View Full Version : BBL Cup Top4 2006

04-25-2006, 04:41 PM
Last weekend the Top4 for the BBL Cup 2006 was played in Bamberg and here are the results:

Alba Berlin - Giessen 46ers 78:69 (Semifinal 1)
Topscorers Berlin: Stanojevic 15pts (10rbds), Greene 13pts (3st)
Topscorers Giessen: Gavel 19pts (3st), Eidson 13pts (6rbds)

Artland Dragons - GHP Bamberg 56:84 (Semifinal 2)
Topscorers Artland: Lampley 12pts (4rbds), Hall 9pts (6rbds)
Topscorers Bamberg: Nelson 23pts (5rbds), Ensminger 12pts (12rbds)

Giessen 46ers - Artland Dragons 84:81 (Game for Place 3)
Topscorers Giessen: Eidson 27pts (4rbds, 3ast), Gavel 21pts (3ast)
Topscorers Artland: Lampley 21pts (8rbds), Hall 13pts (6rbds)

Alba Berlin - GHP Bamberg 85:73 (Final)
Topscorers Berlin: Stanojevic 30pts (10rbds), Greene 15pts
Topscorers Bamberg: Ensminger 17pts (4rbds), Garrett 17pts

Cup Winner 2006: Alba Berlin

Congrats to Alba, they managed to beat the defending champion Bamberg now twice in a week, once in Berlin and once in Bamberg, the Playoffs are sure gonna be interesting :)