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10-01-2005 05:43 AM
Adriatic league 2005/06
Spanish league and it's regulations really robbed Adriatic league, but still there are some nice youngsters like Markota, Tripkovic, Perovic, Bogdanovic, Lalic, Dragic, Milosevic, Aleksandrov and Ilic that will fill in the quality gap which became with all thoseplayers leaving...

overall I don't know how european championship influenced on the conditions in croatian basketball and how much croatians are actually interested in basketball right now... same could be said for Serbia, while Slovenia's top4 teams weren't at such a low level for something like 7,8 years ago before Lasko and Krka rose up... so i expect Slovenian teams to gather the least victories, getting only 2 spots for adriatic league in 2006/07...

1. Partizan
This year should be different for Partizan, their key player Dejan Milojevic is staying in the club, Nikola Loncar returned to Partizan after 10 years playing abroad,he underperformed last year in Estudiantes but he'll get much more chances in Partizan also with mentionable role- being a tutor for Partizan's youngsters... Perovic, Tripkovic, Samardzinski, Bogdanovic, Borovnjak, Velickovic are expected to bring up what they've learned last year when Vujosevic was very generous with playing time for those youngsters... and considering the ammount of talent Partizan has in their roster, their only way should be up... if only injuries will be mercifull for them this year...

2. Cibona Zagreb
Cibona is having troubles with finances, but Scoonie returned which means attractive game and loads of exciting passes- they signed the core of the team. with addition of Marcelic, Bazdaric, Skelin, Davison and young Rancic their roster looks good, Markota is one year older, he dominated in junior cathegory and should finally be able to contribute somethiung to the team...
If Skelin would be able to stay healthy and play at least up to 60% of his capabilities, Cibona would be dangerous in euroleague, while in Adriatic league with numerous players leaving to Spain their roster is clearly one of the best.

3. FMP Zeleznik (Reflex)
Ilic woke up last year, Aleksandrov gained some experience and there are numerous teenagers waiting in the line to get the chance. Loosing Majstorovic, Freeman and Popovic is a big hit, but as ussually with Reflex youngsters will fill the free spots on the roster and I believe with addition of 1-2 USA players Reflex will be one of the most dominant teams in adriatic league...

4. Olimpija
With new "sponsors", new coach, opinions varies from person to person what will happen with Olimpija, some predict collapse, others think Olimpija will return to the old glory of biggest talent producer in Europe.
Ozbolt will left out half of the season, Markoishvili will rest for another month or so. Markoishvili, Vrkic and Rizvic alltogether with again investing money in some talented youngsters that will play in lower leagues for some time are all good additions for the future, but in fact almost every year can be critical for Olimpija and it's spoiled fans.
Olimpija added Evtimov, VD Hare, Oliver, Sczewcyk, Ranniko- not exactly players their fans are used to watch here, but at least they bring up some experience that should be enough to keep on top of Adriatic league... Halperin is in the club for one season only, but I expect him to one of the main favorites to gain the rookie of the year award from euroleague, since without Ozbolt in first few months he'll get loads of PT

5. Zadar
Zadar sold Marko Banic their key player last year hoping that John Whorton arriving from Darussafaka can replace him, with additional money they're expecting to reach forward and fight with Cibona to once again surprise them in national championship, unlikely judging from roster perspective but no matter what Zadar still has one of the best fans in the world... no matter how hard euro championship depressed croatians I have no doubt that Jazine (or the new arena they're building) will again be filled up together with great atmosphere...

6. Hemofarm
After being an UlebCup contender last year, loosing Bogavac, Popovic, Hukic... they tried to keep the same level as last year, brought Conley from Tau, Stefanovic and Vukosavljevic from Zvezda, Joksimovic from Lasko, but I don't believe this team will obtain the same results as last year

7. Crvena Zvezda
Zvezda added Gurovic- could be a plus or minus, Ed Obannon... and some nice talented youngsters Mandic, Milosevic, Nesovic, Bayav, AEK's Antic... eventhough some US players will arrive in the club later, I doubt this team will be able to be really competitive, but afterall it's fans and status of institution Crvena Zvezda enjoys will bring them top8 tournament... looking at Zvezda at no.7 really makes me realize that adriatic league is weaker than last year.

8. Bosna
Bosna composed a competitive team for the first time in the last few years last year, but I think fans in Sarajevo will want something more this year, but Bosna has done nothing so far to replace their key man Kenan Bajramovic so far... Sarajevo will mostlikely host the Final8 tournament, Bosna will be there, they could surprise due to their numerous and loud fans and get to Uleb cup for 06/07 season, but I don't think their team will be something speciall

8. Vojvodina
They're the newcomers in to the league, they have some nice players like Dozet, Pisnic, Scekic, Kojadinovic... again placing them at njo.8 just shows how weakened is AL this year...

10. Slovan
Slovan has at the moment most of slovenian talented youngsters: Vidmar, Klobucar, Grusovnik and loads of them coming up from their youth teams. Pasalic and Zupan should have their breakthrough season, while unless they bring some more experience players I believe they won't be able to fight for top8... loosing Modric, Paravinja, Petrov, Doncic and Oliver is too much... while their biggest problem so far is the fact they have no fan base whatsoever.

11. Zagreb
selling Marko Tomas to Real I expected this team to bring quite some noticable reinforcements but so far it looks like they're sticking more or less with their old team. 3 main players Tomas brothers, Miljkovic and both slovenians Fon and Balazic left and no reinforcement arrived so far except Broyles and Taylor... I guess it's all up to americans this season..

12. Lasko
Since Lasko brewery took over Union brewery they decided they won't support 2 bball teams to such level, so Lasko decreased their budget this season, natuarally their level is supposed to fall this year because of it. They brought Itzaki from Bnei Hasharon, Strnad and Kunc from Kaposhvari, Finzgar from Koper... overall 12th spot might be a bit too high for them actually...

13. Siroki
team I dislike since the first time I heard of them... anyway, they'll be among the last 3 teanms as ussual...

14. Helios
Lorbek and Mocnik gained some experience last year, and they should be key players this season (dissapearing abroad next season of course...) in fact i believe the whole succes of the club will depend on this duo. Coach Memi Becirovic will imo expose some youngsters, but I don't think Helios has anything to do in AL with such roster.
Looking forward to Klemen Lorbek (the youngest brother) getting some chance and experience this year.

10-01-2005 09:17 PM
Re: Adriatic league 2005/06
There will be no USA players in FMP this year.Aleksandrov is excpeceted to play next year i think in Novembar but he will not play for FMP probbably.I think FMP is going to be good this year even with the key looses from last year.Players which we should loking at ARE point guards:Marko Marinovic,
and Aleksandar Rasic,,Fowards:Stefan Majstorovic,Jorovic and Dusko Savanovic and Centers:Mile Ilic and Zoran Erceg.They are very young and talented squad.Their oldest player is Branko Jorovic and he is 24 years old.Labovic,Teodosic and Raduljica from national u18 squad will probably play in Serbian A Division for Borac Cacak.I think they will be great team to watch.
Partizan:I think this is Kosta Perovic year.He show last year in Serbian play off
what he is capable to do even with injury.I also think he will be in the 2006 NBA DRAFT.Uros Tripkovic should have good season and Luka Bogdanovic too.
The Key adition this year is young power foward Nikola Pekovic from U20 squad he is 6"11 he is good rebounder,shoot blocker and he can scoore around basket.Offcourse they have great Dejan Milkojevic do everything type of guy.They have Predrag Suput and another new signing experienced guy Nikola Loncar and center Predrag Smardziski and young point guard Boris Bakic.I think Partizan can make few suprises this year in Euroleague.The will rule in Goodyear League and Serbian League.

Hemofarm:Three player that im interesting to see are:Milos Borisov,Miljan Rakic and Milos Mirkovic.I think they will be inferior under the rim they lost Petar Popovic,Miking and Hukic.They sign Vukosavljevic and Stefanovic from Red Star.

Red Star i really cant stand that team because players like Radivojevic,
Jeretin ,Bjelica and few more.They sign Milan Gurovic ,Igor Milosevic,Raicevic and Antic.They will be solid nothing special no real young talent there.
Vojvodina:I hope they will play there youngsters Center Vladimir Golubovic and
guard Milenko Tepic.I think Golubovic will get enogh playing time because they didnt resign Kebu Stewart.

10-01-2005 11:08 PM
I completely forgot about Partizan signed Pekovic as well...now they practically have the whole S&M U20 team on their roster.
Kosta should improve once more, but I am expecting the most from Tripkovic and Bogdanovic.

...even if Aleksandrov doesn't get to play for Zeleznik, the club will get some big buyout for him, although I think he should stay in Zeleznik or at least get into a team where he would get playing time...

10-03-2005 05:22 AM
C'mon Siroki at 13? I think they'll surprise a lot of people this season.

10-03-2005 06:44 AM
this season siroki has....josip sesar, josip vrankovic, gordan zadravec, mladen gligora, thalamus mcghee, damon frierson...not a bad group of players..sesar again looks like a player he was in KK Zagreb.....they will be dangerous....

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05-05-2006, 01:38 AM
10-03-2005 10:26 AM
1. Partizan
Perovic and Milojevic will dominate...Bogdanovic and Tripkovic will explode...their bench is also very deep...great team...only problem could be lack of true PG and lack of interest for Adriatic League if their imperative is EL.

2. Crvena Zvezda
Many underestimate this team...with Radivojevic, Dragojlovic, Vitkovac, Subotic, Bjelica and Jeretin it is almost the same core of players as in previous years...add them talents like O'Bannon, Milosevic, one year older Bajav, Ljubotina, Dragicevic...and young underestimated Raicevic, Antic, Mandic...and that is not all!!!...you have Gurovic under coach Sakota (completly different Gurovic)...great team with talents that can contribute today!...if Partizan won't have an imperative to win Adriatic League, Zvezda is my choice...they always wanted to perform well in this league...and you can add them another american player at C position...great team.

3. Olimpija
Some say United Nations...but team has frontcourt we did not see for many, many, many years...in competition like Adriatic League this could be huge...also they can only improve...winning the competition would be hard as Partizan already started buidling the team last year and Zvezda has great bench and great coach.

4. Cibona
Great players but bad coach and unstable financial situation...some of this players may be leaving the club before the end of Adriatic League...still too many players that like to have main roles...team wise Cibona will lack...individual qulity wise Cibona is great...not enough for winning the competition.

5. Hemofarm
Very strange selection of players, but very talented coach...if he succeds in putting this players together, it could be interesting...but I am pesimistic...I would even put them at lower position, but there is the factor of Hemofarm corporation which won't allow to sponsor losing team...and if that will be the case at the start of Adriatic League, players and coach would change and we would have another Hemofarm winning basketbal team...but not the team for top places.

6. Bosna
Their homecourt advantage is huge...also there might be some politics involved so the final8 would be in Sarajevo...don't understand me wrong, they have probably better team than last year despite Kenan Bajramovic left. But also I have seen some games played in Sarajevo last year...not quite regular refereeing.

They might even win the Adriatic League if they qualify for final8 because they would play infront of their fans.

7. Zadar
Some talented kids and 3 american players...homecourt advantage, but they will miss Bani? and Kyle Hill...also they won't be looked as outsiders anymore, and the pressure would be on them not on the other teams like last year.

8. Slovan
Huge talents, the best Slovenia can offer in domestic teams...Pipan is great coach for young players...I have high expectations for them...eventhough they lost some experienced players, the younger ones are one year older and also coaching will be more stable (3 coaches last year)...put young talents Zupan (23yr), Dragic (19yr), Devic (19yr), Klobucar (18yr) and Vidmar (18yr) on your watchlist.

9. FMP
Great talents but still I think they need a year in the shadow before they become as good as previous FMP youngsters...especially if Aleksandrov won't play...they have great frontcourt but imo they lack depth in backcourt...WHat happened to Teodosic? - he is not on the roster?!

10. Vojvodina
Newcomers...and that will leave some consequences on them as they are not as good and experienced as last years Hemofarm was...they hardly played any european competition by now.

11. Široki
Some great players but I think team as a whole will miss winning mentality...it will be hard playing against them and they can surprise, but for now they are only outsiders...maybe that even helps them as it helped FMP and Zadar last year.

12. Helios
Improvement comparing to last year but still I am sceptical...maybe they will be last year's Zagreb...duo Lorbek as great talents that will improve as season develops...Mocnik as one of yet to prove talents...if he stays healthy and lives up to expectations, they might move up a place or two.

13. Lasko
Very interesting coach and some talented youngsters...but IMO they made some mistakes building the team...Milacic, Kunc, Ichaki are not best options and together with McMillan, Troha and Jevdzic they should carry the team...but you never now what coach Perica has in store for you...at the moment they look very bad.

14. Zagreb
Some draft prospects but they are too young to provide wins for this team...also they lost coach Sunara who took over the team in the middle of last season...under him team was winning many games...but now they look like last year's Split.

10-06-2005 10:31 PM
I know Siroki at 13 isn't exactly the most realistic opinion... and Lasko will probably stay behind them, but i'm sticking with it...


WHat happened to Teodosic? - he is not on the roster?!

on a loan to serbian 1st league (forgot the team though)

1st round starts tommorow:
Geoplin Slovan - Pivovarna Laško 55%-45%

should be a clear win for Slovan, eventhough their "home-court advantage" doesn't exist anywhere (are they playing in Tabor-Maribor again?) and Lasko has a big advantage in experience. This year I expect Zupan to make the transition to being the key man...

Helios Domžale - Široki Hercegtisak 51-49

hopefully Helios's players learned some things last year (the last part of the season looked like they did learn something)... I know Siroki has some great players and stuff, but I'll still bet on Helios

Partizan PMB - NIS Vojvodina 70-30

Zagreb - Cibona 15-85

Zagreb didn't come up with any players to sufficiently replace Tomas brothers and Miljkovic... while Cibona reinforced a lot...

Bosna ASA BHT - Crvena zvezda 55-45

full Skenderija in the first game in the season should be enough for Bosna against Zvezda

Zadar - Union Olimpija 45-55

hopefully not too optimistic... this game will show Olimpija fans if Ciketic and Grdovic gathered a team able to compete for anything, Jazine should be as ussual crowded...

FMP - Hemofarm 60-40

10-07-2005 05:32 AM
Geoplin Slovan – Pivovarna Laško 60%-40%
- Slovan is again playing in Ljubljana as I know, they are young, great shooters, they have great Zupan and Pašali? under the rims, young PG - Dragi? and alot of other talents.. While Laško has Troha and McMilan, others are just average...

Helios – Široki Hercegtisak 49%-51%
- It will be hard game for Helios, Široki has great again borned Sesar who is posting about 25pts per night, Vrankovi?, really experianced SG, sharpshooter.. Široki is really nice and experianced team with players like Vrankovi?, Sesar and Zadravec. While Helios is young and unexperianced team with great young Domen Lorbek and others, they have a chance to win the game but as I said it will be really interesting and "hard" game.

Partizan – NIS Vojvodina 80%-20%
- Partizan is just better. They are probably best team in the league with Tripkovi?, Bogdanovi?, Perovi?, Pekovi?, Brown and most of all their "icon" Milojevi?...Vojvodina is unexperianced team with alot of potential, but they don't have special chances to beat "great" Partizan.

Zagreb – Cibona Zagreb 20%-80%
- Cibona is really strong under the rims with Skelin, great Penn on PG, Baždari? on SG, Marceli? on SF, Ran?i?, Davison... great team, but we'll see how they are gonna look on the coart. Zagreb has some great talents like Ante Tomi?, but team is just weaker then Cibona...

Bosna ASA – Crvena zvezda 60%-40%
- Full crowded Skanderija (6000 people).. they've lost Bajramovi? but got good sub in Perkovi?, Williams under the rims, Markovi? on SF, great all around effort, full crowded arena I think it will be enough for win... Crvena zvezda have injured Anti? and Jeretin (again!), team with lost of scoring potential in O'Bannon, Gurovi? and Rai?evi?, but they are not so strong without Anti? and Jeretin.

Zadar – Union Olimpija 60%-40%
- As was said before, full crowded Jazine, hot atmosphere... Zadar is good team with Dean Oliver, Juby Johnson on guard positions and Vladovi?...under the rims Ge?evski and Whorton. I think Olimpija has some chanches but Zadar is really strong at Jazine arena...

FMP – Hemofarm 30%-70%
- Wright, Conley, Vukosavljevi?, Joksimovi? should be enough for Hemofarms win... Reflex is young but very talented team, but Hemofarm looks really strong.

10-09-2005 01:38 AM
Saturday: Slovan - Lasko 82-73
Pasalic 22, Dragic 16, Zupan 14 +6reb, Petrovic 12, Klobucar 9; Milacic 21, Troha 16, Kunc 10

Lasko hasn't been so weak in the last 7 years. Slovan reportedly decreased their budget by 20%, so young players are getting the chance... I was impressed with 19 y.o. PG Dragic (less impressed in defense; 1 year ago Olimpija thought 1500 € buyout is too much :D and so they've missed the most talented slovenian player of 86'), while 18 y. o. Klobucar (ex-Krka) showed some potential for the future... I am dissapointed that Jocovic got the chance in front of the 2nd best rebounder of U18 EC Vidmar... Jocovic didn't do sh*t- I think Vidmar could do that as well, if someone really has to do it in the first place :rolleyes:

The sad thing watching Lasko is reallising they'll share the last place with Helios or maybee Zagreb, while Slovan has some more potential to show with Taylor and newcomer Doncic (I can't stand him, but hopefully he'll make something good for the team from time to time...)
Jeff McMillan... where did they find that guy- next time better sign Pavic dammit...

Itzaki didn't play up to his capabilities since he was reportedly in Israel in the last 10 days arranging visa-s and some birocracy...

Zadar - Olimpija 80-82
Gecevski 15 +11 rebounds, Vladovic 14, Oliver 13, Whorton 11; Oliver 18 +7reb +4 as, Halperin 15 +8 reb, Ranniko 12 +5as, Evtimov 11 +5reb, Szewcyk 10

Winning on traditionaly the hottest playground in europe is always a succes, but this year Zadar actually has a good balaced team and i'm actually a bit surprised that Olimpija won this game... shooting threepointers 12/15 might be the reason for that :D

I have no idea what Josko Poljak is doing in the team getting minutes from Rizvic (maybee even that half a minute from VD Hare ), considering Olimpijas frontcourt I expected much heavier job for Zadar under the rim, but they got just 3 rebounds less than Olimpija... Halperin, Ranniko, Oliver played for combined 110 minutes, I just hope that Grdovic won't be that stubborn and will get one cheap american combo guard at least untill Ozbolt or Markoishvili come back...

Helios - Siroki 66-86
D. Lorbek 17, Tuljkovic 15 +10reb,, Ceskovic 10; Sesar 18, Zadravec 17 +7reb, Frierson 12, Princ 10 +5as +4steals, McGhee 10 +10reb

I hoped it won't be this way, but Helios is again "the ugly duck" of adriatic league...

Lorbek scored 17 untill halftime and than he was completely stopped in the second half...Tuljkovic scored most in the second half... but Klemen Lorbek got 16 minutes, so I guess i am satisfied with the game

Bosna Sarajevo - Crvena Zvezda 82-73
Kovacevic 22, Markovic 15, Williams 12, Perkovic 11 +8reb; Raicevicic 17 +9reb +4as, Vitkovac 12

Partizan - Vojvodina 72-56
Milojevic 14 +10reb +5as, Bogdanovic 14, Suput 12, Tripkovic 7, Perovic 7 +6reb; Golubovic 12 +6reb, Bogdanovic and Bosnjak 7

19.00, FMP - Hemofarm
20.00, Zagreb - Cibona

overall I think anything better than just 2 spots in adriatic league for Slovenia next season would be a big succes... and before this league we had 2 teams competing in euroleague :rolleyes:

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05-05-2006, 01:39 AM
10-09-2005 11:45 AM

Re: Adriatic league 2005/06

FMP - Hemofarm 75:73 - Surprise if you ask me... :o

Zagreb - Cibona 73:87 - as we said...

10-10-2005 05:29 AM

Re: Adriatic league 2005/06

I personally wasn't so surprised about FMP win - their young players went through FMP school together and played together...and even more importantly they know the system of FMP club which hasn't changed in last years.

What I want to say is that FMP as team is at the moment better prepared. Hemofarm on the other hand will struggle in first games as roster is completly new and those players came from different teams with different styles of play...they need to learn the Hemofarm system of basketball and become a team...I expected that Olimpija would have such problems but they proved me wrong...at least for now.

First round for me wasn't so extraordinary...maybe I was only disapointed with Helios as I expected the result with Siroki would be at least more even...it is strange that they could not repeat the same form as against Maccabi but I guess they are young and we should expect inconsistent performances from them.

Cibona had some hard time with Zagreb and probably they will struggle in next games, especially against top teams...at the moment Bosna, Crvena Zvezda, FMP, Slovan and maybe Olimpija seem to be in slight advantage comparing to other teams...but it may change from week to week...I expect FMP won't be able to stay at the top and Partizan&Zadar will be catching up quickly with the top pack.

10-15-2005 12:20 AM

Re: Adriatic league 2005/06


First round for me wasn't so extraordinary...maybe I was only disapointed with Helios as I expected the result with Siroki would be at least more even...it is strange that they could not repeat the same form as against Maccabi but I guess they are young and we should expect inconsistent performances from them.

I think Helios is not as bad as people would think in the game with Siroki, it's true that Siroki has a decent team this year, while Helios is loaded with inexperienced players that btw. are on a level below AL...

yesterday's game:

Slovan - Helios 69-63
Zupan 18 +10reb, Doncic 15, Dragic 8, Pasalic 8 +8reb; Ceskovic 14 +5as, Zerak 13 +9reb, Zalokar and D. Lorbek 10

Doncic and Modric returned to Slovan for few months... i can't hide I'm not a big fan of Doncic, but if Modric stays in the team that'd be alright. Klobucar didn't get any playing time with those two on the team...
Anyone: what's up with Mocnik?? he was not even on the roster- injury maybee?

Pivovarna Lasko - Hemofarm 15-85

I think Lasko will hit the ground in this match...

Union Olimpija - FMP 65-35

FMP surprised in the first match with Hemofarm, but I expect Olimpija's win in the home court, with more experienced team...

Crvena zvezda - Zadar 49-51

no idea, I'd bet on Zadar though

Cibona - Bosna ASA BHT 60-40

as ussuall, Bosna will have troubles winning outside of skenderija arena...

NIS Vojvodina - Zagreb 75-25

Ċ*iroki - Partizan 40-60

10-15-2005 09:12 AM

Re: Adriatic league 2005/06

Olimpija - Zeleznik (ex-Reflex) 97-82

Halperin 23 (3/5F2, 4/5 F3, 5/5 FT), Oliver 21 (8/9 FG), Ranniko 18, Szewcyk 11, Poljak 8 +6reb; Vasic 15 +5reb +4as, Savanovic 14, Marinovic 13, Jorovic 10

first game of Olimpija I was able to see this season, and I have to say I am more or less impressed.
Jimmy Oliver couldn't miss in the first half when he scored 18 points with missing only one shot (3/3 F2, 4/5 F3), he is not something special in defense (afterall he is 36 y.o. already), but he scored over hands from fadaway shots easily...
Halperin held onto the ball too much in some occasions not being used to play PG in Maccabi, still he had some unbelievable flashy passes combined with 23 points (7/10 FG, 4/5 F3). He clearly is a pearl that was stuck in sa too strong team- if he continues to play like he did today moderator can already close the poll for "rising star trophy" in euroleague forum.

I missed some cooperation between backcourt and frontcourt, eventhough frontcourt was providing Ranniko, Halperin and Oliver with many open three pointers- which looks like will be one of the main weapons of this years Olimpija, after the game in Zadar (11/15 F3), Olimpija again had a great shooting percentage beyond the arc (13/22) and once Szewcyk will aknowledge that he is actually not a guard trapped in center's body (3pointers as well as penetrations ending with offensive fouls) percentage should be even better...
Closing up the space wwas missing and Olimpija let go too many defensive rebounds- something I didn't like with Poljak in the game, I also missed some game with back against the rim from Szewcyk and Evtimov that would give one more dimension to the game, especially when they are faceing inferior and smaller competition on PF/C- I'd expect a dominance from our centers, but recent games don't indicate anything like that...

I'd be more calm with another guard or two on this roster since Delibasic is clearly not on the level needed (Again I have to mention Hohler??? here... :sleep: ) Morovic is out for a month, Markoishvili for 2 or 3, and Ozbolt will reportedly return in 2006... with those 3 Olimpija would have one of the best (and definately the youngest) teams in period of the last 5 years

overall I Grdovic's system is refreshing after Filipovski for the last 2 years, with more teamplay, much more freedom in the game... but unfortunately weaker defense...

Siroki - Partizan 91-66 :eek:
Vrankovic 27, Sesar 24, Zadravec 12 +6reb, Princ 10; Milojevic 14 +7reb, Bogdanovic 12, Brown 11, Pekovic 10

Siroki obviously has a deadly team, and their US reinforcements McGhee and Frierson only combined for 9 points... I expected a lot from Nikola Loncar, but he only managed 3 points :?, his career must be going down rapidly or something...
Siroki was packed with fans... I am curious to hear what happened in this game...

10-15-2005 10:13 AM

Re: Adriatic league 2005/06

siroki just hammered partizan...plain and simple...vrankovic couldnt miss....sesar had a hot hand in the second half....some well timed threes from zadravec and princ and that was it....partizan as usual couldnt hit olympic swimming pool...and dule vujosevic was once again exposed as a horrible game coach....BTW i allways belived that bosna has the worst scouting for US players in history of basketball...but then you have gerald browns of the world to prove you wrong....i mean vujosevic knew brown is a bad player...but he decided to bring him back, again..hit me baby one more time....
P.S. Can jimmy oliver miss? i remember back in 98 WC in athens i watched shooting practice of US team...and jimmy didnt miss for like two hours straight...amazing.

10-15-2005 03:10 PM

Re: Adriatic league 2005/06

Pivovarna Lasko - Hemofarm 68:77
Ichaki 17 +7TO, Jevdjic 15, Milacic 14 +4as +4steals; Topic 20 +6reb, Conley 15, Stefanovic and Vukosavljevic 10

withut Vrecko, with injured Troha and McMillan I'd expect a much bigger loss for Lasko. with those players healthy and when Strnad and Finzgar get some more experience on this level, Lasko could actually have a decent team (nothing more than that...)
...or maybee it's just that Hemofarm is dissapointing this season... it could be.

Crvena zvezda - Zadar 73:69
O'Bannon 12 +8reb, Misanovic 11 +7reb, Gurovic 10 (some strange incomplete stats); Barac 20 +7reb, Lalic 15, Vladovic 13

Zadar lost again, but Whornton, Johnson, Oliver have all some reserve judging from the previous seasons... also young Lalic showed some promise with 15 points.
Lossing to Zvezda in Beograd by 4 is no shame for Zadar, while I guess Zvezda's management will keep hords of their fans frustrated with their bball team for one more year (at least it looks like that so far...)

Cibona - Bosna ASA BHT 86:72
Marcelic 17 +7reb, Zuza 14, Penn 14 +6as +7steals, Kus 13; Markovic 19, Damjanovic 17, Williams 11

the same as last year, at home almost unbeatable Bosna plays a whole lot different in their away games


BTW i allways belived that bosna has the worst scouting for US players in history of basketball...but then you have gerald browns of the world to prove you wrong....i mean vujosevic knew brown is a bad player...but he decided to bring him back, again..hit me baby one more time....

Brown is/was/will be bad... but considering Lance Williams... okay... Brown still wins :1st:
I thought Bosna will gather some better roster this year... eventhough it's still only one game, and against a team build for euroleague, so I guess this doesn't neccesarily means anything. I think bosna will still be one of the top teams in adriatic league this year...

Vojvodina - Zagreb 97:76
PLisnic 19, Ivanovic 16, Tepic 14, Kojadinovic 10; Simon 24, Garma 13, Tomic 12, Vrsaljko 11

expected I guess... 18 y.o. 217 cm tall center Ante Tomic is showing some nice promise for the future averaging 9 points and 5 rebounds in 22 minutes over 2 games... not to mention Simon and Garma are only 19 as well...

Silver Surfer
05-05-2006, 01:49 AM
Guys, I'm not able to recover also the other pages...I'm so sorry...how can I do it?

edit: Hey Silver Silver, thanks for doing this. If you are going through Google's search, click on "similiar pages" under the initial result... if that doesn't work, scroll down to the bottom of google's page and have them "display ommitted results" that should bring up the rest of the pages...