5 ast, 4 st).
Galitos F.C. 68 – Miguel Minhava (8 pts, 13 reb, 10 ast).

Vitória de Guimarães 80 – Pedro Pinto (26 pts, 5 reb, 6 ast).
S.L. Benfica 70 – Mário Fernandes (20 pts, 9 ast, 4 st).

U.D. Oliveirense 61 – Aaron Fuller (22 pts, 8 reb).
B.C. Barcelos 58 – Marko Loncovic (23 pts, 13 reb).

Maia Basket 57 – Nuno Marçal (23 pts, 13 reb).
C.A.B. Madeira 60 – Aaron Anderson (21 pts, 16 reb).

S.C. Lusitânia 53 – Carlos Dias (6 pts, 8 reb).
Sport Algés e Dafundo 63 – João Santos (21 pts, 10 reb, 5/5 3-pointers).

Pedro Pinto (16.0 pts, 6.3 ast)

JRS Bonnet
11-19-2013, 03:05 PM
LPB Week 4:

Sport Algés e Dafundo 78 – Rui Quintino (15 pts, 9 reb, 3 st).
Vitória de Guimarães 77 – José Silva (18 pts).

C.A.B. Madeira 100 – Aaron Anderson (22 pts, 15 reb).
U.D. Oliveirense 74 – Aaron Fuller (23 pts, 12 reb).

S.L. Benfica 97 – João Gomes (26 pts, 7 reb, 6 st).
Sampaense Basket 73 – Ekjersey Viana (10 pts, 6 ast, 8 st).

B.C. Barcelos 62 – Nikola Tadic (17 pts, 15 reb).
A.D. Ovarense 67 – André Pinto (15 pts, 9 reb, 3 st).

Académica de Coimbra 47 – Bruno Costa (12 pts, 10 reb).
Maia Basket 67 – Michel Diouf (11 pts, 8 reb).

Galitos F.C. 81 – Miguel Minhava (17 pts, 6 reb, 5 ast).
S.C. Lusitânia 53 – Marcel Momplasir (10 pts, 11 reb, 3 blk).

João Gomes (16.0 pts, 7.0 reb, 2.50 st)

JRS Bonnet
11-26-2013, 03:59 PM
«Feel-good» news of the week:
FRANCISCO JORDÃO (PF/C, 2.03, 1979) one of the more influential Portuguese basketball players of the last couple of decade is back in business. Unexpectedly, Jordão decided to postpone his retirement and he will now be a part of Algés’ roster until the end of the season.

WTF news of the week:
Here we go again… Académica de Coimbra couldn’t be bothered to travel to Oliveira de Azeméis and face U.D. Oliveirense. Money is scarce and disaster is expected.

LPB Week 5:

Sampaense Basket 89 – Joel Almeida (20 pts, 14 reb, 4 st).
Sport Algés e Dafundo 67 – Rui Quintino (14 pts, 6 reb, 4 st).

Vitória de Guimarães 81 – José Silva (20 pts, 4/5 3-pointers).
Galitos F.C. 61 – Andrew Bachanov (15 pts, 7 reb).

B.C. Barcelos 70 – Marko Loncovic (17 pts, 15 reb).
C.A.B. Madeira 85 – Fábio Lima (24 pts, 16 reb).

A.D. Ovarense 66 – Sergi Coll (22 pts, 10 reb, 3 st).
S.C. Lusitânia 69 – Jaime Smith (23 pts, 8 ast).

Maia Basket 55 – Paulo Diamantino (14 pts, 6 reb).
S.L. Benfica 82 – Jobey Thomas (24 pts, 6/7 3-pointers)

U.D. Oliveirense 20
Académica de Coimbra 0

JRS Bonnet
12-02-2013, 04:16 PM
DÁRIO FURTADO (C, 2.06, 1984) was signed by Sampaense Basket. He will replace the disappointing Luka Basta (2.5 pts).

Académica de Coimbra dropped-out of the league (no money). All I have to say is £@##&:mad:?!##.

LPB Week 6:

S.C. Lusitânia 77 – Jaime Smith (30 pts, 5 ast, 4 st).
Vitória de Guimarães 92 – Tony Meier (22 pts, 12 reb).

Sport Algés e Dafundo 81 – Josimar Cardoso (14 pts, 10 reb).
Maia Basket 58 – Paulo Diamantino (14 pts).

S.L. Benfica 112 – João Gomes (25 pts, 15 reb).
U.D. Oliveirense 75 – João Reveles (13 pts, 4/5 FG).

C.A.B. Madeira 88 – Jobi Wall (26 pts).
A.D. Ovarense 75 – André Pinto (17 pts, 5/6 3-pointers).

Galitos F.C. 101 – Miguel Minhava (38 pts, 11 reb, 6 ast, 4 st).
Sampaense Basket 96 – Joel Almeida (32 pts, 9/9 FT).

First Impressions

These first games confirm that my prediction skills are slim to non-existent: Galitos F.C. is doing great, Ovarense and Maia Basket not so much… Vitória de Guimarães is having an outstanding season and if their rotation wasn’t so short they would probably be better than Benfica (some would say they already are). Nuno Freitas is doing a very nice job coaching a C.A.B. Madeira team that has nowhere near as much money as it used to. Henrique Piedade (Algés) is a strong candidate for the «rookie» of the year award.

The All-Portuguese First Team looks something like this:

G Miguel Minhava (Galitos F.C.): 16.8 pts, 8.3 reb, 6.3 ast – MVP.
G João Balseiro (Vitória de Guimarães): 17.0 pts, 4.8 reb.
F João Gomes (S.L. Benfica): 16.0 pts, 8.5 reb.
F Nuno Marçal (Maia Basket): 21.5 pts, 12.0 reb.
C Ekjersey Viana (Sampaense Basket): 13.8 pts, 8.8 reb, 1.40 blk.

6th men: Fábio Lima (C.A.B. Madeira) – 17.8 pts, 7.2 reb.

The All-Foreign Team could be this one:

G Ricky Franklin (C.A.B. Madeira): 19.5 pts, 10.0 ast.
G Jobey Thomas (S.L. Benfica): 23.5 pts, 2.83 st – MVP.
F Aaron Fuller (U.D. Oliveirense): 21.2 pts, 12.0 reb.
F Marko Loncovic (B.C. Barcelos): 17.6 pts, 10.6 reb.
C Aaron Anderson (C.A.B. Madeira): 15.8 pts, 13.3 reb.

6th men: Joel Almeida (Sampaense Basket): 18.2 pts, 6.0 reb.

Miguel Minhava (look at me now:))

JRS Bonnet
12-10-2013, 01:20 PM
ADRICK McKINNEY (PF, 2.03, 1990, TCU ‘13) was signed by U.D. Oliveirense. A much needed help for a depleted frontcourt and the second player with a NCAA – Division 1 background on Oliveirense’s roster.

LPB Week 7:

B.C. Barcelos 64 – Eduardo Coelho (20 pts).
S.L. Benfica 77 – Seth Doliboa (15 pts, 12 reb).

A.D. Ovarense 81 – Cristovão Cordeiro (13 pts, 10 reb).
Vitória de Guimarães 74 – Paulo Cunha (24 pts, 7 reb).

Maia Basket 70 – Nuno Marçal (18 pts, 11 reb).
Galitos F.C. 57 – Miguel Minhava (20 pts, 6 reb).

Sampaense Basket 89 – Joel Almeida (31 pts, 9 reb, 4 st).
S.C. Lusitânia 81 – Zane Campbell (20 pts, 2 blk).

Sport Algés e Dafundo 72 – João Santos (14 pts, 7 reb).
U.D. Oliveirense 64 – Aaron Fuller (18 pts, 8 reb).

Joel Almeida (20.3 pts, 6.5 reb, 2.17 st)

JRS Bonnet
12-17-2013, 03:15 PM
FÁBIO BEM (SG/SF, 1.88, 1985) is now on Guimarães’ roster.
CARLOS DIAS (PF, 1.97, 1979) joined Sampaense Basket.
NUNO OLIVEIRA (G, 1.86, 1989) recovered from his injury and is back in action for B.C. Barcelos.

LPB Week 8:

Vitória de Guimarães 80 – João Balseiro (19 pts, 3 st).
U.D. Oliveirense 57 – Aaron Fuller (16 pts, 7 reb, 3 blk).

Galitos F.C. 68 – Andrew Bachanov (18 pts, 9 reb, 4 blk).
U.D. Oliveirense 91 – Adrick McKinney (23 pts, 15 reb, 3 blk).

Vitória de Guimarães 98 – Pedro Pinto (17 pts, 14 ast).
Sampaense Basket 92 – Chris Dowe (28 pts, 7 reb, 10/11 FG, 7/7 FT).

S.C. Lusitânia 67 – Marcel Momplasir (14 pts, 14 reb, 7/7 FG).
Maia Basket 53 – Paulo Diamantino (11 pts, 5 reb).

Sport Algés e Dafundo 75 – Francisco Amiel (11 pts, 3 st).
B.C. Barcelos 76 – Nuno Oliveira (16 pts, 8 reb).

S.L. Benfica 90 – Frederick Gentry (16 pts, 7/8 FG).
C.A.B. Madeira 58 – Aaron Anderson (16 pts, 9 reb).

JRS Bonnet
12-24-2013, 03:04 PM
DUARTE VERRÍSIMO (SG/SF) was added to S.C. Lusitânia’s roster.

LPB Week 9:

UD. Oliveirense 67 – João Abreu (17 pts, 4 reb, 3 ast).
S.C. Lusitânia 87 – Zane Campbell (20 pts, 8 reb, 2 blk).

B.C. Barcelos 82 – Marko Loncovic (32 pts, 16 reb).
Galitos F.C. 56 – Miguel Minhava (16 pts, 7 reb).

A.D. Ovarense 70 – Sergi Coll (25 pts, 4 st, 10/12 FG).
Sampaense Basket 77 – Jovonni Shuler (26 pts, 8 st, 9/10 FG).

C.A.B. Madeira 88 – Ricky Franklin (31 pts, 6 ast).
Sport Algés e Dafundo 86 – António Pires (17 pts, 4 ast).

Maia Basket 75 – Michel Diouf (21 pts, 15 reb, 4 blk).
Vitória de Guimarães 77 – Pedro Pinto (18 pts, 6 reb, 8 ast).

Marko Loncovic (16.9 pts, 9.8 reb)

JRS Bonnet
01-06-2014, 01:50 PM
LPB Week 10:

S.C. Lusitânia 70 – Marcel Momplasir (16 pts, 12 reb, 2 blk).
B.C. Barcelos 73 – Matthew Adekponya (18 pts, 6/6 FG).

Sampaense Basket 79 – Chris Dowe (29 pts, 8 reb).
Maia Basket 68 – Paulo Diamantino (17 pts, 8 reb).

A.D. Ovarense 75 – José Barbosa (8 pts, 14 ast, 4 st).
S.L. Benfica 85 – Seth Doliboa (27 pts, 10 reb. 2 blk).

Galitos F.C. 68 – Miguel Minhava (20 pts, 7 reb, 7 ast).
C.A.B. Madeira 75 – Ricky Franklin (28 pts, 5 reb, 6 ast).

Seth Doliboa (15.1 pts, 7.9 reb, 1.11 blk)

07-01-2015, 06:30 PM
[Portuguese League 2014-15]

SL Benfica became Portuguese Champions for the FOURTH time in a row, defeating Vitória de Guimarães 3-0 in the final.

However, Benfica faced huge difficulties in the semi-finals against Ovarense, defeating them 3-2. Ovarense had a fantastic season without any american player, instead using spanish and african players as foreigners. Great job by spanish coach Felix Garcia.

Benfica's best player this season was SG Jobey Thomas. Unbelievable season once again, with over 18 ppgs in the entire season. Jobey retired from basketball in the end of the season.
Other important players were PF Ron Slay, SF Carlos Andrade, SF João Soares and PF Seth Doliboa. Ron Slay and Seth Doliboa have left Benfica and are now free agents. Benfica will sign three new americans.

FC Porto will be back to the first division of portuguese basketball next season.

08-14-2015, 04:05 PM
[Portuguese League 2015-16]

The return of the rivalry between Benfica and Porto is already proving to be very useful for portuguese basketball.

Benfica just signed SG/SF DAEQUON COOK. It's probably the most impactful signing in the history of portuguese basketball. Definitely the better NBA-er ever in Portugal.

08-14-2015, 05:32 PM
[Portuguese League 2014-15]
However, Benfica faced huge difficulties in the semi-finals against Ovarense, defeating them 3-2. Ovarense had a fantastic season without any american player, instead using spanish and african players as foreigners. Great job by spanish coach Felix Garcia.

Ovarsense in advanced talks with SNF basketball tournament two-time MVP Nick Novak (PG 6'1" 1990)

09-27-2015, 09:39 PM
Benfica won the season's opening throphy, Troféu António Pratas.

Final: Benfica 76 - 48 Oliveirense.

However the highlight was the semi-final, the first Benfica vs Porto since Porto suspended their professional basketball activities in 2012 following a Game 5 loss in the Final.

Entertaining match, a packed arena and a FC Porto's team slightly below expectations but with a lot to build for the future, especially in their frontcourt. Arnette Hallman, Nick Washburn and Albert Fontet have the size and the skill to destroy most teams in the Liga.

Benfica cruised to a clear 78 - 64 victory with a lot of help from the two american signings, SG Daequan Cook and PF Jeremiah Wilson, who are easily the two best players in the Liga and who contributed with around 20 pts each.